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    family, MN Twins/Vikings, MPCG Patriots, adult refreshments with friends, and everything Sioux (especially hockey)

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  1. I'd sure send you some $. Just PM me how much you want and I'll send it to you. And the check (or cash) WILL be in the mail.
  2. Is there any way to watch the game Friday without being there?
  3. Does anyone think that would be different with Weatherby still on board?
  4. I know last year Brad S. had regular reports from the informal workouts in the summer. This year including up to this point in September, except for the Weatherby debacle, there's been nothing. Is everyone under a gag order or what?
  5. Sodbuster

    UND @ ISU

    Where'd all that water come from?
  6. I remember hearing that this Friday's game is televised, but I can't find anything in my channel guide. Anybody got any info?
  7. I know....he hasn't been drafted yet.....but I thought maybe major juniors.
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