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  • UNDBIZ changed the title to NAU Predictions
9 hours ago, UND Fan said:

Hope I'm wrong....

UNA   31

UND  24


8 hours ago, Oxbow6 said:

23-14 UNA


3 hours ago, Midwestern Hawk said:

Just going by the last few years and the pattern...big win, then a clunker.  Hopefully this team proves it is different...until then NAU 31 UND 21.  UND shoots itself in the foot with TO's and penalties.  


3 hours ago, zonadub said:

UND must have a big lead (at least 2 scores, if not more) after the 3rd quarter, or history will repeat itself. At a mile and a half above sea level, the Hawks will be gassed in the 4th.

NAU 31

UND 21


2 hours ago, Sioux27 said:

NAU 35

UND 14


1 hour ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

History repeats itself 

NAU 28

UND 24


hope I’m wrong 



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