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  1. Years ago, Nevada was the only state with legal prostitution. I haven't heard of any since. While I morally don't believe in it, the logical side of my brain says: Legal prostitution is regulated both legally and medically. It could be a lot safer than a one night stand. If it was legal, would a man be more apt to stay toward the legal instead of looking elsewhere? With all the free activity out there, would it be an economical profession? As far as trafficking, do the politicians get a cut by voting against the southern wall?
  2. Question- Conner McDavid won this years NHL scoring title with 105 points in 56 games. How many games did Hrkac play in to get his 116 points when he got the Hobey in 1987?
  3. I'm so old I remember when fans were supposed to be "good sports" and not hate everyone else.
  4. Brock Nelson with the first goal (#15) on a 2-2 tie game, and was the ONLY player out of 10 to get a goal in the shootout.
  5. Rocco's second goal, unassisted! And fourth goal, unassisted, in 3rd period!!!
  6. Looked like the puck came off of the players hind skate but it was not a kicking motion,
  7. One positive: We stopped their penalty kill record!!
  8. I thought he had in the past but tonight he went with Kiersted.
  9. Rocco got his first goal of the season to tie CBJ at 1-1 . He did get an assist the other night.
  10. Don't the Gophers have an advantage this year? Unlike most teams, they are used to playing without fans!
  11. Whenever I see players kneeling for the anthem, I get a visual picture of them spitting on a flag draped coffin in front of the family. Maybe having childhood neighbor Steve, and high school classmate Leo, come home this way makes it more personal to me.
  12. Has anyone seen a program booklet like they have every year with pictures of the players and staff, full schedule, roster in numerical order showing previous team for each player plus other news? I used to keep it next to me, especially for radio games, to help keep a visual feel of the team.
  13. Has anyone else ever wondered what it would be like if Dr Ben Carson was president during Covid? Someone with a medical background would probably been able to evaluate all the info and make some sense of it. Of course, many would think any President should be able to overcome a world wide virus, but God didn't run in our last election.
  14. Just read that Jimmy Johnson is the first NASCAR driver to test positive for covid 19.
  15. Maybe it would have been better if Dr Ben Carson was in office- someone with medical knowledge to help direct with the Corona virus, and if he disagreed with someone who has skin pigment it would be because he disagreed-not because he is "racist". The old catch two birds with one stone adage.
  16. I think for protesters, have a lot of flowers in the street. Then they should be fertilized liberally with aerial spray of liquid hog manure during the protest.
  17. My personal view is: put congress on Social Security instead of the lifetime salary system that they have now. Then watch them quit calling it an entitlement" and trying to spend it elsewhere.
  18. Simple philosophy about whether to wear a mask: If you don't give a damn about anyone else, don't wear one. If you care about other people, wear one.
  19. I'd LOVE it!! No snow to shovel, all that cold weather.......... but the hockey game commute would be a real bummer!!
  20. I have older neighbors without computer access or training. They are upset because the price is still the same for 2 papers/week as it was for 7/week and they will not be able to do on line. The previous comments about papers to start camp fires- one of the best fire starters is shredded newspaper stuffed in empty toilet paper rolls and dipped into melted paraffin, then set on a rack to cool and harden.
  21. As I saw on Facebook. The churches may be empty......BUT SO IS THE TOMB !!! Lets take that as an example of what we are to do.
  22. Brad Bombadier (sp?) back at the old Ralph. The announcer always had an extra attention way of saying his name. Like BOM ba Dier
  23. The Grand Forks Herald today says Cole Smith signed with the Nashville Predators.
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