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  1. Agreed, I never liked the screech either.
  2. Sort of just thought of this, but did anybody hear the hawk screech after first downs and TDs? I can't remember hearing any.
  3. http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4324402-und-ramping-branding-alerus-center here's some more stuff we'll see at the Alerus on Saturday. Getting excited!
  4. I think part of that is because the game wasn't all that close. Had it been more competitive, maybe we would have seen more enthusiasm from the crowd
  5. I just voted and we took the lead
  6. The Al is finally making UND football their priority and I couldn't be happier
  7. I saw him back in there later in the fourth quarter
  8. Need the o-line to step up. I understand the opponent, but they need to perform better if we're going to have a shot this year
  9. Most important second half adjustment to me is missed tackles. It was ridiculous how many extra yards they got after the first man got to the ball
  10. If we can go into halftime in a one score game... watch out
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