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  1. Don’t get me started. I could easily go on a four hour rant. Which is only 1/2 the time it took me to get this one to kind of work
  2. Wow. Got a new phone over a month ago and just finally figured out my password. You guys miss me while I was gone?
  3. Time to go old school. Form a team. Issue challenges to other schools. Be ready to play on short notice to small crowds and very limited coverage.
  4. I would think March in order to get 8 games in during the school year. hopefully no injuries that require 6 months of healing
  5. Better then nothing but it still blows
  6. I refuse to watch pro sports so if the collegiate season gets scrapped I’m screwed. More time for hunting and fall fishing I guess. Maybe spend more time creating chaos and mayhem on another message board.
  7. No body condones shooting people other then In self defense. But we do condone certain segments of our society using racially insensitive words and vilify others for repeating these words. this is veering into politics so I am done with this particular post I made
  8. Not even close. With all do respect.
  9. If you get in trouble for singing a published song then maybe the song shouldn’t of been published.
  10. 2018 game against the Griz is on Midco
  11. To early for a projected starting line up?
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