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  1. nodak651

    2019 Season

    Can't complain about our ranking after getting steamrolled by ISU.... again....
  2. nodak651

    2019 Season

    kolpack has und at 12 https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/4753577-Jeffs-top-25-The-question-of-No.-3#.XcAwfR48KwY.twitter
  3. nodak651

    2019 Season

    You think the mvfc is that much better than the big sky? This is literally all he said about UNI "I have seen UNI they have athletes but aren’t any better than teams we have seen this year. " What does that have to do UND's season next year and why are you so easily offended?
  4. Scheduled during our bye week. First game not until October. Not a fan. 09/03 - at Nebraska 09/17 - at Northern Arizona 09/24 - at Southern Illinois 10/01 - Missouri State 10/08 - at Youngstown State 10/15 - Northern Iowa 10/22 - South Dakota State 10/29 - Dixie State 11/05 - at Indiana State 11/12 - South Dakota 11/19 - at North Dakota State
  5. Hopefully we can buy out the return trip Thanks for posting.
  6. As far as workforce goes, a larger, more attractive downtown will also help Grand Forks to retain young professionals.
  7. nodak651

    2019 Season

    This playoff bracket would be a blast if we made a run in the playoffs. http://nobowls.com/
  8. I didn't post a source, so I'll dig around and report some specific examples - maybe I'm wrong. For clarification, I was specifically referencing the lowest face value ticket price for single game tickets.
  9. Well, it IS a message board, so... yeah? FYI, the message board gurus were also on board with firing Muss and Rudy, well before those with any power finally did so. The message board was also ahead on voicing game day concerns, and most of the issues that the game day committee took action on, or tried to implement, were already voiced here, so I'd think someone was reading. I also think it would be better for Chaves to hear some grumbling about this from SOMEWHERE, rather than hear nothing at all, no? Maybe this forum can spur discussion within the AD, because apparently there hasn't been any yet. The fact of the matter is that UND's AD needs money - the students, who don't attend games, limit the potential sale of the most expensive seats in the building (champions club dues). It doesn't take rocket science to figure out what the most beneficial move is for the athletic department. Pricing of single game tickets is a whole other issue. The end sections clearly lack demand, and a move to a dynamic pricing model would clearly be beneficial. I'm fairly certain that AD is hamstrung, if they wanted to implement something like this, due to the contract with the Ralph. Discounted general admission tickets in the end sections that are ALWAYS empty is another no brainer. Tickets for UND football are very expensive, when compared to most programs around the country.
  10. Wyonation Nichols departure thread https://www.wyonation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18742&hilit=president&sid=1fc088eeb43071dd26ad753072e27b9f Isn't there a wyoming guy that posts here sometimes? Bison/Wyoming fan maybe?
  11. I'd take the guy that was pushed out at this institution. My vote so far is the former Wyoming pres. Curious what wyonation has said about her.
  12. If they didn't move the student section over, anyone have an opinion on selling the upper sections of 212, 213, and 214 to the public, and keeping the students in the lower part of each section? The upper area is elevated, so students standing shouldn't be an issue, and the students who do go would be more concentrated at least.
  13. Has Chaves done ANYTHING since he has been AD? Serious question.
  14. nodak651

    2019 Season

    @Oxbow6 - you might like this website - the data doesn't include 2018, but you can refine by school and some of the specific expense and revenue accounts for athletic departments, pretty easily and quickly. http://cafidatabase.knightcommission.org/reports/516fab33
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