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Mascot Name  

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  1. 1. Now that UND has voted on and approved a new Hawk Mascot, it is time to name the Hawk.

    • Tommy
    • Mike
    • F.N.
    • Mx.
    • Chatan
    • Darell

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3 hours ago, darell1976 said:


Finally we ageee!.... The name, logo, mascot, mascot's name, the process, the screen names ..... they are all...


I'm glad we could finally find some common ground! We should have some beers and celebrate our newfound commonality.

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20 hours ago, stoneySIOUX said:

Buddy... I'm pretty sure this whole things is a joke. Say Mike Hawk slowly....

 So Mike Hunt is out as well (as in Hawk hunting prey, of course)?

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5 minutes ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

i vote Ralph, Betty, and Al (have three for when we have multiple games going on around town)

one male hawk, one female hawk and to be inclusive one ______________ (insert inclusive word) hawk.

I thought I read somewhere there is going to be 2 costumes.  Either way, there should only be one hawk name IMO.  We are already cheering for two different nicknames....no need to cheer for 3 different mascots!! :)

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