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  1. God bless you, sprig.  We'll miss you.  

  2. sprig

    Spring Ball

    Practice appeared to be Kett, Zim, Grover, Brock, in that order. Didn't think it would be Kett either after last year's performance
  3. Looks like only one autobid will bump a team from the tournament. AIC bumps 16 Penn State. Big difference from last year
  4. Need a pic from the Hogg today. Did it happen? BTW, granddaughters didn't find the pins in the freebie box, didn't see anything like that when i was at the box with them.
  5. Sold my 2 on stub hub to a St Cloud resident. To bad the buyer didn't check here, we both would have done better.
  6. sprig

    2019 Season

    What year is your calendar? Or did you have the wrong month - July 31 is a Wednesday
  7. sprig

    Spring Ball

    https://undfootball360.com/news/spring-practice-report/ Boltmann getting reps at WR
  8. I'm normally in the upper bowl, but sat lower bowl with a friend with an extra ticket just to the south of the students a couple times. They stood much of the game, blocking the north end of the ice. No one told them to sit. Maybe it's the no alcohol rule in the student section that the poster objects to - looked like the section was having fun to me. I don't see the "corporate" atmosphere complaint???
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