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  1. Just a thought, Karl knows more about how scary a power play line can look than anyone else? He has certainly faced them from the danger zone!
  2. I miss the Old Ralph atmosphere, I swear there were times you "felt" the next goal coming!! The new Ralph started out in part as a "social" thing to do, lots of out of town fans don't want to take a chance on coming and not getting in. When the kids next to you look up from their phone and ask "what period is this" you just want to ...........!!! Yes, I am loud and obnoxious at the games, and no apology coming either! I go for the game, not to be seen. Only suggestion, add another camera game ( i.e. kiss cam) marked " Missing in Action" showing people on their cell phones and not watching the game!!
  3. Grimaldi with his second goal of the series!!
  4. Was it the Ryan Poehling from St. Cloud that got a hat trick plus the final shootout goal in the Montreal game last night in his first NHL game?
  5. I guess I favor St. Cloud because at the old WCHA they were always treated by the Gophers as less than a Mite team. If even that noticeable.
  6. Did Gardner take any penalties this weekend???
  7. I have to admit, when we were up by 3 and their coach called time out, I did think of the Minnesota series in the Final Five when we were behind by 3 and Hakstol called time out. My optimistic thought was that Scheel wasn't the egotist that the Gopher goalie was.
  8. and TH says "and they are not even going to review it!!"
  9. Any chance the Hakstol/Berry duo was a play on the old Good guy / Bad guy theme with Berry being the players good guy??
  10. Just read in the Monday e-paper edition of the GF Herald that Nick is traded to Arizona. It is now listed on the NHL site also.
  11. In today's Herald, page B3 is an article called Gophers notebook. In the 3rd column is a comment by Gopher deputy athletic director John Cunningham that starts "Gopher Hockey has the most passionate fan base in college hockey". After I got done laughing I decided I was being nasty, it could be that both of their hockey fans are passionate about it.
  12. I see Tucker Poolman got called up for the Jets although he was listed as a scratch in last nights game.
  13. Shorten to Thunder. As ThunderHawk?
  14. NHL Monday 4-2 Parise-goals (14&15) Wolanin-goal (1) Tuesday 4-3 Zajac-goal (12) assist (14) Poolman-assist (1) Wednesday 4-4 Nick Schmaltz-assist (30) Wolanin-assist (1) Thursday 4-5 Caggiula-assist (7) Oshie-assist (29) Nelson-assist (16) Friday 4-6 Nick Schmaltz-assist (31) Saturday 4-7 Wolanin-assist (2) Gersich-assist (1)
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