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  1. sprig

    UND vs. DU

    Same lines, Rieger to D with Peski, Bast with Poolman, Shaw with JBD. No xtra. Scheel in net
  2. sprig

    UND vs. DU

    it's hard to tell on the video but Kierstad may have been speared in the nads by the Denver player prior to Kierstad's spear, but Kierstad's is much more obvious on the video. Wasn't even the Denver player Kierstad was tied up with next to the net when the game ended, but a second Pio that skated in and did the dirty after the buzzer. Referees and players went into game over mode after the horn, included Kierstad and the pio he was tied up with. Except for one pio (16, 4th liner Durflinger), who skated in well after and attacked Kierstad. Referees refocused in time to see the Kierstad retaliation
  3. sprig

    UND vs. DU

    Was dumb to retaliate like that. Referees totally missed the DU slash, and called roughing on DU for the punch after the spear. Slash him back, punch, whatever. Don't make it so obvious to get a major on review
  4. sprig

    UND vs. DU

    Good trade again for Denver. You lost, take a cheap shot to get a retaliation. Much like MDU.
  5. sprig

    UND vs. DU

    Neither do I, but like Gooch, return the slash with a slash, not a spear.
  6. sprig

    Red Pepper White Sauce Recipe

    The real bread, still sold at Hugos, the summer sausage, made and sold at l&m, as regular summer sausage or now named pork and beef summer sausage. It's just in a larger casing at the store. White sauce and taco meat recipe found in this thread, or just buy a pint of each at the rp. Cheese, white American, you can get that sliced at l&m as well.
  7. sprig

    2019 UND Recruiting

  8. sprig

    Filling the Ralph

    It's ok imo. Those who own 6 more seats, use 2 for games, and sell the others for profit to recover their donation/season ticket price deserve to get kicked in the butt. There are numerous empty seats now because they can't sell them for outrageous prices (150 and higher per seat) . One family with 4 lower bowl seats in the south end NEVER have used those seats since the ralph opened, they have sold them for profit. Soon the waiting list will disappear as season tickets are dropped. I'll be glad to see those that want to be in those seats get them.
  9. sprig


    At least Medak has stopped asking for more penalties
  10. sprig

    Heading to Du Loooth 4 A run in with Sandelin's boys!

    Without Jones, may also be without Adams (practice injury) and JJ (sick).
  11. sprig

    2019 Attendance

    Bubba/Chaves liked the two weekends off through the season for injuries. Timing seems to be about right.
  12. sprig


    They will do it to match the lettering of that era
  13. sprig


    Daydream Specialties http://daydreamsspecialties.com/ Ask for tackle twill letters and numbers. They'll do it right
  14. sprig

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Hard to believe we are worse than all those crap teams that played yesterday. Could pull the bottom 16 out of a hat and have an equal field.
  15. sprig

    2018 attendance

    Bubba bucks have been at football the past two years at least. Not sure if any was unclaimed but it seems like it could have been with so many leaving at halftime