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Conference Realignments - Take 2

The Sicatoka

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1 minute ago, nodak651 said:

Or Fargo media wants more clicks (and ego boost). 

I think Dom is a bit of a fan boy sometimes. They should give him pompoms in the announcers both. I actually miss KVLY's team for football. I was listening to their Football broadcast and I had to turn down the volume. 

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The PAC will settle their media deal first, long before they go shopping for schools. Frankly if the PAC deal isn't better than the Big XII deal with pro rata the four corners could still leave the PAC. 

And I still can't believe UC-Berkeley would allow itself to be in the same conference with a "State" school (like San Diego State). 

Remember, reports had UW/UO in the B1G the week following USC/UCLA. Still hasn't happened. 

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6 hours ago, SiouxHawkGuy said:

Yeah the 4 Dakota schools should be in the MAC or something 

Missed the opportunity when the C-USA got hit during the last round. Should have banded together and been a northern (but autonomous) division of C-USA with the Montanas, Idaho, …

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18 minutes ago, SWSiouxMN said:

Greatest conference revival ever... if this get pulled off 

Kind of a key point in their plan:


One obstacle is that current NCAA legislation doesn't contemplate the scenario of a new FBS league being formed. There is not a known mechanism in place for the NCAA to approve or deny a new FBS league.


Whatever FBS status the WAC had appears to have long since expired.

That being said, there's a group of upper Midwest schools that need to also be looking into this.

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They have some major hurdles:


The process of becoming the 11th FBS league is not certain because there is currently a moratorium in NCAA Division I on single-sport conferences. To end that moratorium, it would require a vote from the NCAA Division I board of directors or a creative solution for league affiliation.

And as a single-sport they won't be recognized as an FBS conference. They won't meet 20.02.9 of the 2022-23 DI manual

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14 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

Where's @SiouxVolleyat a time like this? Using the WAC as a vessel to FBS was one of his visions. 

Yes, but no.
He was convinced the WAC held eternal FBS exemptions. That's clearly not what is going on. Teams that have happened to join the WAC are joining with teams in the ASUN to create a completely new, football only conference.


13 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:


Mainly because what team in this group moves the needle at all? And good luck being the highest G5 ranked team after running through that powder puff conference schedule unscathed.

Stephen F. Austin
Abilene Christian
Utah Tech
Southern Utah
Tarleton State
Austin Peay
Eastern Kentucky
Central Arkansas
North Alabama
UT Rio Grande Valley

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