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  1. I think that win meant a lot to him after listening to the student section chant FU and call him a POS.
  2. I text a friend on the BSU staff and asked if they could not deploy the trap since fans don't appreciate 2-1 games. He said a 2-1 BSU win sounded great to him, so I'm not sure he's going to respect my request.
  3. Adam would have looked so good in green.
  4. Would have to think that UND will always be in the mix to land the high end portal guys, given the winning history, facilities and pedigree for sending guys to the NHL
  5. I'd definitely take them off your hands. I'm a couple blocks behind the Sanford Center...but a Sioux fan
  6. Not if I want to get future info from my source I'm honestly really surprised that it hasn't popped up on here yet.
  7. The intriguing option apparently turned down the offer.
  8. I think it's more so that the average fans are interested in the success of the team at The Ralph first, and the success of players at the next level second.
  9. Not a current recruit or a portal player, but it's a no go now.
  10. Close. Crosby decided he regrets not playing for UND and he wants to make things right.
  11. He could have finished the commitment to his team and then taken his dream job in mid April.
  12. Yeah, well, I'm tired of driving 2 hrs to GF when the Sanford Center is within walking distance of my house. Stop trying to take away the one time I don't have to travel to watch the Sioux
  13. franchise


    Apparently it's not. I also made the mistake in assuming you meant 24 months, since they clearly weren't the best team for the last 48
  14. That Northeastern kid is a sophomore with decent numbers
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