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  1. Is this really an hour and 24 minutes long?
  2. I know where you can get some "We want Bama" t-shirts real cheap (or whatever the hell they say).
  3. I think this was one of the most impressive wins by ND in the last 10 years or more.
  4. And, yes, I just checked and I have that game.
  5. I guess this is actually meant for you, Blackheart.
  6. I believe I still have that on DVD. PM me your address and I'll send them (it's 2 DVDs)to you and you can just send them back when you're done. No hurry.
  7. I knew someone would/could retrieve the article! Thanks!
  8. Whenever I think of Patrick, the Sports Illustrated article titled "One Sweet Sioux" comes to mind.
  9. ND the state or ND the school? The state had some new ones but UND.......possibly not. If they had any it wasn't many.
  10. Yeah, our guys on TV mentioned something about that when it was occuring but they didn't show it.
  11. I like Jake, I like Alex, I like Olson and Hennessey........what's not to like?
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