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  1. Back 10-15 years ago (I think) UND played the Gophers in a best of 3 opening round WCHA playoff series in Grand Forks. The Sioux won on Friday, the Gophers won on Saturday, and then the good guys won the Sunday night rubber match. I would love to see that Sunday night game again. Due to a malfunction of my VCR back then, I didn't get it recorded. Anyone remember exactly what year that was?
  2. Article ion Sioux web site says it was 2 years, but they don't name the other guy.
  3. There was a one year time when another guy was the radio voice.......maybe in the early 90's? I used to remember his name but don't anymore. Why they did this I think was because of a radio station change? They came to their senses and hired Tim back, although I don't remember that guy being bad.
  4. I have the 80, 82, 87, and 00 NCAA championship games on DVD, but I have no clue as to how to get them on YouTube.
  5. Uhhhh.....say it ain't so!
  6. Blackheart......you're doing a lot for my morale. (Oops...didn't mean to quote)
  7. I did notice it. I think it was Stewart Senden.......relative ?
  8. Anybody else got some Sioux hockey gems to put on for us shut ins? This was wonderful!
  9. You are my hero! Thank you!!!
  10. I getcha.......I don't really know how that all works.
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