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  1. Meanwhile at the big ten's hockey department... "Hmmm North Dakota beat Wisconson and Minnesota State beat Minnesota... well that's not good for our conference strength, especially after Ohio lost to Bowling Green, but they are all at least good teams... I mean it's not like Michigan lost to Lake Superior State Big Ten be like
  2. There is no reason UNLV could not have an NCAA hockey team, this arena is more than upto par with many of the other arenas in the NCAA and not to far from campus.
  3. I don't remember UND students setting fire to cars and jumping on cop cars in Grand Forks when we won the national tourney... besides they do that every time they make the frozen four.
  4. What do you expect its the star trib. They seem to forget this...
  5. Is there still 5 dollar lobster? PLEASE tell me there is still 5 dollar lobster!
  6. There was a big push to drop black from the color pallete for the uniforms this year, also the are doing 50 years of hockey - not D1 just orginized hockey in general- so I think the wanted to go with a more retro look, maybe I'm in the minority but I think they should have used the orignal logo on the road uniforms. Personally I wish the Sioux had kept the old typeface and not swtiched to the new typeface on there uniforms. The old one looked classy, the new just looks kind of cheesy.
  7. Not sure that Hastings will be leaving Minnesota State anytime soon, he just signed a 10 year contract last year that included a pretty hefty raise and a lot more money for the program, also I've heard there is pretty hefty finders fee clause in there too to help keep other schools from trying to poach him, but I haven't found confirmation on that just rumors. http://www.mankatofreepress.com/sports/contract-shows-minnesota-state-s-commitment-to-hockey-mike-hastings/article_39cfffaa-aee6-11e7-bbef-8f4aafbda142.html
  8. I'm not sure about that, There are three Minnesota Schools that could move up but I think there would be too much political push back from the U of M toward adding a 2nd D1 university in Minnesota. Minnesota State is perhaps the Best choice, its one of the few schools where its sports budgets currently breaks even (with a modest gain), St. Cloud and UMD also are in this category but have had to cut programs in fairly recent history to maintain that. UMD also has the disadvantage of being under the thumb of the U of M Twin Cities Campus, which is why it is unlikely that, even though it would make some sense to have a D-1 school in Minnesota's 4th largest metro area. Minnesota State would need to have either a new Football Stadium or a major renovation and expansion of Blakelsee stadium, Saint Cloud would require an expansion of the football stadium and a new basketball stadium.
  9. Why? One of the major reasons we left the Big Sky was the insane travel costs, IF Augustana did move up to D1, they would be a stones throw away in Sioux Falls.
  10. Notre Dame ties Mercyhurst 6-6 Western Michigan beats Ferris State 4-3 Minn State beats BU 4-3 Duluth beats Michigan Tech 2-1 WMU beats Ferris 4-3 CC beats UAH 1-0 SCSU and UAF tied after the 1st 1-1
  11. Larger definitely, better performing is a stretch, as someone who has worked in a university setting I can tell you that really about the only ACT, SAT and GRE scores will tell you, in the long run, is how well students take standardized tests. I have seen plenty of the students that you classify as poorer performing, go on to thrive and graduate with honors, and likewise, I have seen plenty of "higher" performing students that crash and burn or graduate with middling grades. The reality is that the people who love standardized tests are admissions officers who have the herculean task of deciding who gets admitted to the university each year, and standardized test scores are a good way to cut out big swaths of applicants and discourage some from even applying. I can't argue with you on higher profile or weather though. But saying its better school based on act scores just shows how many applicants that school needs to cut back on.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn20oXFrxxg
  13. Kennedy pretty much ran out of goodwill when it came out that he's already looking for a new job at a "better" university. I could see people being a little more forgiving if he had been on the job for a longer period of time, but given that its been less than 5 years it just looks bad for him.
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