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  1. Well there was hope till the very, end it just didn’t happen. I picked a bad day to stop drinking.
  2. I love tricks and gadgets but to be solid and get to the next level you need mostly to rely fundamentals in my opinion. So I am hoping to see a few scores with straight on football
  3. Wonder if the Sioux will score some touchdowns today other then on special teams or trick plays?
  4. I am a Bubba supporter but if you go for it in that situation it better end well and if it doesn’t you better have a plan for a hasty exit out of town. Oh well. It’s easy coaching football from the kitchen while drinking coffee at the counter
  5. My apologies. I guess I’m just bored since it looks like I’ve been suspended from Facebook, again
  6. You have divulged your age. Dammit, I just did now also
  7. There’s the silver lining we have been looking for
  8. Anybody got some stats? I’m now in a cornfield waiting on a deer and trying to avoid getting run over by a combine so I don’t want to be scrolling on my phone
  9. I’ll be most likely hiding in a brush pile tomorrow waiting on a deer so I’ll miss the game but I will sneak a peek her occasionally and try to stay tuned in
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