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  1. So when do we hear for sure what the hell is going on?
  2. What would they have done if they had actually won?
  3. Hey, thanks for your input. Nice to hear from rival fans who aren't trash talking.
  4. I just sent that text to my son......
  5. So I assume that's Notre Dame and not North Dakota.
  6. Must be a tough game today. Nobody seems to want to talk about it.
  7. What kind of hoops do these guys have to jump through to get back here and how soon can they be expected back? And is it possible for them to play on Saturday?
  8. I have this horrible feeling about the rest of the NCAA season.
  9. If today's game is forfeited, what about tomorrow night's?
  10. I guess my memory isn't as bad as I thought.
  11. I seem to remember some sort of serious injury and UND supporting him big time and then later he sued UND. I think that was him anyway.
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