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  1. I agree there is definitely a lot of development that still needs to happen, but I think as you see these companies start to mature, you will see more teams and leagues start be covered by a single service.
  2. The TV thing is falling by the wayside, I mean as streaming quality and internet speeds improve it just isn't going to make sense to have traditional TV channels for this kind of thing anymore, it will just be an app on the smart tv/console/fire/etc. or a streaming site.
  3. Smart money is on a split, though I could see MNSU sweeping given there good record at home, still if a sweep occurred either way it will still be a close series, I'm betting both coaches will be preaching the "stay out of the box" gospel hard to there players, as both teams are dangerous on the PP. As to the ASU coach... I have been saying for a while, if they are serious about joining the NCHC, they need college caliber coaching staff, a real arena, and real training facilities. Listening to the ASU coach whine after the Saturday night game was pretty pathetic, it was the kind of salty homerism that makes Frank Mazzocco sound like an unbiased figure by comparison.
  4. Well if you want food, Pub 500 is probably the best for that, but you are going to want to get reservations, if you re just looking for beer Blue Bricks has a nice atmosphere and good tap selection but the kitchen is small so food may take awhile, Pagliai's pizza Is also a great option... if you can get a seat, good pizza and beer on tap. Keep in mind all of these are in walking distance to the arena. If you have a DD, Uber/Lyft or Kato Cab, Mankato Brewery in North Mankato is a good option, they don't serve food but have a list of places that deliver, otherwise there is always the Loose Moose and Mettlers for those who want to show up to the game smelling like peach body oil.
  5. Well, if ASU had its arena situation sorted out a few years back MNSU and ASU would be getting ready to join the NCHC next season but I digress. The reality in the WCHA is that the Alaska Schools are about to cut there hockey programs, hell possibly all there athletic programs, the simple reality is that even if they move into a Canadian league the travel expenses are still going to be high - not as high as their current arrangement but with the deep cuts happening its going to be hard to justify keeping both athletic programs. That means for the WCHA 7 there are two options, stick with the WCHA , Try to reform it, and hope UAH and Ferris can get the pick of the littler leaving the AK schools and get there programs out of the gutter. Option two, Still leave the WCHA and try to do what the NCHC did all be it for schools with generally smaller sizes and Budgets. Now before the whole St. Thomas D-I announcement I would have I would have said the choice would have been based primarily on if they though they could reform the WCHA men’s conference or not, reality is that they would have eventually extended UAH an offer, UAH is build new facilities and investing more money into hockey, arguably you could say they are doing more to show there commitment to hockey than Ferris State. However, the possibility of St. Thomas going D1 makes this a bit a different story. There are three Scenarios as I see it when it comes to St. Thomas. Option one - St. Thomas goes Full D-I and coughs up the money for all the sports it currently has to become D-1. In the option its very likely that St. Thomas would join the WCHA 7 and form a new conference with UAH going back to being independent, however given that ASU and MNSU are still interested in joining the NCHC, there is a strong possibility that UAH could be welcomed into the fold to keep the conference even, and as I have said before if the AK teams are no longer in the picture then having UAH is a travel school isn’t that bad. St. Thomas would likely be at the bottom of the league to start and its facilities would definitely not be at the same level as other members… except for Ferris State. However, the WCHA would overlook that for the same the Summit League and MVFC are likely to overlook it, getting a foot into the Twin Cities/Minnesota Market. Option Two - St. Thomas goes Full D-I but cuts hockey to save money, demoting the team to a club sport to save money on scholarships and funding. Worst case scenario hockey fades in to memory as it did at Crookston. Best case scenario the club team find enough wealthy alumni to help it grow and get to ACHA D-1 levels, and to become a D1 program in waiting, and maybe 10-1 years down the line when St. Thomas has upgraded facilities and has it other programs set the athletic department will say what about adding hockey. Of course by that point who knows how much the college hockey landscape will have changed. Option Three – St. Thomas either due to their own financial restraints or an NCAA decision to not allow them to move up directly to DI, in which case they would likely go DII, in which case in all likelihood this means they would be picked up by the NSIC, which depending on how the NCAA deals with hockey now, I have heard some say that a move to Full D1 is required to field a D1 hockey team, I have heard others say that you can still choose to play up or down as long as you adhere to the scholarship rules for that level, its possible that the WCHA could pick up St. Thomas, especially given that they would be in the same conference as Bemidji and Minnesota State for all other sports allowing the potential for a new rivalry to build.
  6. Usually visiting teams sit in the 00 an 01 sections, If you get to standing room only the seats across from the 00 section are student overflow, so sometimes it is possible for standing room only people to sit there, but it depends on how many students are there, and the students have become a lot more involved since the last game at Verizon (now its just the Mankato civic center), I think the last time UND played here they still had the blue and red seats, they have really gone all out on renovating the place since then, NHL sized sheet now, center ice video board, way better concessions.
  7. weird could swear when I clicked on it last night it said "sorry these tickets went fast!" maybe it was an error, not that it matters have Maverick season tickets.
  8. So just curious, does anyone think this season is going to be critical for Berry? I don't want to be "that guy", but since winning the National Tourney, he's had one post season in the tourney and then failed to appear in the last two national tournaments . Granted He hasn't had the reins very long but, UND has high expectations. Also with Hakstol in a assistant role in Toronto now I would argue that it wouldn't be hard for UND to attract Hakstol back to UND, granted the money might not be as good.
  9. Yeah I think that is mostly just the arrogance, its way to early in the season to judge, but the last time Butler and Drake met, Butler got crushed by 30 points, So being that UND just crushed Drake by a very wide margin that makes NDSU's defeat of Butler less intimidating. I didn't watch either game as I was up fishing in a place with no signal and no wifi but, all the information suggests that this should be a very close match up, which as much as the Farm may hate the Airstrip, a close highly competitive game would go a long way to restoring the rivalry.
  10. I agree, get the grass roots from the students and the alumni now, and in a few years you could see them move toward changing, people forget that all of the branded stuff has to be replaced anyways ,either due to wear and tear or just updating the existing branding (Logo and typeface redisign), so its not as big a deal as you might think. Plus you have one solid choice presenting itself with popular support rather than a mandate from on high to change an existing nickname by force. But hopefully this time they would A. Let the Graphic Design Department handle the new logo and text rather than some A-Holes in NY, and if we have to create a new furry suit, let the art department handle that as well.
  11. Wait... so your telling me this idea hadn't been done, would have ballanced well vs NDSU, and was politically neutral, and on top of all that would have been a subtle teddy Roosevelt reference? WHAT F**K WAS THE COMMITTEE DOING???
  12. Also moose are clever, aggressive and ornery as hell, were as bison are big, dumb and panic easily!
  13. Wreck the Farm #mooseontheloose
  14. Well then if they Win its obviously an Omen... meaning we have to change the name... again.
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