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  1. And even with hockey, UND still has a better football fan base than 90% of FCS schools. For example how many fcs schools have a football message board as active as ours? Not many.
  2. nodak651

    Onto Sam Houston

    Makes sense to be honest. -11 is a huge spread for what is essentially a toss up. I think Massey has by -11, which makes sense for the line to start there. By the way, UND is ranked 15th in massey, and hardly have any votes received in any of the polls. Then again, I shouldn't say anything because a lot of us, myself included, hate on NDSU for always quoting the sagarin ratings, and its also early in the season.
  3. Family seats should also be general admission. It makes it so much easier if people are meeting others or if people aren't sure if they can make it ahead of time. General admission seating/family plans can be in one of the end sections.
  4. This. How hard is it to distribute paper tickets for students? It worked in the past...
  5. College football gives a negative ROI anywhere, unless you are p5. Is everyone going P5 too?! Where is our new stadium that you promised, by the way?
  6. Nice dorms would not doubt help with attendance as well.
  7. If that is the case, can he get a medical redshirt?
  8. Ba Durrr that's because UN_ fans are obsessed with NDSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh sorry... a game week thread?
  10. UND is also brought up in nearly every thread on Bisonville.
  11. SlowHand makes a second.
  12. This nut job probably doesn't think it's a rivalry either, yet he posts to himself about UND every day. Typical Bison fan. https://championshipsubdivision.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=50696
  13. Because it's not a hope... it's a fact, and NDSU fans are in denial. Why else isn't there a game thread on Bisonville yet? There would be for ANY other team.
  14. Freshman hockey players at UND and Minnesota have talked about how much of a difference the atmosphere was for the rivalry games, and how experiencing the fan engagement really opened their eyes. Players in any sport get pumped up from the fan interaction and excitement, and a pumped stadium atmosphere really gets the adrenaline flowing. That would be my explanation.
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