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    family, MN Twins/Vikings, MPCG Patriots, adult refreshments with friends, and everything Sioux (especially hockey)

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  1. Sodbuster

    UND @ Western Michigan -- Saturday

    Hey, thanks for the info! That's good news (I hope).
  2. Sodbuster

    UND @ Western Michigan -- Saturday

    So, we have grandchildren here that don't go to bed till 8:00. Is it possible to watch the game on NCHC tv a few hours after the actual start?
  3. Sodbuster

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Maybe toilet water this year......
  4. Sodbuster

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    What a great last name! Though I do prefer Pinto...........why not!?
  5. Sodbuster

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    And now I suppose you're going to tell me our mediocre record isn't going to get us a higher draft choice.........damn.
  6. Sodbuster

    UND at Denver

    And nchc tv comes back on in time for a break.
  7. Sodbuster

    UND at Denver

    My picture frozen again for the umteenth time.
  8. Sodbuster

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    Geez, let’s not make this easy!
  9. Sodbuster

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    If nothing else, I would think this last few minutes crap would piss them off for tomorrow night. After all, now there’s nothing to lose...........
  10. Sodbuster

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    Over the years, ND has given up a ton of goals in the last few seconds.
  11. Sodbuster

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    So he's back?
  12. Sodbuster

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I think he's a can't-miss prospect, as we share the same birthday (different years, of course).
  13. Sodbuster

    Scoreboard change

    It is nitpicking.
  14. Sodbuster

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    I think the equipment manager and the zamboni driver had points that year.