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  1. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/dynamic-duo-of-running-backs-reunited-at-bombers-training-camp-510353692.html
  2. You're being sarcastic, right? Or would they play a d3 schedule like a few of the D2 teams out east do?
  3. I think you're right. I want to see a view of the whole arena with it up. The close up pics will make it look bigger. The pre game stuff is gonna look great with all the new video boards and technology.
  4. It would be hilarious if UST stole Augastana's spot in the Summit.
  5. Could be the anonymous donor too.
  6. I have a buddy who grew up in Fargo, went to UND, and only follows UND hockey and NDSU football (apparently because he grew up watching NDSU, and because he thinks UND football sucks, and he apparently isn't a band wagon fan ). Even HE was legit excited when I mentioned that Boschee might be the next coach, and this guy probably doesn't even know who Geno Crandall or Q Hooker are... I think that says something for the excitement that Boschee could generate around the program.
  7. Last I heard, but would anyone REALLY have the balls to do it now, in the current environment?! I doubt it. I think they were planning to use some of the Ray Dicks funds to endow the golf program. If things changed I don't know why they would do that, unless for PR purposes.
  8. The team has to raise funds for all of their expenses every year or else it will be, apparently.
  9. Probably because she plays an active role in the management of the Ralph and publicly stated that Kennedy was offensive and pretty much negotiating in bad faith, and then said that she would stop all donations until he was gone. Nobody would say a word if she wasn't constantly in the press. But now he's gone like she wanted...
  10. nodak651

    To The Mods

    Is it still possible to add news stories/articles to the main page? I think users used to be able to do this, but not sure if it's currently possible. Would like to add Brad and Tom's new podcast.
  11. Will UND actually see a fundraising bump now that Kennedy is gone? With Kennedy gone, may KEM be willing to partially finance Phase II through the Ralph, similar to the Betty donation loan? Everyone knows that UND Hockey has by far the most support from fans. Would UND be better off fundraising for things like the 2m in RAE funds, used for the scoreboard, and allowing the money to flow to other programs? Currently it's the other way around, with other programs putting in so much effort for fundraising. For instance, golf has to fundraise for their annual budget, but if the RAE money flowed through them, and the hockey program identified a fundraising need for the same amount, I think UND would have a much better chance of reaching said goal, and overall donations could increase. Example: 2million from RAE that was used for the scoreboard goes to Phase 2, and the hockey program finds donations for a new scoreboard. Could also sell naming rights to scoreboard. How far along is UND in it's fundraising efforts for the business school? They have a 20m donation from an anonymous donar, and 20m from the state so far, correct? They need about 60m? Will the business school sell naming rights? "Cargill School of Business" perhaps?
  12. Did they ever announce how much money was raised?
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