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  1. Austin Peay is reportedly joining the A-Sun, with official announcement imminent.
  2. Agreed. I think we break 11 k this game.
  3. If we aren't up by a big enough lead to play the backups BY THE START of the fourth quarter, play the backups anyway because the starters wouldn't be deserving of that extra playing time...
  4. If UND hadn't beat itself with multiple 5 yard penalties and tackling Otis with a nice hole on third down, this approach may have indeed worked. UND was getting some long rushes in the 3rd, and if not for those drive killing mistakes, UND could very well have worn down their defense. I would have liked to have seen Quincy get a full drive of playing time during our second to last drive, however. If not sooner. UND was no longer moving the ball and I would have liked to try a different approach at that point.
  5. looks like utrgv is likely going to be the last WAC school. Matt Brown discussed it, and basically if the students pass a new student fee, they will start up an FCS program. UTRGV Student Government Association Approves Referendum Proposal - Student body to vote on referendum Nov. 8-10
  6. I kinda blame learfield. Have they helped us grow our brand really at all? Learfield lists 4 staff for bison sports properties and UND only has one guy.. With pretty much all of our add revenue being local ads and few product licensing agreements besides a coffee bean company, I really hope we drop them. Nobody is pushing our brand... can't even hardly buy a UND football shirt at a home football game... I have zero faith that they will expend the effort to dial up some small town radio stations.
  7. Yeah but everyone ranked that high should blow them out. Does it justify a 5 place jump? Pounding a bad team justifies them staying one spot in front of UC Davis who played well against and beat an AAC team? I don't think so (imo). Not that I really care that much anyway.
  8. This is inexplicable: 11. Villanova (1-0, 0-0 CAA) Previous Ranking: 16 Week 1 Result: 47-3 win at Lehigh Next Game: Sept. 11 vs. Bucknell 12. UC Davis (Co-Team of the Week) (1-0, 0-0 Big Sky) Previous Ranking: 17 Week 1 Result: 19-17 win at Tulsa
  9. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    Go to und insider
  10. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    So happy to be out of big sky
  11. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    Figured isu would mess this up
  12. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    Hard to believe, but Utah States CB's will be even smaller next week. https://utahstateaggies.com/documents/2021/8/30//Utah_State_Football_Game_Notes_vs_Washington_State.pdf?id=8362
  13. Not sure why your links aren't working, but thinking it may be because you don't have enough posts... if that's a thing. Anyway, your links are below. Also, thank you for taking the time to do this. There isn't a ton of press at this level so it's refreshing to see conference-wide coverage from another viewpoint! https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-week-one-primer https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/quick-hits-ranking-the-mvfc-money-games
  14. We need to get a game with air force scheduled
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