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  1. Someone told me that Thome got the "rough neck" player of the game on the radio.
  2. I remember times at the Old Ralph where you FELT the next goal coming!!
  3. Any chance we can get a makeup artist to make Gehring look like Scheel and put him in net?
  4. The comment on the picture of the gray St. Cloud jerseys said the would be auctioned off as game worn jerseys on the 18th. Could one suppose this was a one time thing?
  5. On last nights first 3 goals, wasn't Guch 1st-prime assist, 2nd- prime assist, 3rd-goal and did the same tonight?
  6. Last night, Omaha was wearing the business suits, maybe that confused them?
  7. Rocco Grimaldi got a goal tonight also, his 6th of the season for the Predators
  8. If I recall right, the last 3 games with a 2nd goal, the goal was by Weatherby. Last nights game winning #1 didn't give him a chance for the 2nd last night
  9. Here's to at um Adam, and all that he can do. Please close up the net for us so nothing can get through! Heavy Metal Hockey tune.
  10. Just saw on the NHL site that Brock Nelson was the 3rd star player of the week for Nov. 18-24.
  11. Anyone else get the feeling that having Karl Goehring instead of Matt Shaw has been a part of the difference this year?
  12. The fans seem to like the "sing along", the words are printed on the screen while the music is being played. Last nights change of "almost heaven, West Virginia" to "almost heaven, North Dakota" had a chuckle going through the arena.
  13. How is the attendance at B10 hockey games? I've only seem pics of the Gopher games and they don't stand out as something to brag about.
  14. 3 point night for Tychonick- 2 goals, 1 assist; 3 assists for Kawaguchi and for Kiersted. 2 points for Michaud-1 goal, 1 assist. And a lot with 1 point.
  15. Boeser also added an assist to his hat trick. A couple of nights ago, Grimaldi had 3 assists when a line mate had a hat trick.
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