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  1. Sounds like our forecast. If myself and my family are safe at home and watching a couple of UND wins vs. Minnesota........it will be an extremely satisfying and cozy Thanksgiving.
  2. Down in AZ during this weekend......must be rough. I kid, I kid.
  3. A lot on here didn't think UND had one of their better performances last night. If that be the case (and I'm not sure if it was or wasn't), could they have been looking ahead to Minnesota?
  4. Now the games against the team I love to hate........make my Thanksgiving weekend North Dakota!
  5. Geez, Mike.......how do you really feel about him?
  6. Maybe they're shying away from the big names because of Jost's one and done?
  7. A couple of whiskey cokes and a UND win are going to have me sleeping like a baby tonight!
  8. Bus?! I'd think you'd be looking for the restroom!
  9. Sodbuster

    Jim LeClair

    Wow! What a great article on a fine man!
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