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  1. nodak651


    are these legit? https://www.scheels.com/p/adidas-north-dakota-fighting-hawks-authentic-hockey-jersey/19261703071.html#q=university%2Bof%2Bnorth%2Bdakota&lang=en_US&start=18
  2. Agreed. Must be nice to work for the Herald. Tom Miller had an article about him in the spring https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/4989834-UND-QB-Tommy-Schuster-adjusting-to-life-at-the-top-of-the-depth-chart
  3. Of course! I don't think there is any evidence that that is the case, however.
  4. The NCAA allowing rapid tests that only take 15 minutes, vs the tests that they were requiring in August which could take up to 3 days. Allowing tests like this: https://sonanano.com/covid-19/ They are shooting for a test that costs less than $50.
  5. The new student union and business school should help greatly when prospective students are comparing schools. I believe every prospective student walks through gamble on their official tour, and that place isn't exactly jaw dropping. Its like football recruits - athletes want to have nice digs... as does the average student. Gamble is almost equivalent to Memorial in this regard.
  6. Have there been any excess deaths reported as a result of doctors offices and hospitals essentially being closed this spring to anyone not needing emergency care?
  7. UND could have kept the KSU game and made 500k, plus have tons of extra practice time, and we could have proceeded to play in the spring, as scheduled.
  8. I think that's highly unlikely.. if he was that good of a qb, I think it's highly unlikely they would have moved him to wr. He has always continued to take some qb reps, I believe.
  9. I'd have to guess that Kennedy's push to improve UND's positioning in online learning is a big factor. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4465475-online-education-important-und-state-mark-kennedy-says
  10. Any chance MVFC reverses its decision and we get some fall football, as high schools and the big ten have now done? Anyone aware of any discussions happening AT ALL, or is it 100% spring or bust?
  11. How do we know that? Have they had public interviews like the guy who murdered the patriot prayer member?
  12. Thank you for setting this up. I made a small donation.
  13. "A suspect arrested last evening for starting a brush fire was arrested again after he started 6 more small fires."
  14. You're the one who ripped me for posting anecdotal evidence, and then you admitted to doing zero research yourself. You didn't need to start the exchange in the first place if that was the case.
  15. Wow! None being accredited is odd. This guy was definitely qualified, and he worked outside of the academic setting before becoming a teacher. Public schools should be allowed to have more flexibility in areas like this. For example, if Wes Rydell was willing to teach a business class or two at a high school, he should be able to. Private schools can do that, and apparently charter schools can too, lol.
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