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    Grand Forks Economy

    Most sushi is typically frozen at -4° F or below for 7 days. Even "fresh" sushi on the coasts. This kills the parasites. Also, I eat Sushi at grocery stores all the time - if you get it at the counter it can be made fresh, right in front of you. However, microwaved sushi sounds disgusting haha.
  2. nodak651

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    I think the rules are different if it an in-house hire. How many days did it take for Berry to be named HC? I think it was pretty quick.
  3. nodak651

    Filling the Ralph

    CC really baffles me. They are averaging 3,400 this year, and they used to average around 6k, until I think last year. And they were averaging 6k when they were way worse than they are now. Does this have something to do with the new arena that they are bulding? Did they used to give out free tickets and they stopped? I think that is what Omaha did when they built their new arena - stopped giving away free and discounted dickets to pay for the new arena, and attendance went down by a few K.
  4. nodak651

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Recruits like to play for championship programs. NDSU has a great niche carved out for kids who want to play for championship programs. That allure changes when NDSU turns into a G5 team playing for a chance to play in a low level bowl, and zero shot at a championship. I could see the fans become disengaged at that point as well. Playoffs > one-off bowl game. That said, NDSU could turn into the next Boise State. Don't really see that happening though.
  5. nodak651

    Non-UND FCS Thread

  6. nodak651

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Would love to get the CB that they said was coming. Looks like he has offers from SDSU and NDSU, among others. We need to start winning some recruits from those schools. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/samuel-fort-143659#school-interests
  7. nodak651

    Coach Jones?

    I used to be a huge fire Jones guy, but now it's kinda mehhh. This team isn't as frustrating to watch as the Troy Huff years.
  8. nodak651

    UND (4-3) vs Idaho (2-4) 12/1 3 PM

    We don't have a decent point guard. This team needs someone who can drive to the net with ball skills.
  9. nodak651

    WDAZ.com merges with WDAY.com

    Also new herald website in three months. Wheres Moser54 when you need him? http://www.grandforksherald.com/business/small-business/4517904-wdazcom-merges-wdaycom
  10. nodak651

    Best Chance To Play In NFL

    We are lacking typical off season threads, so here it is. Who on this team has the best chance or potential to play in the nfl or get drafted? Reyes, Harris, Santiago, Oliveira, Johannesson, Georges? Anybody else? Does Ratelle still have a shot? The Utah game can't come soon enough..
  11. nodak651

    New OC Danny Freund

    Interesting that OL minimum salary starts at 60K, and the WR minimum salary starts at 40k.
  12. nodak651

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    I think this is partly why SiouxVolley gets so much hate. The elaborate transition through the WAC has too many moving parts, and it's more than likely going to be unnecessary. You're spot on. There is a decent chance that the top FCS conferences just merge with the G5, and the rules will be completely re-written. I could also see them eliminating the meaningless 15k attendance rule. Even if the rules didn't change, the NCAA could give waivers to schools that want to move up after a split, for a period of like ten years or something. Liberty received a waiver, for example.
  13. nodak651

    2019 UND Recruiting

    A quality P5 Grad Transfer like Braden Hansen. One can dream...
  14. nodak651

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    The EWU plan will be implemented in phases, which means that there isn't enough support to fundraise 20-25m for a terribly outdated stadium, at a winning program. Spokane doesn't care about EWU. They will be lucky if they end up with a stadium on par with Kent State, which also isn't an FBS quality stadium. None of these western FCS schools are going to invest in FBS until the G5 and P5 split, and then it won't really be FBS anymore, it will be something different, and an elaborate WAC FBS plan will not be necessary, because the rules will change. I think you're too focused on the current FBS requirements, and need to be more open minded to the likelihood of rules changing, in regard to programs moving up to join the G5.
  15. nodak651

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    They have been working on plans for this stadium for years. Chaves failed epically, because the school can't fundraise for !@#$. They aren't going FBS even if the wanted to.
  16. nodak651

    The Nickel Trophy

    They should melt it into a new trophy so at least its the same material. Boy that would piss people off! But it would at least make the new trophy more meaningful.
  17. nodak651

    New OC Danny Freund

    I feel like Freund would be naturally attracted to a guy like King, assuming Schleusner, Landry, and Dressler say no. I'd add King to Geaux_Sioux's list, and I would be happy with any of them. I think there are some great candidates here. For OL, what do you guys think of Tim Prinsen (Edmonton Eskimos)? Surprised to see a guy like that on the list. What do the position coaches in the CFL make? There is some decent size in Canada - maybe he would appeal to some of the Canadian recruits, and help to keep them from de-committing.
  18. nodak651

    New OC Danny Freund

    Good thing our coaches don't relay on this for recruiting players, and they actually go out and find them instead of waiting for them to apply.
  19. nodak651

    New OC Danny Freund

    No kidding. In addition, people are worried that the public records requests in ND limits the quality of the candidate pool for jobs like this. Does anyone really think that anyone worth their salt won't have a job like this on their radar if they are interested in this type of position? I'm sure Freund or Bubba would take their call, and if they can't figure out how to get in contact with them, I'd have to wonder how well they would do at recruiting student athletes. I think it's highly unlikely that Freund and Bubba will have their best candidate just apply for a job and make themselves subject to an open records request, without reaching out to Freund and Bubba first. The public job posting is a formality.
  20. nodak651

    New OC Danny Freund

    Ha, why? I just don't see how it's an issue that the job isn't posted yet. They are probably talking to people they have in mind, and then they will post it. Aren't most of these jobs found through networking anyway? Maybe people will be upset that this isn't posted on Monster or Careerbuilder.com, as well.
  21. nodak651

    New OC Danny Freund

    Jeesh guys. I know we're not in the playoffs right now but come on! Their jobs are on the line, and they will do their best to find the right people for the jobs.
  22. nodak651

    Summit League Volleyball

    http://volleytalk.proboards.com/thread/75651/bracketology-11-21?q=denver Looks like the Summit could potentially be a two bid league this year, with Denver losing to South Dakota in the conference tourney. Impressive for the Summit if this happens. I know Pryor talked about this a lot when we were in the Big Sky, and he was always hoping that that could happen when we were over in that league.
  23. nodak651

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

  24. nodak651

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

    Are these games publicly released anywhere?
  25. nodak651

    2019-2020 Recruiting

    Summit League recruiting rankings so far for the early signing period. Good little article. https://www.prephoops.com/2018/11/the-summit-league-team-recruiting-rankings/