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  1. Make sure you use proper grammar and have things spelled correctly.
  2. choyt3


    Saw this on Facebook sell site.
  3. I feel you on this exact subject. banging head against wall this afternoon.
  4. choyt3


    absolutely! University of Jamestown left on Thursday for their game, and they only had to drive two hours south to get away from the predicted weather.
  5. Would think a group of people could pull some strings and call in favors to make these games actually happen. Or get the right people in place to make things happen. You know, a connected group of people. Like a “good old boys club”. %gobc
  6. Conferences are put together by the schools for all sports. The issue is what the MSHSL calls “district scheduling”. From the bylaws: https://legacy.mshsl.org/mshsl/publications/code/athletic/Football.pdf
  7. Screenshot from my Apple wallet. I do this most home games. Go to myUND Ticketmaster account and send tickets to my wallet. Then screen shot them and email or text if I can’t make it and am able to sell that night’s tickets.
  8. You’re clueless. #gobc
  9. Bison06, You’re right. The players don’t give $.02 about this game as opposed to any other game. That’s why you have players from Florida or Georgia or wherever up on a stage celebrating FCS title #6 leading the crowd in a “siouxsuck” chant. Because they don’t care about this game. Because they don’t understand what this game means to the community that the represent. Because they couldn’t come close to understanding what this game means to the little bars on Main Street in Anytown, ND. Because they can’t comprehend what this game means to those that have walked the path to the field from the locker room before them. You’re right. It’s not a rivalry.
  10. Fyp http://www.johnnyholm.com/
  11. Plus a reference to the “Boarder Marker”. It’s cute that Bjornson found his way back to the internets.
  12. UMC’s last year with a varsity hockey team was 2008-09. The new rink in Crookston was opened the following year in 2009. The old rink where UMC played was demolished, not renovated. There’s a dike protecting the city where the rink once stood just off Highway 2 as it crossed the Red Lake River. That said, I don’t see UMC having the funds to re-start a varsity hockey team without dropping other sports. Football? And unless rules have changed again, D3 is not an option and was one of the main reasons the sport was initially dropped... the NCAA didn’t allow a D2 school to field a team at a lower classification.
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