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  1. I would not be surprised if you are correct. I am not sure I would buy into the argument of NDSU being one dimensional in regards to Lumpke (spelling?) if it’s working why would you do something different?
  2. In my travels, including to the NDSU tailgating extravaganza, over 99% of the opposing teams fans are fantastic. Oh sure there’s a bit of ribbing and trash talking but they all offer you a drink and something to eat and a “good luck today”. It doesn’t get much better than that
  3. Battle on the Prairie. Trophy: a thunder bird battling a bison bull on top of a butte
  4. Posts like this is is why you are considered one of the essential 5 pillars of the Sioux Football forum by us underlings. You never disappoint, well done
  5. I haven’t watched the Bison yet so I can’t say. I’m just hoping for for a good old Bison/Sioux rivalry like the DII days. Man that was fun
  6. BS aside, I am really looking forward to this game. I think it has the potential to be a good one, unlike the last two
  7. Good read. Let’s hope Tommy keeps going straight ahead
  8. If the Sioux eliminates turnovers this game, and the defense doesn’t have a total meltdown on a series, like they have had in a couple games, they should see the promised land on this game
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