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  1. Pretty sure things are moving along as quickly as possible. Donations do not seem to be an issue. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/22072092-highland-bridge-ford-ust-proposed-master-plan-and-zoning-text-amendments
  2. Fenton starting to make changes. Summit is dead last of all multi sport conferences in total Twitter/FB/Instagram followers (Data from 2020 below). NCHC currently has nearly 72K Twitter/FB/Insta followers. Which would slot a single sport "niche" hockey conference (not even a decade old) just behind the Big East, and well ahead of the MVC and Big Sky. Looks like he is making a social media hire to improve the fan engagement and profile of the Summit League. Not huge news or anything, but it's the off season and I find it somewhat interesting.
  3. PAC 12 can't generate enough media money. By a large margin. Big Ten adding schools in addition to USC and UCLA would make sense. Notre Dame could be in play with the addition of USC. Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona would also make sense IMO. Also, so much for the PAC12 hockey conference fantasy Maybe this would make it more likely for USC, UCLA, Washington, Colorado, Arizona to add hockey, if the Big Ten does actually poach PAC12 schools. How good are San Diego's academics?
  4. I thought you had all the inside info already?
  5. Wow, seems we may actually get some news about this once Forum Communications rephrases a press release or McFeely writes an opinion piece on it. UND responded to FOIA requests for the TV proposals yesterday.
  6. Holy Cross finally looking to renovate their arena https://crossports.freeforums.net/thread/7578/update-potential-major-renovation-rink
  7. A little odd, but I don't think it's fair to just assume there's an issue. Are schools done making offers now, would one have come once top targets at the SD schools committed elsewhere?
  8. Sorry no contract update. However, when Alex is gone for CBSSN games, is there a chance Midco grabs Ben Holden as fill-in???
  9. Really hoping more audio content gets created as a result of the new iheart deal. Can't stand that Dom is the only option for local sports talk. Region needs an unbiased show that discusses regional sports and local news badly. Similar to Dan Cole I guess. Show with a Co host and more call ins. Biased hosts would be great as well though if there were two and there was a und and ndsu guy. Daytime radio in ND kinda sucks right now. If Tim still has a show it would be nice if iheart streamed it or put it in podcast form. Same with coaches shows. Iheart radio for gf streaming just uses the twin cities kfan feed and its annoying.. same w web page. Have to fix that.
  10. That one isn't negotiable. NCHC has the streaming rights, unless you have a normal Midco TV package. I believe Mudco could actually release a streaming only TV package like sling and include the games, technically, but a sports only thing like they have now is a no go, unless the conference abandons nchc.tv. Edit: for hockey
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Iheart wins on the radio side.
  12. "Information obtained from people close to one of the investigations shows Otis Weah was under a Title IX investigation for sexual assault for a good chunk of the most recent football season." This reporting sucks. 1. What information? What type of information? An official document? Is the source directly involved in the investigation proceedings and if not, what does close mean - we talking friend of a friend or direct family member? Could he be any less specific than "good chunk" of the season? Does the information or source not contain this information or is he being vague on purpose? How long does he think a "good chunk" is? That's completely arbitrary verbiage which has a different meaning to different people. Assuming Bubba wasn't aware of the title 9 investigation, because the university said that all protocols were followed, I think it's safe to assume Bubba may have been aware of the police investigation, if anything. If that's the case, it happened over the off season, and and he would also have learned that the investigation ended without charges being filed, and he also would have known that Otis passed a polygraph test. Being that the title 9 investigation concluded, seemingly after the season, and Otis's suspension from campus didn't begin until January of this year, there is zero legitimate reason to believe that Bubba knew anything else. Even if Bubba was aware of the title 9 investigation, he already knew that Otis passed a polygraph test, so why wouldn't coach trust his word?
  13. Not sure if it means anything in regard to the investigation within Michigan Hockey, but their Director of Hockey Operations just retired.
  14. Completely guessing, based on zero facts. I'll wait for an actual release.
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