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Conference Realignments - Take 2

The Sicatoka

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33 minutes ago, jdub27 said:

A little?
It is hilarious watching how far of a reach it would be to actually consider some of the names that get tossed out from those two fan bases all to not have to say USD or UND.

Like when they mention UNI.  Barf. They are one step up from a junior college.  

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The Big XII got a "pro rata" clause in their ESPN/Fox (63%/37%) deal, meaning if they add a school ESPN/Fox has to add a full share (what existing teams get) to the pot to pay the new member. That's great for the existing members because the pie grows if they add. 

But only if they add an existing P5 member. The pro rata does not apply if the new member is coming from a G5 conference. Add a G5 and the pie stays the same and everyone gets a smaller slice.

What's that mean? If the Big XII goes looking they'll look at the "four corners" of the PAC (P5) long before a MWC (G5) school. 

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3 hours ago, nodak651 said:

Guy is a clown.  


Dom wrote ocuntless articles about one of the stuggles facing NDSU is onference affiliation.  And, the two biggest factors that conferences look at in regards to adding memebrs is geography and TV market.  Apparently those factors don't matter anymore according to Dom.  Throw NDSU's recent budget shortfalls, that's 3 strikes and your owt, stake your bat and go back in the dugout.

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