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  1. Why was their first spring game cancelled again? Please refresh my memory. Pretty sure it was because they had snow on their field? Karma
  2. Does St. Thomas have a message board anywhere? Can't find anywhere their fans post online.
  3. Feel free to post some pictures!
  4. players will hopefully be vaccinated by then
  5. Childrens museum is being built in Minot in part with help from Air Force. https://rejournals.com/kraus-anderson-building-childrens-museum-in-north-dakota/ Designed by Minot-based Ackerman-Estvold, the $14 million project, including exhibit costs, is funded in part by a $6.3 million grant from the Department of Defense, and through public-private partnerships with the City of Minot and Minot Park District.
  6. I guess the ruling upheld a 2017 ruling when the changes were actually made? "The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously upheld federal regulators’ decision to ease ownership limits on local media, rejecting a claim that the change would hurt minority and female ownership. The court said the Federal Communications Commission acted reasonably in 2017 when it modified rules that predated the internet." So I guess we already saw the changes....
  7. https://www.twincities.com/2021/04/01/justices-uphold-fccs-easing-of-local-media-ownership-limits/ Will this affect local media in ND? Will we see any changes? The old rules prohibited a single entity from owning a radio or TV station and a daily newspaper in the same media market. They also limited how many radio and TV stations one company could own in a single market and restricted the number of TV stations a company could operate in one media market. Republicans have long sought changes to the media-ownership rules. The FCC in 2017, then-run by a Republican chairman,
  8. They should be tested as often as normal students otherwise all of these guys should have been given flue shot.
  9. https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/bids-sought-host-preliminary-rounds-fcs-playoff Bids sought to host preliminary rounds of FCS playoff 16 potential sites will be identified April 6 March 26, 2021 11:58amGreg Johnson The Division I Football Oversight Committee on Thursday approved a recommendation that up to 16 potential preliminary-round host sites for the 2020-21 Division I Football Championship Subdivision playoff be identified by April 6. Host sites for the eight first-round games would then be selected from those 16
  10. nodak651


    And only two teams in the entire country have won a championship since then. Everyone except Duluth and Denver should can their coach... On second thought, don't look at Denver's record this year.
  11. nodak651


    Not to mention that when Berry won that championship, these same people were probably saying I ToLd yOU sOOooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. nodak651


    You people are bonkers. If anything, Sandy is just luckier. One bounce UND's way this past weekend and nobody is saying a word. In hockey, good coaching puts a team in position to win, but with a single elimination tourney, luck is nearly as important as good coaching. Sandy happened to be luckier this past weekend, as the game went to 5 OT while his team got a bye instead of the number one OVERALL seed in the tourney. Duluth finished 3rd in conference this year, and then got lucky and beat us. UND prob wins 3 of 5 vs them. That doesn't make Sandy the best coach for UND when we already
  13. He's as good as most of the scholly guys we had this year, IMO. Played every game and averaged 27.2 minutes a game. No question he earned it, especially with half the team leaving.
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