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  1. This test has huge potential, and I'd love to see UND get involved with this company in some way, early on. Sona Nanotech: "Presently, there is no lateral flow test specific to Covid-19. Until now the majority of testing completed for Covid-19 uses molecular-based technology (PCR), a testing platform that typically costs more than $200 per test, frequently takes 2-4 hours to produce results, and requires specialized laboratory equipment and skilled technicians to operate. When completed, Sona’s Covid-19 test is expected to produce results in 5-15 minutes and is anticipated to cost less than $50. It will not require any additional laboratory-based equipment and can be administered by a layperson at the point of care." https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sona-nanotech-announces-validation-results-185200384.html https://sonanano.com/covid-19/
  2. Yes.... deleted the post after I realized what year it is... my bad.
  3. That may have been about St. Thomas? Not sure I saw anything on the other schools in mn, but I'm probably wrong.
  4. Graham DeVore has been busy this summer. Caught his name in the paper and figured I'd share since it's rare to see a positive story these days. Basically started a lake version of Uber Eats, using Jet Ski's. Article
  5. "Academic scholarships" I see them as a program similar to San Diego in the near term with the potential to join the valley any time after their transition. However, if I was their AD, I'd be interested in staying in the Pioneer if St. Johns would sill be willing to schedule an annual game, although that would be a big if, but it is a non-scholly league so that could still be a possibility.
  6. Oh, completely forgot! This is the most excited I've been about our QB depth... ever.
  7. Probably, but we have 3 freshman (1 rs 2 true fresh) that are all potential starters. That is a lot of depth/competition for one class. We will probably bring in another legit qb next class, making it 5 underclassman QB's. Plus there is always Boltman who takes some QB reps as well.
  8. I believe they are already in Forest Lake... would absolutely love if they became an option.
  9. Anyone who is a walk on and wants to get into coaching sounds like a good add, IMO. Sounds like someone who can contribute off the field and can be a true "team player".
  10. This is what journalism looks like.
  11. I think I saw Gresch Jensen is in the transfer portal again as a grad transfer. Would UND be interested or are the coaches happy with where we are at at QB, despite the youth for this season?
  12. I love their podcasts. They do amazing work.
  13. Didn't Tom and Brad each start a podcast last year? Feel like they both stopped after a handful of episodes.
  14. I really wish one of you guys would make a weekly fan podcast like like Idaho's Tubs at the Club, Montana States's RR Podcast, EWU's Eagle Power Hour, or Montana's Griz Podcast. Any day now would be nice! The lack of any streamable UND Sports Talk is really annoying. And I don't think Hennessy's morning show is streamed anywhere is it? Am I missing anything that we can listen to? I've had enough of Bill Chaves soccer podcast...
  15. Agree with you there. I didn't intend to sound combative or terse. It's just so hard to speculate with so little film and reporting on these guys, and that's why I responded to the higher ceiling comment. For example, and this may or may not be the case in this situation, but just because a guy may be bigger and have a stronger arm, I wouldn't necessarily think that it means that guy has a higher ceiling than someone like Tommy. I want the smartest QB to play, someone who can scan the field quickly, elude rushers/blitzes, and can quickly get the passes off relatively accurately. Most of what I mentioned can't really be taught - it's more instinctual, and I think these traits fit with Freunds philosophy best. I haven't seen enough film yet on either to say who I think is currently better or has the better potential, but I feel like I remember thinking that Vaughn didn't seem as mobile as advertised, while watching his film almost a year ago now. Edit: With Valpo being the first game of the season, I would also like to see them split reps. They both will probably end up playing this year regardless, and it would be good for the backup to have at least some game experience.
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