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  1. No body condones shooting people other then In self defense. But we do condone certain segments of our society using racially insensitive words and vilify others for repeating these words. this is veering into politics so I am done with this particular post I made
  2. Not even close. With all do respect.
  3. If you get in trouble for singing a published song then maybe the song shouldn’t of been published.
  4. 2018 game against the Griz is on Midco
  5. To early for a projected starting line up?
  6. Things are looking good at this point. Hope it keeps rolling
  7. Fry Bread

    Bubba extension

    I don’t know much about football, if I did I wouldn’t be reading these type of boards to see what’s going on. But I will say this, after Bubba got done visiting with us over our kitchen table, I felt very confident later on, when our son decided to go to UND, we did no have to worry about him while being on the team. I felt he was in good hands for his next phase in life. And I was Correct.
  8. Dropping the Sioux name. loosing the carnivore pizza at the Alerus. Lack of appreciation for gfhockey.
  9. Once again, icing the kicker backfires
  10. Posts such as this, is why I think you are destined to become the 6th pillar of the Sioux football forum
  11. I have enjoyed this forum for over five years. I have children who are “white” and children of, politically correct term coming up, African decent. One child even played football. I have never been offended by anyone on this forum. Scratched my head a time or two, but never offended. I am not posting this in regards to how I think anyone should feel, or to dictate how I think anyone should take a another’s statement. This is up to each individual I am just expressing my view on this subject for the first, and only time.
  12. In 16 a player had his shoulder pop out against Bowling Green. I assume popes out since his knuckles were dragging on the ground. Once more at a home game, then again on the road. Think he missed a game after that but played the rest. end of the year he had some major surgery on ligaments and tendons.
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