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  1. Draft is around the corner. Any thoughts on the Sioux hopeful?
  2. Fry Bread

    2019 Season

    Anyone get a 320 pound nose guard in their Easter basket ?
  3. Fry Bread

    Spring Ball

    I think they are going to miss the size Greer, Tank, and Cieslak brought
  4. Fry Bread

    Spring Ball

    Any word on how the defense looked?
  5. Fry Bread

    Spring Ball

    Are those top two pictures in black and white?
  6. Fry Bread

    Spring Ball

    I thought UND athletes at the State Fair brought a decent turnout of fans. Don’t think they had that last year.
  7. Fry Bread

    Spring Ball

    I thought the grey was sharp myself.
  8. With all the different leagues I think these guys could all have a legitimate shot at some form of pro ball. Tank and Cieslak could always go the professional wrestling route.
  9. Fry Bread

    Spring Ball

    Thank you Teeder.
  10. Tom Miller and UND 360 giving updates on twitter
  11. It’s pretty closed up. Heard they are only allowed 2 or 3 guests. Also heard Mr. Miller will have a take after its completion .
  12. Pro day tomorrow in Fargo. Good luck to all participants
  13. Fry Bread

    Spring Ball

    And then chase geese off it.
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