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  1. I'd guess they have been down during the scoreboard construction. When they were down during a game last yr, I tweeted the REA about it and was told they had been removed for another event...the circus or something that had just been there.
  2. I also feel like they should swap the score and sog spots. I'd like to see shots displayed bold and proud
  3. So if there were a Hawks logo under the scoreboard, that's a benefit to UND? They let that stupid parrot roam the stands during the game. Is that a benefit to UND?
  4. Is the REA under any obligation to start putting up the Hawks logo? It doesn't seem that difficult to understand that REA wouldn't even exist, if it weren't for RE. It's not surprising that they aren't in a rush to wipe out a logo that was loved and supported by the man responsible for the whole arena in the first place.
  5. YES PLEASE! Strengths A dangerous player with or without the puck in the offensive zone. Quick, accurate shot. Effective puck distributor.
  6. It's kind of crazy that they actually play on different size rinks. I could see a playmaker that isn't a fan of contact, giving the edge to a place like St Cloud on the big sheet
  7. What did he honestly contribute that any other guy can't step right in and provide?
  8. Coaches, team success, system, friends on the team, location of the school, size of the rink...
  9. Obviously facilities aren't the sole determining factor for a recruit, or UND would be loaded
  10. One weekend there and I'll never go back. Shuffling thru tiny concrete corridors to go find my seats are covered in sticky crap. Had to sit on napkins, listening to their stupid goal chant, while shivering and counting their Participation Banners! No leather or marble to be found anywhere...haha
  11. St Cloud's arena is a dump
  12. Not bad, but all depends how long he's at UND, which none of can predict. For conversation sake, I'd rather he come early and stay 3 yrs than stay in juniors and play 2 at UND
  13. Does high bidder get to choose which letter they want?
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