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  1. This guy has an awesome twitter account to follow and I'm extremely jealous of him.... goes to multiple games a week. I think he's been to every FBS stadium, and is doing the FCS now due to the opportunity with the spring season. He's heading to UND on Thursday for his second game here this year. He really liked the setup, which says a lot since he's been to so many stadiums.
  2. see the link for spring 2021 here https://ndus.edu/contact-us/institutional-research/reporting/
  3. Wow I think the AGS poll has Nichols way higher than any other poll. I can see that, and that's good to see after the beating they put on us last year.
  4. Agreed. I think this was Kennedy's worry - didn't want to get left behind and wanted to be ahead of the curve. UND needs on campus enrollment to grow though... the numbers there are not good.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if UND had more online students than our peers, which I believe they do, because remote learning was a priority for Kennedy if I remember correctly. With the new student union and business building, ya gotta think that will help to attract students to campus moving forward.
  6. Agree 100%. His poor holding skills are on display here as well, when he allowed turner to strip the QB
  7. Phase two MUST have these supplies in the new weight room!
  8. This. @sioux24/7 Not gonna lie, you kinda brought that on yourself lol.
  9. Somewhat on topic, do you think NDSU should start drinking coffee before games again?
  10. You're prob right, but in jest, I gotta ask if the team was allowed to work out with him in the off season.
  11. lol.... watching the highlights I just noticed this play... was this holding by the left tackle?
  12. This guy posts highlights of most of the games. Guessing you're experiencing something similar to the issues in this highlight reel?
  13. I agree. Maybe something to do with Midco sending out their own stream as well? Like not enough bandwidth? Because the games stream flawlessly on midco sports plus, and they are at least like 10 seconds ahead of the ESPN stream.
  14. I agree it's good to keep the main backs fresh, but would also love to see Mitchell take some of his reps. Not sure how well Mitchell pass blocks though. I just remember one play where there was a huge hole on the left side of the field and Gee was too slow to get there. Otis, Skokna, Mitchell would have had 10+ yards easy I think. Gee got caught by the DE at the line of scrimmage. Overall, I'm fine with the distribution of snaps during the last game and I'll trust the coaches.
  15. I have both. My espn stream has been kinda choppy both weeks but thw midco stream has been smooth. Midco doesnt have aroku app yet, though.
  16. Not gonna knock USD for generating turnovers. What were we saying after we beat SIU and people were saying #butt5turnovers
  17. I think both are fair points. It's a fine excuse, but they still suck. And they weren't saying that pre season. Bison reload, Zeb will be another NFL qb etc. Funny how the talking points change.
  18. Its amazing how good Weah is at making contact and then spinning off. So hard to tackle...
  19. Santiago = stiff arm Weah = spin move
  20. True. I really think the team would know they still have a lot to prove even if number 1, maybe more so if 1. They hear about NDSU all the time just like we do. These guys are hungry!
  21. Yeah, I think the seniors on this team have been through enough let down games that this won't be a problem. I mean, I think they could still have a let down game or two, but their mindset will be right.
  22. Massey has ndsu at 3 which I think is fair. It's still only one game. https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/fcs/ratings
  23. I got a 1 day ban on reddit CFB for the highlighted post below.... This is the rule they claim I broke! 3. No racism, homophobia, sexism, rape jokes, victim blaming, or other bigotry We want /r/CFB to be a friendly place for everyone. Even if you're joking, you never know when someone might misunderstand. This also applies to overly sexually- or racially-charged comments that may make groups of people feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. It also applies to jokes about sexual assault, rape, rape scandals, and jokes about domestic violence, as well as mental and developmen
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