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  1. nodak651

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Are these requests for bonding that the univiersities have to pay back or is it free money to the school?
  2. nodak651

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    Don't like to be publicly scrutinized?
  3. nodak651

    Summit League MBB

    Gonzaga would also never be where it is if there was a subdivision like ND-Fan suggests. The WCC is as mid major as it gets. Also, Wichita was also a #1 seed if I remember correctly and made it to the final for as a member of the MVC.
  4. nodak651

    Summit League MBB

  5. nodak651

    Summit League MBB

    Never said there was an excuse. We suck, just like pretty much everyone in our conference. They are lucky that our conference sucks.
  6. nodak651

    Summit League MBB

    They beat 300 RPI Oral Roberts, 334 RPI Western Illinois in the SEMI FINAL, and 130 RPI Omaha. That's not necessarily a high achievement to win all three of those games. They are lucky the summit sucks this year. And they are also lucky Crandall left UND, because I think he would have put us at or near the top of the weak summit this year.
  7. nodak651

    Summit League MBB

    What works for some conferences doesn't for others. I have never said the BSC tourney was anything but, and I was an advocate for on campus playoffs when we were in that league. The point of my post was to highlight the difference in cost and travel logistics issues with on campus tournaments vs neutral sight tournaments. The fact that the Big Sky Tournament has been such an attendance embarrassment, yet the league has chosen to maintain the neutral site format says a lot. The point is that it would be stupid for the Summit to move away from Sioux Falls because they would have less revenue and higher costs and other complications. Besides that fact, Sioux Falls pretty much already has the vibe of the WCHA Final Five, but for basketball, and it shows great on ESPN.
  8. nodak651

    Summit League MBB

    One of the biggest reasons for the big sky moving away from on campus arenas is because it is a disaster when trying to make last second travel arrangements in small towns. The Summit tournament also makes tons of money for the conference and has better attendance than many high major conf tournaments. No reason to move it. I hope your argument is at least consistent and you want the NCHC to move to 100% on campus sites.
  9. nodak651

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    UND's been talking about a new business building for more than 10 years. This needs to be a priority given that everyone that attends UND takes classes at Gamble. Was really surprised when spirit campaign money wasn't allocated to it.
  10. nodak651

    Facilities Master Plan

    My exact experience, minus the mouse. Also I was in Brannon and was secretly jealous of the greater camaraderie that I perceived was at Walsh. I think the bathrooms between the common area and the dorm rooms in the Wilki complex made it more difficult to meet people, because you have to go into the bathroom area before you can see into someones dorm room. In walsh, you could just walk down the hall and say hi to anyone with their door open, without being intruding or feeling obligated to stay and chit chat.
  11. nodak651

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

    Penn State hijacked the game and will be playing Notre Dame there instead.
  12. nodak651

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    All I know is I'm jealous of everyone else's Sanford money. Is a UND relationship with Sanford in the cards or is that just not feasible with Altru so close to campus? Either way, if Kennedy is interested in pissing even more people off, he should look into it. We need phase two money and I just don't see where it is going to come from. If they don't have an announcement by this time next year, I see it going the way of Chaves' Gateway project at EWU and phase II of the arena renovation at SCSU.
  13. nodak651

    President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    Yeah, I can't help but think how stupid of a decision this was every time I look at it. Why paint them the school colors when they can paint them so they look unfinished!
  14. nodak651

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    I don't have any feathers to ruffle, and this type of discussion is one of the more interesting topics on the message board. Genuinely curious, how would YOU have done it differently? UND has lost or will lose, like, what, 20% of it's budget? Where should that money have been cut?