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  1. Did he play vs Montana this spring?
  2. Any scheduling updates yet?
  3. For conference realignment, FCS, and general NCAA news, these are a couple great sources for those of you who are not aware. Matt Brown at Extra Points - he has his own news letter and has compiled documents from all of the FOIA requests that he has made. He has pretty much all of the NCAA financial reports for individual schools, listed here for free: https://www.extrapointsmb.com/foia-directory/ This is the guy that broke the most recent FCS WAC news. Here is his most recent article: https://www.extrapointsmb.com/the-latest-on-d-1-conference-realignment/ Some of his stuff is free
  4. Beyerlys has something like this. Assuming it will be similar. Kinda neat I guess.
  5. I've tried to look it up as well. I'm almost certain that ability went away (for us) when the website was updated.
  6. Whats funny is that they are adding a PR major.
  7. Could see him wanting to stay closer to home with the business he started with a UST buddy. https://www.foodskimn.com/ Maybe he transfers there? I mean if he was a redshirt junior he may have graduated this spring anyway. Either way good luck to everyone moving on.
  8. Holy crap.... check out the size of Montana States D line on their post spring depth chart... https://twitter.com/CPoolReporter/status/1387135853080711170/photo/1
  9. Is that all the co-champs listed on there? In all seriousness, the team is getting rings, right? Also where can I buy a UND MVFC Football champs t-shirt? I have bought all two football apparel items available and I want more...
  10. Shouldn't your beef be with Freund? I'd be curious how Tommy's stats compare with Cornrows for longest completions on each of their seasons. Thanks for posting the videos - they are fun to look at. I wouldn't complain if you posted more. Something concrete to discuss. Cornrows play didn't bother me too much, EXCEPT for his terrible pocket presence... INFURIATING! Multiple times, while under pressure, he would turn completely around, with his back to our receivers, and he would run towards our own end zone, and then he would typically get sacked for like a 10-15 yard loss... That's wh
  11. When Tommy threw that ball, where was the safety that was standing on the J (of JMU at midfield) at the start of the play? Was he near Maag? Also, Tommy getting the ball out quickly is Freunds offensive philosophy... before Tommy even set foot on campus. @Midwestern Hawk you ever listen to Freunds interviews after he was promoted to OC? All he talked about was designing simple plays so that the QB could get the ball out quickly. #chuckingthepigskin throwing bombs isn't really what Freund wants to do no matter who the QB is. At the same time, I think they should have let QV actu
  12. was this the house that had a porch that was pretty much on the roof?
  13. lol... when will we find out?
  14. Liberty is just a matter of time.
  15. Why was their first spring game cancelled again? Please refresh my memory. Pretty sure it was because they had snow on their field? Karma
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