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  1. Yeah, well, I'm tired of driving 2 hrs to GF when the Sanford Center is within walking distance of my house. Stop trying to take away the one time I don't have to travel to watch the Sioux
  2. franchise


    Apparently it's not. I also made the mistake in assuming you meant 24 months, since they clearly weren't the best team for the last 48
  3. That Northeastern kid is a sophomore with decent numbers
  4. franchise


    He said they were the best team for the last 2 years
  5. Allowed it? Or actually sold them? Lowers available on stub hub for $75
  6. Alabama A & M is currently leading the pregame show, 52-43
  7. "Cant check em that close to the boards. They call that every year." Thanks Barry.
  8. Two teams are playing on the same ice that Crosby and Malkin play on
  9. Is there hockey outside of the east coast?
  10. Basically OT now with just 40 mins left to play
  11. I love that they extensively talked about the covid issues and the Bucci says Carson is injured
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