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  1. Fry Bread

    SH Game Day

    Austin Gordon is banged up
  2. The number one goal is to be FCS champions. To do that UND must be able to beat the Bison. To beat the Bison the Sioux must play the Bison. Today was the first day of the start of what it takes to be FCS champions, play the Bison every year. When it happens, and it will happen, it will be very sweet.
  3. If it wouldn’t of been for missed tackles and dropped passes they would of beaten the spread.
  4. Need to play a drinking game when this officiating crew is on. Every time they flag 5 men in the backfield we need to take a shot
  5. Offensive line looked good on that drive. Whats with 5 players in the backfield
  6. If The upcoming Sioux/Bison game is not a rivalry game then why are you buffalo chip making supporters on the Sioux message board talking smack?
  7. Thanks for the heads up
  8. Tell us what you got in mind homeslice?
  9. WRONG: not you “guys”. Just mostly me. I am a board person with limited brain power.
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