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  1. The Grand Forks Herald today says Cole Smith signed with the Nashville Predators.
  2. Why are so many upset because in hindsight, things were not done fast enough that they thought were stupid at the time? Also, restricting the less vulnerable may not make much difference to their health but they would be the best carriers because they do not manifest the symptoms as obvious as the others.
  3. One of many memories: Late 90's, on the penalty kill, the Panzer boys (who went to school with my kids) kept the puck by the other teams goalie for almost a minute until the other team took a penalty trying to get it away from them.
  4. If they develop a coronavirus flu shot, maybe all this hype will convince people to take the shot. Then again..........
  5. I think killing the 5 on 3 penalty in the first period helped Omaha really get into the game. Plus losing 2 players for us in the first did hurt us also. But I agree, the team playing for UND didn't seem like the one we have been enjoying.
  6. I still remember him and a much bigger opponent meeting face to face at speed behind the net, the big guy bounced backward, Curt didn't budge an inch. He was fun to watch, and yes he had that hip check down to a science.
  7. Someone said the "no goal" was called because it hit the crossbar but never actually went in the net.
  8. The program at the Ralph has Michaud listed as mih-SHAWD in the pronunciation guide.
  9. Someone told me that Thome got the "rough neck" player of the game on the radio.
  10. I remember times at the Old Ralph where you FELT the next goal coming!!
  11. Any chance we can get a makeup artist to make Gehring look like Scheel and put him in net?
  12. The comment on the picture of the gray St. Cloud jerseys said the would be auctioned off as game worn jerseys on the 18th. Could one suppose this was a one time thing?
  13. On last nights first 3 goals, wasn't Guch 1st-prime assist, 2nd- prime assist, 3rd-goal and did the same tonight?
  14. Last night, Omaha was wearing the business suits, maybe that confused them?
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