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  1. Considering what they have to deal with in their locker room situation, completely disagree. NVM. Rudolph's play calling was by far the biggest bust.
  2. I directly quoted you. Never disputed that. College hockey tv ratings are terrible, though. The NCHC is most likely paying CBS to air these games if anything. Again, its a non factor, but a team like Mankato would draw the same or better than many teams already in the conference. Media market only matters with big time negotiations, such as when the big ten network gets added to cable packages in certain regions due to local university conference affiliations. And if people in a big market don't watch, it doesnt matter how many people live there.
  3. CBS Sports is a non factor. They don't pay the NCHC.
  4. SiouxVolley, I think you're wrong on this one. Mankato has the 15th best attendance in the country - that's better than half of the NCHC. Mankato hockey not that popular, relative to... what exactly? Tech which is averaging 3,065 at 68.6% capacity? Mankato is averaging 4,514 at 93.4% capacity. https://fanforum.uscho.com/showthread.php?116064-Average-Men-s-Attendance/page12&highlight=attendance
  5. I think part of the issue was that it would be pretty much all Notre Dame games though, right? Not really a true league-wide contract like we have with CBS.
  6. UAA was an independent from 1988 to 1994. If they have to shut the program down, it's on them. Especially after they recently built a 110 million dollar basketball-only arena.
  7. They are saying on ags that ndsu took some of the top rows in the student section away....
  8. True. Smaller retail business is very competetive now. The good thing for them is that if the owners can get a handle on tech, social media can be a great source of free advertising, and they can sell online to supplement their storefront income. Of course there is tons of online competition now. Business savvy is prob more important now than ever.
  9. Amazon is going to save America (huge stretch). Box stores are closing and small specialty shops are thriving in city centers. Edit: at least in places like Stillwater and white bear lake.
  10. This thing is written like a bad VOX article, and the quality of evidenced based research is embarrassing. The section on social justice is comedic.
  11. Who will the captains be?
  12. Weah at 195, and being only 5-8, has gotta have some surprising power I'd think. As far as QB's go, I really hope they have the QB1 only play half of the Valpo game. If Tommy is QB1, it would be great for a guy like Vaugn to get game experience, either for the future, or if Tommy gets hurt at any point in the season. Same for if Vaugn is QB1, Tommy still needs more experience in case Vaugn were to go down. If the battle is tight between QB2 and QB3, let them each play a quarter. Our QB depth needs experience, and Valpo sucks. If the game is still close after half, the starter should be benched anyways.
  13. I'm hoping they can work out a Betty style loan.
  14. Love it. Great choice of questions as well. The Betty is now paid off as well, correct? Perhaps this could be great timing for the new Pres to meet Kris.
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