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  1. Pinto stated coming in the plan was two years. I don't see how a shortened season would change that.
  2. He'll fit right in with those mouth breathers.
  3. I had never been to a hockey game in my life, my girlfriend at the time, now wife, was a Grand Forks native. She finally talked me into going to a game, Sioux-Gophers in January of Oshie's final season. She somehow talked her uncle out of his season tickets for Saturdays game. The place was electric. I know we won, but I have no specific memory from the game besides realizing I was now a hockey fan.
  4. Some greasy fingered gopher fan touches my kid like that and I'd do him the favor of knocking the rest of his teeth out.
  5. snova4


    This worked for my wife as well.
  6. My sister lost her battle with cancer on January 1st, she also happened to be Senden's billet mom with the Force. It made my heart happy to see how well he played this weekend, he told my brother in law he was going to try and get one for her this weekend. The kid is pure class. Drove from Grand Forks for the viewing and then drove back, another I have to say that has a ton of class is Bischel for Notre Dame. He flew in for the viewing and immediately jumped back on a plane and flew back to South Bend. I also agree, F*** Cancer.
  7. You know it's a good season when the biggest gripe is the cheers produced by the students. I'll take it over the last two seasons.
  8. While the defense looked rough at times tonight, to my untrained eye, it looked like they didn't feel Minnesota belonged on the ice with them and were pushing things and taking chances they normally don't. Maybe not, but I thought it looked like they were taking chances to run the score.
  9. This team is fun to watch. For unheralded recruits, Senden's line is the best we've got. Absolutely set the tone and hustle level every game.
  10. Thanks for this tonight, you're the real MVP.
  11. Technically a former player, Hakstol hired by the Leafs as an assistant.
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