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  1. Nope he spits out poll focused leftwing talking points like the liberal bots on Twitter.
  2. I’d like to see him answer that question, too. More from the mostly peaceful.
  3. Chicago is a mess right now. It’s very sad.
  4. Yep, Antifa is just misunderstood. Mostly peaceful, right?
  5. His credibility sucks, he referred to honorable Federal Law Enforcement agents as Brown Shirts. It's pretty easy to find this stuff on Twitter and via Google.
  6. Please @Hayduke1 spare us with Antifa and Leftwing Extremists aren't violent.
  7. @Hayduke1 is trying to justify or minimize the Antifa Thug's violence. In reality all of it's bad, either side of the extreme.
  8. Yeah. This tweet does a good job of debunking circus clown Jerry Nadler.
  9. Hmm. Mostly peaceful. This domestic terrorism. I am all for peaceful assembly. It’s the reason I wore my countries’s uniform for almost 10 years. I don’t support acts of criminal behavior and terrorism like trying to burn down a Federal Court House. Yeah, being part of a Federal Agency, I pull for the good guys and gals. The officers and agents in the field. I support our brothers and sisters in blue.
  10. Antifa Thug outed by his patriot grandmother. Look at their mug shots. Pathetic.
  11. Morons like Bernie Sanders keeps telling us we need to be a socialist country like Denmark. Denmark to Amnerican Leftists: we're not Socialist.
  12. I agree Sicatoka I think it's funny that socialism has failed everywhere yet some want to bring it here and ruin our great country.
  13. I get the feeling you get excited when you see an Antifa Thug trying to see fire to a Federal Court House. Or better yet, do you cheer on Antifa Thugs attacking federal agents? I applaud these brave soles for putting their life’s on the line to protect America.
  14. This is interesting. Mike Babcock joins Vermont as volunteer advisor to coaching staff
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