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  1. The UMass team owes there goalie a steak dinner, he was the sole reason that game wasn't 4-0.
  2. https://www.nhl.com/news/former-st-louis-blues-captain-david-backes-retires-from-nhl/c-326105120 Not sure if he lives in the St. Louis area. but I wonder if a Retired pro-player might be interested in coaching a new NCAA D1 Team set to start in Next year...
  3. UAH will not restart there program unless they are joining a conference, and I don't think UAA will have as much of a chance without a program. If the expansion has taught us anything is that hockey expands slowly, They could start there own conference, or see if the WCHA or College Hockey America would be willing to sponsor mens hockey again. I think a Lifeboat conference would be a more realistic option.
  4. Well not so sure, I think we could make Flickertails work.
  5. That is a good point, However lets look at the situation, Currently UAF and ASU are homeless, UAH and UAA have programs that have funding but won't be playing, Lindewood and Augustana are Both going to be adding college hockey, I think we have a real shot at see a lifeboat conference. ASU isn't as attractive an add as they thought they would be, and The NCHC isn't exactly looking to add new Teams, the CCHA is looking to keep the Conference geographically coherent, So outside of Augistana, they are not going to be interested in any of these teams. The Big-ten wants to expand within there existing member schools rather than affiliates. Bottom line you have enough schools here to make a conference, which is better for all of them, it means one school is guaranteed a trip to the National Tourney, and for at least a few years that would be probably between ASU and UAF, it could also make it easier for other non-traditional market teams to come in and have a home until there are enough teams in a given region to warrant breaking off to form a new conference.
  6. First I don't think you will see any realignment happen for at least a few years, there are too many teams coming into college hockey, Augustina, Lindenwood are going to be coming in the next two years, Additionally UAH still has funding to restart the program once it can find a conference, TN State is looking, and of course there is the possibility that UAA may still get a chance to keep its program, along with UAF, and as much as some people are drooling over the Idea of Adding ASU I'm not a big fan of adding the Power Five schools until they have all given up on the idea of adding hockey to the PAC12 as a sponsored sport, as I think all in all the Big ten adding hockey has been a net negative. Besides if all the homeless schools were to come together they might be able to make a lifeboat conference until more schools add hockey, and then some real realignment could start to happen. For example if another Southern School adds hockey along with TN state, Then UNO, UAH Lindenwood might be able to create a southern Hockey Conference. Additionally out west if schools like UNLV and AZU were to add hockey it could create some realignment potential, there is also the possibility of UW or Oregon adding hockey, which would be great for the AK schools.
  7. My bet is that he knows by the time Hastings contract is up that he's going to be too old to get the official nod for anything more than interim head coach, Its entirely possible they want someone who Hastings can train to be a long-term successor. Currently Mike's Contract expires in 2027 At which point he will be getting pretty close to retirement age, there is always a possibility that he may get another extension for a shorter term after that but, but I'm sure they want to bring on someone younger who might want to take over once Mike is ready to retire or call it quits, someone who Mike can train to emulate his coaching style and philosophy.
  8. Is it just me or does it look like an Albino Cardinal...
  9. I think emotions were still too high at the time the logo came out, I would say this would be a massive improvement on the current logo. I wouldn't expect that they will ditch the current logo anytime soon, but eventually they might give this a look in order to try an generate more sales... I think the fact that its from the artist who designed the Last Fighting Sioux logo might help.
  10. I think Aldrich would be Interim, Not Sure it would make much sense a a long-term solution, the main advantage it has over there current facility is capacity. Also keep in mind the CCHA has indicated that its members are committing to upgrading a number of facilities related issues. Live video stream production upgrades featuring new synchronized CCHA-branded TV motion graphics package. Further live video stream production upgrades featuring additional camera angles, additional available replays, intermission & post-game interviews, etc. (Committed by 2023-24 season). Referee microphones to announce decisions through the public address (PA) system and television & radio broadcasts, keeping players, staff and fans informed throughout the game. Best-available 'official video review system' in hockey with high-definition (HD) cameras recording at an impressive 1080p resolution at 60 frames-per-second (fps), including installation of blue line cameras, for quicker and more accurate reviews. NHL replica goals, netting and skirts. Enhancements to visitor's dressing rooms in select arenas to provide professional experience for players. Upgrades to arena lighting in select arenas to enhance TV production quality. Addition of skate sharpener exhaust systems provided to all eight teams to improve air quality for team equipment managers. Some of these enhancements may in the end make St. Thomas Consider just building a whole new arena, Possibly on or near the Fairgrounds (Because parking and open space, to say nothing of use in offseason). However I think the league as a whole is willing to be a little more forgiving with St. Thomas, as they are making a Big jump, this I think is Directed more at BGSU, Ferris, and Some of the other Michigan Teams who's Broadcasts are painfully basic, often a small basic camera crew that just plays the radio broadcast for commentary. CCHA is definitely looking to not just become more geographically compact but be an improvement on the overall product.
  11. I would say in general there are plenty of Alums but it will be interesting to see how many come out to watch them as a D-1 team. If they could fill Aldrich, with those low ceilings it could definitely become a loud and intimidating place to play.
  12. Target Center is probably a little further afield than they would like, but could definitely work for big games, Aldrich arena, can seat about 3500 might be the better option for the short term. I still think Renovating Warner and Lee is the best option long-term, it could work for both hockey and basketball as well plus I know it needs to undergo some updates and upgrades anyways, so you have the potential for state funding ontop of whatever St. Thomas might put up. I wonder if Roy Wilkins Auditorium still has the equipment for making ice? The last time it was used to host hockey was back in the 70's so I doubt it still has the equipment, though these venues love to keep there schedules full so who knows if the city would be willing to get it back into shape for hockey. Target Center - Frozen Faceoff - Capacity 19,356 Rose and Lee Warner Coliseum- last time it hosted MN State Hockey Regionals - Capacity 6000 Aldrich Arena - Maplewood, MN - Capacity 3500 Roy Wilkins Auditorium Last Time it Hosted Hockey - 1972 - Capacity around 8000?
  13. https://www.startribune.com/wcha-minnesota-state-mankato-bemidji-state/600074499/ Well, we knew it was coming ever since the 7 teams announced that they would leave, still sad to see it go, in her heyday there was nothing like the Final Five at the Excel.
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