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  1. One thing that I noticed on Twitter last night was the Roku folks were having a tough time. My Chromecast setup worked great. My $200 dollar Chromebook and my Chromecast app on the TV and there it was. I would endorse that product.
  2. I am with you. I can't get my iPad or iPhone to cast. So, I don't know what the problem is.
  3. Berry During last night's post-game press conference: "And for the one time they did it, the one time tonight, it was something they wanted to do." That's what I took from it, too.
  4. Bought a Chromecast connection for my TV from Best Buy. It’s fabulous.
  5. That’s why I thought I deleted that post. I think I was on the way home from work when it was home.
  6. These "symbols" mean lot to those that served this great country and wore our country's uniform. Some watched their brothers and sisters come home in flag draped coffins. I've been at the airport multiple times when the military escort has met the casket of someone that come home from the battlefield in a flag draped coffin. It's not a joyous sitatution. Someone is missing a family member. I also know a lot of people that have stopped watching football and hockey because they don't want to watch a bunch of athletes kneeling for the national anthem. That's just reality. For the record, I think
  7. Goon


    So sorry for your loss.
  8. @Oxbow6 was right the number keep dropping.
  9. More idea mugshots. what an impressive group of criminals.
  10. What makes you think Biden is going to bring respect back to the White House?
  11. If you think it’s going to happen your living in denial. Come together would mean Republicans need to accept their socialist, economy killing agenda.
  12. Yes they were. Biden wanted to have Flynn charged with the Logan Act.
  13. Anyone else tired of seeing and hearing Dr Fauci? He’s everywhere. Is he the only one that’s allowed to speak on the Coronavirus?
  14. I don't doubt there are quite a few people in LTC facilities, I know of no facility that has 1/1 ratio of workers. You read about these facilities being short staffed. Defining Crisis Staffing Shortage in Congregate Care Facilities: COVID-19 'All those funerals': North Dakota nursing homes can't escape COVID-19 devastation
  15. Good Lord, that's what you gleaned from that comment? The number seemed high. That number doesn't seem right.
  16. Something caught my attention, we conducted almost 60,000 tests in one week in ND. There are only 762,000 people in the state. Does that number seem high to anyone?
  17. Trending down — on 11/21/2020 we had this. Today’s numbers. we’ve dropped 2,715 in a week.
  18. My senior year of highschool, we used to live down the road on Long Lake, there's nothing like living on the lake, year round. Nothing more beautiful than listening to the loons in the morning.
  19. So, my chromebook would probably work better with that. Or, I could go by a MacBook Air.
  20. I wonder if Apple TV will be better with my iPad?
  21. I have a question, what do you guys use for Chrome Casting? From the NCHC.TV page, I am seeing Roku, AppleTV and Amazon FireTV as options. What do you guys recommend? Last year, I used hdmi cable hooked up to my iPad. Chromebook worked pretty good, too. I recently switched from DirecTV to AT&T TV and AT&T boxes are basically an Android app store hooked up to my internet. Meaning, I can chromecast FLORacing, Dirtvision etc from my Chromebook and iPad. Works pretty good with the set up. Looking at the NCHC.TV app, does anyone know if you can still cast the NCHC games from the App?
  22. This came across my Twitter feed today. Apparently, published this story and then deleted it. Why?
  23. It’s not up to me. What happens will happen. We’re all pedestrians here. Or observers. Today, I will spend my day off watching college football and doing household tasks.
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