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  1. Yeah I think that is mostly just the arrogance, its way to early in the season to judge, but the last time Butler and Drake met, Butler got crushed by 30 points, So being that UND just crushed Drake by a very wide margin that makes NDSU's defeat of Butler less intimidating. I didn't watch either game as I was up fishing in a place with no signal and no wifi but, all the information suggests that this should be a very close match up, which as much as the Farm may hate the Airstrip, a close highly competitive game would go a long way to restoring the rivalry.
  2. I agree, get the grass roots from the students and the alumni now, and in a few years you could see them move toward changing, people forget that all of the branded stuff has to be replaced anyways ,either due to wear and tear or just updating the existing branding (Logo and typeface redisign), so its not as big a deal as you might think. Plus you have one solid choice presenting itself with popular support rather than a mandate from on high to change an existing nickname by force. But hopefully this time they would A. Let the Graphic Design Department handle the new logo and text rather than some A-Holes in NY, and if we have to create a new furry suit, let the art department handle that as well.
  3. Wait... so your telling me this idea hadn't been done, would have ballanced well vs NDSU, and was politically neutral, and on top of all that would have been a subtle teddy Roosevelt reference? WHAT F**K WAS THE COMMITTEE DOING???
  4. Also moose are clever, aggressive and ornery as hell, were as bison are big, dumb and panic easily!
  5. Wreck the Farm #mooseontheloose
  6. Well then if they Win its obviously an Omen... meaning we have to change the name... again.
  7. Good article and video about UNLV - https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/sports-columns/ed-graney/unlv-hockey-club-desperate-for-money-ncaa-division-i-status-1566599/
  8. Still even if only a few programs announce they are exploring hockey, it might be enough to encourage the legislature and the school to keep the program alive. I would actually say Boise is probably in a better position than U Wash and Oregon, There club team is already ACHA D2 that is very successful and has a partnership Century Link Center which also hosts the ECHL Idaho Steelheads, so they wouldn't need a lot of seed money to get the program started.
  9. If given the choice between UAH and a UAF/UAA combined team, my guess is UAH gets it. With the exception of very early into the new WCHA when UAF looked like it could establish itself as force within the league, all three teams have had similar records. On top of that UAH is looking at increasing its funding and build new facilities, strong indicators it is committed to hockey. Not to mention that the burden of travel to Huntsville, Al are far less than to Anchorage or Fairbanks. Even if the combined Alaska Schools manage to survive the budget issue and travel distances are going to hurt them long-term. As I said it’s a shame none of the Pac Northwest schools are adding hockey, that would be a huge lifeline to the program. So maybe the Washington and Oregon school can pull there thumbs out of there rears and elevate their club programs. U-Wash, Wash State, Oregon, U-I Boise could all support hockey and already have successful club programs as well as usable facilities. Eastern Washington all ready has a team that competes in a Canadian league, I have also heard rumors that Portland University has a club team and given the area population and the lack of Pro-Teams, d-1 Hockey could be a huge boon to the university, Also it should be noted that Montana had a very successful club team for many years but it had to fold as the travel expenses were more than the self funded club could handle but with D-1 level Funding I could easily see Grizz Hockey being a hit on campus. It would only take five along with a unified AK team to start a conference.
  10. Frankly I don't see hockey surviving even with a merge, the reality is that the they would be with out a conference and probably have reduced budget, which means either less money to offset travel costs for visiting teams or less money to put into scholarships and the program as a whole. Hopefully though they can keep hockey alive either at the club level or via the Canadian leagues, if there is still some structure there for college hockey I could see the program being resurrected if there is ever some sort of Pacific Northwest division, though it would likely depend greatly on AK financial situation. Pacific Northwest is perhaps one of the best new area's to push for hockey, but until it happens it going to be a struggle for Alaska.
  11. That is possibility but I'm not sure, these budget cuts a pretty damn drastic, I think even if they manage to avoid completely cutting athletics, its going to hurt them for a long time to come, any of the top level players are going to look for other options, combine that with fact that the majority of teams are vacating the WCHA due to the AK teams and the lack of travel cost coverage and I think that that merging the programs may only delay the inevitable, unless all of a sudden a number of Pacific Northwest schools decide to add hockey, and the PAC-0 decides " Ya know instead of being like the big ten and pissing of the college hockey world, were going to show that we love college hockey's Mix of Power 5, D1 and D2 schools and create two affiliate hockey conferences, on for the Pacific North West and one for the South West/ Cali" if they did that the travel costs for all schools would be much lower than the current arrangement and allow for more money to stay with the programs, also it might give the schools pause to cut what is probably the most expensive sport at both UAF and UAA.
  12. UAH might be able to to sweep up some of the AK programs, better players especially now that they are getting more investment in the program, Not sure if the 7 schools will still leave the WCHA, or simply try to reform the league now that the AK schools are most likely down for the count.I do think you will see them start to put some pressure on Ferris state to invest more in there program.
  13. I don't think either program will come out of this alive unfortunately, If you did save hockey at one campus then I would say save Fairbanks, but I think you will see athletics totally eliminated.
  14. I suppose I should have been more specific, I was talking about DII schools. As I understand it D2 schools can either play up to division I or down to DIII, the main difference is that if they play down to DIII they cannot offer any athletic scholarships for that sport.
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