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  1. Good for him. I wish him all the best
  2. Heard it’s not a bad deal. I had a link for the game but didn’t want to go through the sign up process
  3. Anyone watching Santiago playing in Germany right now ?
  4. Anyone know what his thought process was on this? Was he unhappy over something or thought he could do better etc.?
  5. Number one I think is athletic size on the defensive line. they are athletic and May be fine in a year or two but you need size for consistency. Defense starts at the line of scrimmage in my opinion
  6. I understand, but I would of still reved it up a bit to capitalized on the emotional component
  7. What? What does that mean? Consider the fact I am a great fan of yours O wise one.
  8. I thought NDSU was a bit lax on clock management at the end
  9. Not trying to be controversial but there’s a big difference between a groin injury and a sack whack. I always figured if I ever got into the game and took one to the rock salts I would grab my inner thigh and claim a pulled groin. just a thought
  10. Clive was stupendous. Haven’t seen any one close to that since he was done. also need athletic beef upfront. The type that slow the play down a millisecond to let the speed guys do their thing
  11. Totally agree. This was a great year.
  12. I think the team excelled this year. In my opinion the domination by NDSU was the only blip on this season. I think that won’t happen again
  13. I say this was the year we have been waiting for. The team had the FBS win in 2015. Made the playoffs in 2016. Won a playoff game in 2021. Next step is to put the hurt to the Bison. it’s getting closer and closer. Patients, just have patients
  14. I would like to see SU win, UND can’t play them again this spring season if they loose
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