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  1. I also think that a vaccine changes that quickly. I saw a poll last night that said 72% of fans(sports in general) were not likely to attend a game until there is a vaccine.
  2. franchise


    This one? http://ryan85268.tripod.com/
  3. 100% agree. Everyone seems to know several people who were "more sick than they have ever been" or tested negative for strep, flu, etc. I had a tenant go to Disney World last month. All the kids and grand kids got very sick and spent the whole vacation in the hotel. All of the cases and deaths this winter would just be filed as influenza, pneumonia, etc.
  4. I think you're probably spot on. I almost never get sick, but did so after being in Santa Clara when this first started hitting the news. Not strep, not the flu. "Some kind of virus". Cough that wouldn't go away and shortness of breath when doing very minimal tasks, and I'm in great shape. I started to think about how many friends over the winter have told me that they were "sicker than they have ever been" and then were back to normal after 2 weeks.
  5. Looks like he forgot to pinch the tip when he rolled it on
  6. The biggest danger lies with, where do we put the people with heart attacks, ruptured appendixes, gun shot wounds, etc...when they get to a hospital that is running at 300% capacity?
  7. A mavs fan on twitter replied to Jake Brandt's tweet and said Mavs should get it because they have 31 wins
  8. That would be out of the norm. Last yr, I had my mom sitting in the ER for hours, writhing in pain...while services were tied up with every cold and cough that backed up the ER on a Sunday night.
  9. Wasn't an actual suggestion...just a parallel to a "rain out" at races
  10. We have a trip to Denver planned in July. Paid $250 for 2 tickets a couple weeks ago. I checked back last night and found round trip from MSP to Denver for $38
  11. It's like when dirt track racing features get rained out. You run them prior to next week's racing. Play the tourney next October and then start the new year.
  12. I went to Menards to get 5 boxes of water, each containing three one gallon jugs...like I do every week. There is normally a 5 foot high pallet of purified and another of distilled. Today...not one box in the store. I gathered up a couple of the loose gallons sitting there, as a guy whizzed past me with a pull cart loaded with 18 twenty four packs of water. Wtf people?
  13. I wish that I looked that graceful. Took like 3 or 4 people trying to break my ribs, before a retired cop stepped in and did it properly. At least it wasn't in the middle of a packed buffet...that would have been embarrassing
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