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  1. The endzone seating is addressed in the UND/Alerus Center contract. See bolded portion below. SECTION 6 – TICKETING/REVENUE 6.1 Home Game ticket revenue. 6.1.1. UND retains ticket revenue. Except as provided under Section 6.1.2, UND shall retain and keep all revenue from ticket sales for entry into each Home Game. 6.1.2. Assigned tickets in suites. The Parties acknowledge and agree the Arena has the following as shown in Exhibit 6.1: (1) Fourteen (14) suites with each suite assigned eighteen (18) seats and in turn eighteen (18) tickets for entry into each Home Game; (2) Four (4) bridge deck suites, with each bridge deck suite assigned with up to fifty (50) seats and in turn up to fifty (50) tickets for entry into each Home Game; and (3) Sixty (60) club lounge seats and in turn sixty (60) tickets for entry into each Home Game. All sales of suites, bridge deck suites, and club lounge seats, the assigned tickets for each suite (18 in number for each suite), the assigned tickets for each bridge deck suite (50 in number for each suite) and the assigned tickets for each club lounge seats (60 in number) shall be conducted solely and exclusively by the Commission and any and all revenue from such sales shall be retained solely and exclusively by the Commission. The purchase of assigned tickets to a suite or bridge deck suite for a Playoff Season Home Game shall be pursuant to the rules set by the Football Governing Association, and in turn tickets, including those for the suites, bridge deck suites, and club lounge seats, may under such rules, be required to be purchased for a Playoff Season Home Games separately from a season ticket package. 6.1.3. Additional suite tickets. In the event a holder of a suite or bridge deck suite seeks more than the assigned number of tickets to such suite (as described in Section 6.1.2 above), the suite holder shall pay for such additional tickets needed for each suite with all revenue from the sale of these additional suite tickets being retained by UND. 6.1.4. Endzone concourse area. As early as the Fall 2021 football season, UND plans to manifest a new ticketed area within the Arena. The new ticketed area of which the ticketed seating area goes between the two bridge deck suites outlined within Section 6.1.2. on each endzone along the safety railings, as shown within Exhibit 6.1, will be established along the handrails within both endzone concourse areas within the main concourse of the Arena. This endzone concourse area shall not encroach upon the ticketed areas of Section 6.1.2(b). UND shall solely be responsible for the sale of all tickets within the endzone concourse areas and all revenue therefrom shall be collected and retained by UND. The Parties acknowledge and agree the proposed endzone concourse seating area described in this Section 6.1.4 remains and shall be subject to approval by the Commission prior to its installation, which approval shall be conditioned upon (a) UND paying any and all costs and expenses for the installation and any re- fitting of or modifications of the Alerus Center to permit the installation of such seating, (b) UND, at its sole cost and expense, providing to the Commission an unqualified opinion from an engineer and/or architect licensed in North Dakota that there are no safety and structural capacity issues with such seating plan,(c) the Commission having obtained all permits or approvals required under any federal, state or local building, fire, safety or structural codes, rules and/or regulations, with the costs and expense thereof being paid by UND and (d) the Commission and UND having reached an agreement on the payment of additional costs of labor, if any, for such seating area (including any gross wages, employer paid employee benefits and the employer paid portion of employment taxes). The Commission will place appropriate staff to ensure only those properly ticketed fans are entering this endzone concourse seating area. The Parties acknowledge and agree that except for the additional costs of labor that may be subject to agreement under 6.1.4(d), all costs associated with this endzone concourse area are included in the rental costs outlined in Section 5.1.1.
  2. Austin Peay is reportedly joining the A-Sun, with official announcement imminent.
  3. Agreed. I think we break 11 k this game.
  4. If we aren't up by a big enough lead to play the backups BY THE START of the fourth quarter, play the backups anyway because the starters wouldn't be deserving of that extra playing time...
  5. If UND hadn't beat itself with multiple 5 yard penalties and tackling Otis with a nice hole on third down, this approach may have indeed worked. UND was getting some long rushes in the 3rd, and if not for those drive killing mistakes, UND could very well have worn down their defense. I would have liked to have seen Quincy get a full drive of playing time during our second to last drive, however. If not sooner. UND was no longer moving the ball and I would have liked to try a different approach at that point.
  6. looks like utrgv is likely going to be the last WAC school. Matt Brown discussed it, and basically if the students pass a new student fee, they will start up an FCS program. UTRGV Student Government Association Approves Referendum Proposal - Student body to vote on referendum Nov. 8-10
  7. I kinda blame learfield. Have they helped us grow our brand really at all? Learfield lists 4 staff for bison sports properties and UND only has one guy.. With pretty much all of our add revenue being local ads and few product licensing agreements besides a coffee bean company, I really hope we drop them. Nobody is pushing our brand... can't even hardly buy a UND football shirt at a home football game... I have zero faith that they will expend the effort to dial up some small town radio stations.
  8. Yeah but everyone ranked that high should blow them out. Does it justify a 5 place jump? Pounding a bad team justifies them staying one spot in front of UC Davis who played well against and beat an AAC team? I don't think so (imo). Not that I really care that much anyway.
  9. This is inexplicable: 11. Villanova (1-0, 0-0 CAA) Previous Ranking: 16 Week 1 Result: 47-3 win at Lehigh Next Game: Sept. 11 vs. Bucknell 12. UC Davis (Co-Team of the Week) (1-0, 0-0 Big Sky) Previous Ranking: 17 Week 1 Result: 19-17 win at Tulsa
  10. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    Go to und insider
  11. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    So happy to be out of big sky
  12. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    Figured isu would mess this up
  13. nodak651

    UND @ ISU

    Hard to believe, but Utah States CB's will be even smaller next week. https://utahstateaggies.com/documents/2021/8/30//Utah_State_Football_Game_Notes_vs_Washington_State.pdf?id=8362
  14. Not sure why your links aren't working, but thinking it may be because you don't have enough posts... if that's a thing. Anyway, your links are below. Also, thank you for taking the time to do this. There isn't a ton of press at this level so it's refreshing to see conference-wide coverage from another viewpoint! https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/mvfc-week-one-primer https://www.missourivalleybeat.com/post/quick-hits-ranking-the-mvfc-money-games
  15. We need to get a game with air force scheduled
  16. Where is the best place to find FCS betting lines now that 5 Dimes shut down?
  17. These contracts don't typically include non conf games. ESPN + is most likely but did it say anywhere that specifically stated non conf games were included?
  18. Where are the media outlets getting their data? NDUS website isn't updated yet. https://ndus.edu/contact-us/institutional-research/reporting/
  19. Thanks. Was curious what the holdup was after the TIF stuff was passed because I haven't seen any of the permitting stuff go through yet. Haven't seen any new permits for any of the other TIF projects yet either. Hopefully they all get started soon.
  20. is there a timeline for the building that replaces memorial stadium? When is that supposed to start?
  21. Unds game at ndsu also had unds midco broadcast
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