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  1. Those bastards! They kidnapped Puck Boy!
  2. Do not underestimate the value of Puck Boy.
  3. Rosanna Arquette has as much credibility as Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh. What kind of people take these ‘entertainers’ seriously.
  4. One of my favorite memories is watching Brett Hextall draw three penalties between puck drops. At least that is what I am remembering. Guy must have had a way with words. Anyone else recall this or recall who we were playing?
  5. Frightening. Ratio of mortality to recovery of those who present is ~0.08
  6. i think the season is over. Be safe everyone.
  7. I have met Reza in my visits to Bismarck. Do you curl with him? *between period banter...
  8. Sorry I am late, Rez’s Pitch is an unofficial UND hockey spot. They are a soccer bar but have UND hockey. Great burgers.
  9. Definitely get your flu shot. Those of us that do get the shot protect a lot of people (besides ourselves) who don’t get immunized through “herd immunity”. The issue with Covid 19 is that it early on seems to be MORE contagious than this year’ flu. Couple that with a mortality rate that seems to be 2-3% as opposed to the 0.1% this year’s flu is exhibiting and the epidemiologists are rightly concerned. It comes down to algebra. Don’t panic, but don’t give this virus a chance gain a foothold anywhere.
  10. “A horse’s tail is long and silky. Lift it up and you'll find Willkie!” *from the archives of inappropriate student chants At the Winter Sports Center.
  11. IIRC Hain scored the OT goal against the broncos in Kalamazoo.
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