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We all saw what Vancouver pres. said.  I am thinking Boeser is back next year.  Ladue is a foregone conclusion with them winning it all this year.  Does Poolman leave?  How about Luke?  I too agree that the signing of Motte may be a good thing for UND.  The part of this next week or two that I am most interested in is who will win the Drake Cagguila sweepstakes?  I say that in all honesty.  He will have at least 20 teams vying for his services and it is well deserved. 

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38 minutes ago, gfhockey said:

Hearing schmaltz gone


boeser gone

ladue gone

stecher 50 50

This wouldn't surprise me.  It also wouldn't surprise me if one or two of them stayed.
And who knows, there's probably a surprise departure in there...maybe a Thompson/LJ/Pogs or something like that.

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3 minutes ago, choyt3 said:

In regards to Boeser staying in GF for next season.

#16 is more ready to jump than #8. Both stay......add Jost and have a legit shot to go back to back. 


Jordan IMO was more ready than Nick after 2 years and it seemed the right call for Jordan to stay for 3 years.


Stecher should stay. Keaton should stay. Poolman should stay. Ausmus should stay.


Of those 6.....at least 3 will leave.

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