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  1. Really hoping more audio content gets created as a result of the new iheart deal. Can't stand that Dom is the only option for local sports talk. Region needs an unbiased show that discusses regional sports and local news badly. Similar to Dan Cole I guess. Show with a Co host and more call ins. Biased hosts would be great as well though if there were two and there was a und and ndsu guy. Daytime radio in ND kinda sucks right now. If Tim still has a show it would be nice if iheart streamed it or put it in podcast form. Same with coaches shows. Iheart radio for gf streaming just uses the twin cities kfan feed and its annoying.. same w web page. Have to fix that.
  2. That one isn't negotiable. NCHC has the streaming rights, unless you have a normal Midco TV package. I believe Mudco could actually release a streaming only TV package like sling and include the games, technically, but a sports only thing like they have now is a no go, unless the conference abandons nchc.tv. Edit: for hockey
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Iheart wins on the radio side.
  4. "Information obtained from people close to one of the investigations shows Otis Weah was under a Title IX investigation for sexual assault for a good chunk of the most recent football season." This reporting sucks. 1. What information? What type of information? An official document? Is the source directly involved in the investigation proceedings and if not, what does close mean - we talking friend of a friend or direct family member? Could he be any less specific than "good chunk" of the season? Does the information or source not contain this information or is he being vague on purpose? How long does he think a "good chunk" is? That's completely arbitrary verbiage which has a different meaning to different people. Assuming Bubba wasn't aware of the title 9 investigation, because the university said that all protocols were followed, I think it's safe to assume Bubba may have been aware of the police investigation, if anything. If that's the case, it happened over the off season, and and he would also have learned that the investigation ended without charges being filed, and he also would have known that Otis passed a polygraph test. Being that the title 9 investigation concluded, seemingly after the season, and Otis's suspension from campus didn't begin until January of this year, there is zero legitimate reason to believe that Bubba knew anything else. Even if Bubba was aware of the title 9 investigation, he already knew that Otis passed a polygraph test, so why wouldn't coach trust his word?
  5. Not sure if it means anything in regard to the investigation within Michigan Hockey, but their Director of Hockey Operations just retired.
  6. Completely guessing, based on zero facts. I'll wait for an actual release.
  7. Then why isn't there a new rfp?
  8. Sioux Sports beat the Herald again. By like two months. https://forum.siouxsports.com/topic/29024-ray-richards-golf-course/page/2/
  9. I'd rather minot people be und fans. Selfishly.
  10. Georgia coach is getting interviewed tonight.
  11. Excellent summary of where things stand currently. https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2022/06/10_With-Growing-Number-of-Independents.php
  12. That's a cool website. Thanks for the link.
  13. I couldn't agree more. For example, last year Lindenwood played games vs Air Force, Denver, and they would have played ASU as well, if not for a covid cancellation. Those games were all scheduled before they announced their move up to D1. I really think it would be worth it to keep tabs ACHA vs NCAA D1 scheduling. This upcoming year I believe Lindenwood, Liberty, UNLV, and Simon Fraser all have games scheduled vs UAA. UNLV also has this game vs Denver as well. Will be interesting to see if any others get scheduled. Seamore Sports interviewed Matt Shasby, UAA's coach, recently, and he basically said he was going to try to schedule ACHA programs that are trying to move up to NCAA. "Moving to the conference discussion folks are having, Shasby gave a bifurcated answer. first he said “obviously there’s concerns not being in a conference.. but I’ve actually enjoyed the experience of building a schedule.” The unique trips are almost a feature of the system for Shasby. He does see the concerns of not having a conference for the short run. The second part of his answer was more forward thinking. He said “ further down the line, my goal is to help the Western teams that might be considering making the jump to Division One Hockey. The three year goal is to play those guys and help them as much as possible to convince their Athletic Departments to get convinced to make that jump.” He mentioned working to schedule games with the Oregon Ducks, more games with UNLV, and he’s had talks with Simon Fraser as well. For a western college hockey conference to form, the two Alaska schools need Arizona State and three more teams. Shasby’s advocacy for more programs to come up to the Division One Level could have an exponentially positive effect on this sport." Ice Time Hockey SW also has a great series of podcasts in which they cover NCAA hockey and ACHA hockey, and it seems rather apparent that they believe certain schools have plans in the works. They were ahead of everyone on the Lindenwood move. They recently interviewed the guy in charge of College Hockey Inc, who helps with the feasability studies, and that was incredibly interesting, as he was pretty optimistic about continued growth.
