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  1. Pinto stated coming in the plan was two years. I don't see how a shortened season would change that.
  2. This thread has been phenomenal for one thing, informing me of who's opinion to forever scroll past going forward.
  3. This whole thread makes me want to....
  4. He'll fit right in with those mouth breathers.
  5. I had never been to a hockey game in my life, my girlfriend at the time, now wife, was a Grand Forks native. She finally talked me into going to a game, Sioux-Gophers in January of Oshie's final season. She somehow talked her uncle out of his season tickets for Saturdays game. The place was electric. I know we won, but I have no specific memory from the game besides realizing I was now a hockey fan.
  6. My personal opinion is the more we look into this, the more we're going to realize this virus is all over the u.s.. I was talking to one of our doctors at an open skate a couple days ago. She was saying that all winter they were getting cases where people were showing flu symptoms but would test negative. The illness hung on for weeks in comparison. I, myself, was sick early November with what I thought was the flu. Showed as flu and after a couple days was starting to get better and around the 5 day mark, I got absolutely crushed again. The weird thing was, the difficulty I had breathing. At the time, I was very fit, two rounds of a P90x style program, and this illness crushed me to the point I'm still coughing. I was explaining all of this to the doctor and my case describe as a lot of those cases not testing positive for flu. I may, or may not have had this virus, but I've never been hit by a sickness like this in my life, and let's face it, the Chinese lie. This virus was around long before it was reported, and it was out of control in China long before they announced it was. Don't forget they didn't say anything until healthcare workers were leaking information. Bottom line, it's out here, it's been here for a while to the point I would bet many have had it and gotten over it, and everyone needs to calm the f down.
  7. Man, I don't know. Haven't had a conversation with him. All I know is people are losing their minds. Walmart is completely out of toilet paper, and adults are buying baby wipes. I swear to god, as a father with 2 in diapers yet, if they don't get wipes in soon, I'm going to bust caps in people.
  8. Two different entities making the decision.
  9. Ahhhhh... yeah, I don't think there's that. NDCDE offers full classes online, not makeup days.
  10. You should probably look into the North Dakota Center for Distance Education. Online school based in North Dakota.
  11. Some greasy fingered gopher fan touches my kid like that and I'd do him the favor of knocking the rest of his teeth out.
  12. snova4


    This worked for my wife as well.
  13. My sister lost her battle with cancer on January 1st, she also happened to be Senden's billet mom with the Force. It made my heart happy to see how well he played this weekend, he told my brother in law he was going to try and get one for her this weekend. The kid is pure class. Drove from Grand Forks for the viewing and then drove back, another I have to say that has a ton of class is Bischel for Notre Dame. He flew in for the viewing and immediately jumped back on a plane and flew back to South Bend. I also agree, F*** Cancer.
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