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  1. snova4

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    Honestly, I think he stays. Tucker was promised the world and didn't get it. I'm guessing Tucker is in his ear to stay and sign after his senior season.
  2. snova4

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    I would leave if I were Adams, and I'm very concerned about JBD leaving for someplace.
  3. I honestly feel bad for the players. While we haven't put the puck in the net this season, I honestly don't think it's on them. I realize our defense is the strongest point on this team, but outside the championship season, Berry's system hasn't done it for me. I just don't see how all these players forgot how to score once they arrived. Very frustrating 3 seasons.
  4. snova4

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

    Sooner or later, someone is bound to fire one all the way through his chest. Surely the numbers can't take a beating like this for 60 minutes.
  5. snova4

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

    Well, sh*t. Get the golf clubs out, or should I say snowmobile.
  6. snova4

    UND vs DU

    So we're due for a sweep?
  7. snova4

    Pairwise 2018-19

    I think much of it has to do with the smell test since the championship season. Since that season, UND hasn't been the hockey team that most of us are accustomed to. Maybe it's a lack in recruitment, but I have trouble swallowing that argument because many of these recruits were scoring at a pretty solid rate in their junior careers. Because we have such a short window into Berry's ability to develop players we don't have an innate ability to judge whether the player was a miss, or if the offensive deficiency is because of lack of development. Personally, I have a hard time buying that all these guys forgot how to score. I'm curious, if we still have an inability to score next season, will it be player misses, freshman adjustment period, or fall in the lap of the coaches?
  8. snova4

    UND @ CC -- Saturday Gameday

    Maybe I should have added a and my sarcasm could have been more easily picked up on.
  9. snova4

    UND @ CC -- Saturday Gameday

    No, that's actually Berry's team, he did the recruiting, so they were his guys, but we're just getting rid of Hakstol's dead weight players. Just wait until next year.
  10. snova4

    UND @ CC -- Saturday Gameday

    I would gladly eat my words because I'd be wrong and the team would be performing according to und hockey standards again.
  11. snova4

    UND @ CC -- Saturday Gameday

    Say goodbye to him. If he's sitting because of play, what the %$#@ is Rhett doing in the lineup?
  12. snova4

    UND @ CC -- Friday Gameday

    And Kawaguchi, Adams, Wilkie, Hoff, and Weatherby lit their leagues up in scoring. So, were they not that good to start with and only got lucky in juniors, or is their a problem with the development and the systems? I'm voting the latter based on what I've seen outside a team stacked full of NHL talent. Boeser looked better playing against NHL players than he did playing against college players his sophomore season.
  13. snova4


    "Authentic" and if it's not $300 it's not the real deal. Stitched everything. Every emblem should be its own patch, nothing from the NHL is an embroidered emblem, or what I mean is thread stitched to the jersey to create the logo. If it's essentially smooth to the base jersey, it's not authentic.