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  1. Per source, hearing it's only one player. Just like ndsu in June.
  2. He ran a 4.44 hand timed on his pro day at Hyslop for the scouts.
  3. You never disappoint. Dumbest comment of every thread.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Pure bull$hit. This has to stop.
  5. Tony Satter's kid. Knowing Tony, there is no way he wants his son anywhere but ndsu. But...."we'll see"
  6. Jeez are you serious? Have some perspective on the situation and variables involved. You two deserve each other.
  7. You can do whatever you'd like.
  8. I read it at the same place where I posted the Robbins suspension here back on January 5th that nobody wanted to report.
  9. I answered your question in case you missed it. Any thoughts or comments on this? Maybe bison73 can 'help out' on this one for the cause...
  10. Yes we do. NDSU Athletics or Chris Kleiman directly.
  11. Biggest regret for me is that Danny didnt get 4 years to call plays with John Santiago at his disposal.... Shaking my head.
  12. Exactly. On January 5th, I posted about this here in the thread that is now locked, so I couldn't quote it. ndsu played their semifinal game on December 14th, when Robbins was tested. Kolpack and Hoole knew about this way before I posted it here on January 5th. Wow, that's some accelerated sleuthing there.
  13. He pursued it like a tortoise. Look at the timeline. You think that's just a coincidence? You don't think something or someone forced his hand? There's still more to this that's not yet been reported or uncovered. But just like you denied a coach supplied it, you and your brethren will deny this too.... Until it comes out in public again.
  14. I'm calling it a coin flip on Graetz. #hottakes
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