  14. That might have been one of the most disappointed I've ever been watching UND football haha. Such high hopes after that happened...
  15. You have to log in and the 2,500 page thread about UND will be in the smack talk section that appears.
  16. With how many games UND wants to have aired, that is a really good idea... (ideally without sdsu and usd). They could show old school replays during the days as well, similar to ESPN Classic. I don't know anything about the industry, but ya gotta think it would be easy for them to add a channel, from a technical perspective, being that they are also the cable provider. Speaking of Midco, I wonder if Bluepeak entering the GF market influenced their offer at all. Has anyone discussed them yet on siouxsports, maybe in a different thread? They add an interesting dynamic, as Midco could leverage UND to mantain GF market share, but at the same time, if Bluepeak does well, there will be less eyeballs on UND and less associated add revenue. Long term, I would love to see UND and Midco stick together, but with Midco selling their sports channel to other tv carriers, similar to how comcast used to have regional sports networks.
  17. Bally, but not if UND wants one broadcaster for all sports. Something like football only would fit well with them I'd think. I never even knew Bek was a thing until yesterday. Guessing/hoping Lakes was trolling.
  18. I submitted a FOIA yesterday for the radio and tv proposals and UND got back to me right away: "The solicitation process is still in the grading process. Once the “intent to award” is posted, the information will be considered open records and will be available under FOIA. I expect this will happen mid to late next week." So I'd be curious to know what source GF Hockey has. I'm guessing he saw Lakes post on Bisonville which states Bek won. As of now, UND is still listed as a featured team by Midco https://www.midcosportsplus.com/ and https://www.midcosports.com/
  19. Being that Forum Communications hasn't reported any updates, is it safe to assume they submitted a proposal?
  20. St. Thomas is apparently targeting a capacity of 4-4.5K for their new arena. The capacity target is new info. If that comes to fruition, I gotta think they rise to the top of the list when it comes to NCHC expansion options, as that size shows how serious they are, and given their location, they would help a ton with frozen faceoff attendance (revenue). I think this also would make Summit hockey more feasable, if desired. The underwhelming hire of SCSU's AD as the new Summit Commish makes me think that Summit hockey is the direction they may be heading. I think if they go that direction, Mankato could be the best option for another addition if the Summit wants Mankato to eventually move up to D1 and join the Summit league (and if Mankato is interested) - they would be the perfect geographical and institutional fit, especially if you look at the next best options, should Summit League expansion be necessary. Adding Mankato and St. Thomas would also would help a ton with improving Frozen Faceoff atmosphere and driving local interest, as the programs are both closer in proximity than any current NCHC schools (except maybe SCSU for Mankato) so many fans from each program would likely attend whether or not their teams make the Frozen Faceoff. The last thing we need is another distant team, like ASU, that will bring few fans if they make that tournament, IMO. Would also be interested to know how much the NCHC cares about keeping Miami in conference, and how important they are to keeping the CBSSN contract in place. If the NCHC wants Miami to stay, Bowling Green could potentially be added instead of Mankato, as they are apparantly looking to fund significant arena renovations again, so it will be interesting to see what they can get done there. I'm 100% against ASU for a multitude of reasons, but mainly I think that they are not a like minded program with other NCHC programs, as they have allegiances to the PAC 12 and it's TV network, so there could be issues with CBSSN and NCHC.TV, and they will likely leave for a western conference as soon as possible. I also kinda feel like they wouldn't like the current tournament set up with the finals always being in St. Paul, and that would potentially bring the number of programs that may be against the current tourney setup up to 5, if you think CC, DU, Miami, and WMU may be interested in a more favorable tournament setup, such as on campus sites only, or a rotating championship venue. Also, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm fine with the status quo as well, but Summit hockey is appealing to me if it helps to lock St. Thomas and DU into the league long term.
  21. It's off season message board talk.
  22. Nothing wrong with discussion.
  23. That and it's a city owned venue.
  24. Any word on how many proposals they received?
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