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  1. Because with St. Thomas, the Summit will finally have a presence in the Twin Cities. This will provide the league with more exposure in one of their most important recruiting territories for both athletes and normal students. St. Paul/Minneapolis probably has more alumni from summit schools than any other city in the the country as well. It's also a huge media market, and it's actually closer than Greely to more of the Summit league schools. It's also closer than Greeley to another large airport. UNC/Greeley wouldn't really move the needle in any of these areas, and from what I've read, S
  2. You know he was injured, right?
  3. Interesting move by him, given his injury and production so far this year... what type of program will pick him up on scholly? I was also under the impression that his lack of playing time was due to his injury, though. Hopefully this will be like the guy at UMKC who ended up staying with the team.
  4. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I bolded the parts I thought were important, and I also underlined the parts that I thought could be most important. The key question that I have is, what does he mean in his usage of the words "support", "housed", and "we" in this paragraph: "So how do we support our current 17 athletic programs moving forward as begin this decade? I believe it starts with identifying a vision for where all of our athletic programs are housed on a daily basis for the next decade and beyond. We ho
  5. The NCHC app is great. They only problems were from the very beginning of the season. Its been solid for me every year on PC, the cell app, and on Roku. A+ service IMO.
  6. Holy cow... I happened to have that one on in the background tonight... what a finish!
  7. look at their schedule here: https://www.midcosportsplus.com/ You will not see UND hockey.
  8. It's not. That person doesn't know what they are talking about. On second thought, I did watch a HS hockey game on it, so technically they answered your question accurately.
  9. What about UCA to summit if/when WIU leaves? The Southland isnt what it once was, and they have baseball and are only 3.5 hours from ORU and 5.5 hrs from Kansas City. Football could play in a football only conf or as an associate member somewhere, and they are solid football program in case the Summit eventually ads it (unlikely but ya never know).
  10. https://undfootball360.com/news/hawks-set-spring-camp-schedule/
  11. People have been ripping NAU predictions because they are a founding member of the big sky blah blah blah.. They are my pick for joining. If not now, in a few years when the league is a bit more established. Geographically, it just makes too much sense, just like UND moving from the Big Sky to the Summit was inevitable.
  12. Just saw that they posted a tweet from Matt Brown. He's the guy who first broke this WAC story, and I have zero reason to doubt him, but the question is, what does it mean for a school to get vetted? My guess is they are just doing their due diligence and Augi will be a hard pass.
  13. But what's in it for the WAC? Do they really need small DII move-up that is completely out of their footprint? Makes sense for Augi, especially because it would be easier for them to get into the Summit as a post-transition D1 school, but I just cannot see the WAC needing them at this point.. Stranger things have already happened though!
  14. Especially because the season would have been over by now. Not gonna lie, it feels great, in JANUARY, being able to look forward to football season in only a few weeks! Makes for a much less depressing winter! This past fall however........ ughhhh. Not worth it long term hahah
  15. This is accurate. UND doesn't have anyone capable of driving the ball consistently either.
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