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  1. NoDakFan

    2019 Season

    Clearly, I've stepped away for too long. It's not close to gfhockey kinda obvious to me.
  2. If we can't be happy, I want ALL the blue bloods to not be happy too. Northeastern and UMass have to do their part to keep those two out as well.
  3. NoDakFan

    2019 Season

    Haha I was going back and forth thinking I was going crazy. Sure looks like he did. Forgot to switch accounts I guess. EDIT: Now everyone gets to have fun trying to figure out what the account is lol
  4. UND will be with Addias across the department for a multi year deal!
  5. Holy cow, half of you are not willing to look at Bison06's points - which are very valid- simply because he's a bison fan. That's absolute ignorance.
  6. Can't listen at the moment, rundown of how they thought UND did?
  7. So as a student, if you are unable to get a free ticket, you can purchase one from the alerus on gameday for $5. I'm not sure where they place you there - but I know multiple that had to do that.
  8. So....Has anyone heard any peeps from the Athletic Department about their route with Jones' contract?
  9. How nice that would be - especially with that nickname gone that he was so concerned about before hand.
  10. Well, the biggest part is obviously scholarships. Higher divisions tend to be more spread out so travel, FCOA, Almost all the ammenitites that the mens team recieves. I guarantee you that they'd make WIH start paying a larger share of the REA costs too.
  11. Woudln't have been a D1 program with all the entitlements that come as a D1 program. Lotts of differences. Moorhead would also provide institutional support, of which UND would provide none from here on out.
  12. And Sen. Heitkamp glossed over the big question of is $1.9M a year sustainable. Color me shocked.
  13. As much as I enjoy watching them, and respect them for their accomplishments this letter upsets me. Not once did they suggest a possible solution ot the budget problems if they were to reinstate it. Don't bitch loudly about a problem unless you can help provide a solution.
  14. NoDakFan


    Ever see the movie "Angels in the Outfield?" You could just wear a poncho like they did.
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