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  1. Agreed. That would be a complete disaster. The series at Sanford drew 3007 and 3112 last month.
  2. Good to see someone else in Bemidji who cheers for the proper color of green
  3. Figures that tickets go on sale while I'm on an airplane
  4. "Michaud with I believe his 2nd goal of the year." "That's Michaud's 6th goal." Haha
  5. Perhaps a 5 on 2 would be more helpful for Denver?
  6. Haha...I kind of turned my head and squinted, like did he really say that?
  7. Weatherby with a nice tip. DU came right back. Should have been negated for interference but it stood after replay.
  8. These announcers are so bad. Did he actually say that GF is an hour and 45 mins from Ottawa?
  9. https://www.bemidjipioneer.com/sports/hockey/4736684-Ten-things-to-know-about-Bemidji-State-ahead-of-this-weekends-series-against-UND
  10. I'd guess they have been down during the scoreboard construction. When they were down during a game last yr, I tweeted the REA about it and was told they had been removed for another event...the circus or something that had just been there.
  11. I also feel like they should swap the score and sog spots. I'd like to see shots displayed bold and proud
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