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  1. I’m just looking to cover the spread. UND +3.5, lock it in and don’t look back
  2. Not sure how many subscribe to The Athletic here, but a really good writeup from a really good national publisher. Spoiler Alert: Score prediction is 34-13 UND. That's probably a dream scenario for me. I think it will be much much closer. https://theathletic.com/2460537/2021/03/18/fcs-preview-and-best-bets-north-dakota-state-vs-north-dakota-breakdown-a-sam-houston-state-blowout-and-more/
  3. Playing for the Bronze Beet.
  4. The corners, I think, haven't been bad by any means. I think the safeties get caught too often on play action and are slow to recover and protect against the deep ball. It just seems like too often there is a wide receiver running free over the middle when the corners want to hand off coverage to the safeties but the safeties are out of position.
  5. We know Miller is more mobile, but I think the big question is how well does he do throwing? There's gotta be some reason Zeb won the job originally. IIRC, he had a very good back shoulder throw to Watson early on in the game. I think that's going to be the big thing. UND typically has done a good job with containing QBs, but if he starts picking apart the secondary, who has been the weakness so far of the defense, it'll be a long day.
  6. That's what I was thinking too when I saw the replay. Usually 6-8 weeks of recovery, I don't know if he wants to push it, but depending on how severe, he could be back in three weeks for the Frozen Four.
  7. I saw those two students come up during the game intros and immediately turned on Jack Michaels and synced it up with the ESPN+ stream. I knew I wouldn't be able to get through the game listening to that the entire time.
  8. Saw the story by McFeely on Tommy Schuster, and I got curious on Cedric Case, so I took to Instagram. Looks like Case isn't even at Texas State anymore, he's now at Central Missouri, a DII school. No disrespect to Case, he's made his choices, but how fortunate was UND in that whole situation? It's been said time and again, but Tommy is a straight up winner. So thankful how that all played out.
  9. I'm a teacher at a small ND town, and the seniors I teach would have been born in 2003/04, the last time NDSU and UND were conference opponents. Listening to them talk trash back and forth, you'd think the teams never stopped playing each other. There absolutely still is a rivalry here. A person can downplay it as much as they want, but even when the teams didn't play between 2003-2015, there was jawing back and forth between students.
  10. Their 6’6” nose guard was a big problem, and they had some extremely athletic ends. I’d agree, I was impressed. If UND wants to do well, they need to a. Force pressure on the inside b. Stay home on the edges
  11. Thanks! Virtually zero chance Zeb is the starter next week, right? #7 gives them so many more options
  12. Watched NDSU/ISU and took some notes
  13. I have more thoughts on this one too: -time for Griebel to be replaced as a returner -the screen game was definitely snuffed out -defense didn’t get home quite as well in this one, need a better effort against a better OL next weekend -for God’s sake, ball security -definitely not the same energy as when they’re playing at home in front of 3500 -All said, as long as Bubba keeps doing the Griddy, I’m happy
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