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  1. I won two season tickets in a raffle, but already have season tickets. So I will be selling the set that I won much cheaper than retail, for $50. I do know that it is section 202, row D, seats 20 and 21. Anyone interested please message me.
  2. If I predicted this game in March, I'd say UND by two scores. JMU looked very good in the first round, and their strengths play into our weaknesses. I can't see UND winning this. JMU 28, UND 21.
  3. Admittedly, they are pretty decent. 9 sacks over 6 games, but I didn’t think VMI’s d-line was very good. On top of that, there were a number of times that the QB broke arm tackles that I don’t think our defense would allow. It also seemed that they struggled to switch on stunts and late blitzes, which our D does a lot of
  4. They were trashing Tommy's size, while their QB will get knocked down by a stiff breeze
  5. I think I heard or read somewhere that portal players need to be registered to attend in the fall by May 1st to be eligible. Not sure if that is true or not, but it would make the timeline of departure make sense.
  6. I might take the dogs across the board, the only one I might lean favorites here is SDSU.
  7. Appears to be a little more than 200 seats remaining on Ticketmaster. A few upper deck sections on the visitor's side, only end zones left on UND's side. Hope the Al is still as loud as ever on Saturday!
  8. After 4 weeks off and almost a full year gameplanning this team, I'm expecting big things. 41-10, UND.
  9. Took a look at that Mo State and Youngstown game, it looked like the Youngstown RB could've housed it 6 times, but didn't hit the hole fast enough or couldn't break an arm tackle. If Otis has even a halfway decent game, he has 3 touchdowns. The corners do love playing up on the line, so we will need to pass the ball down the field a bit more than we have. Besides that, keep their QB in the pocket and keep ours upright, I think we'll cover the spread on this one, win by more than a TD.
  10. I’m just looking to cover the spread. UND +3.5, lock it in and don’t look back
  11. Not sure how many subscribe to The Athletic here, but a really good writeup from a really good national publisher. Spoiler Alert: Score prediction is 34-13 UND. That's probably a dream scenario for me. I think it will be much much closer. https://theathletic.com/2460537/2021/03/18/fcs-preview-and-best-bets-north-dakota-state-vs-north-dakota-breakdown-a-sam-houston-state-blowout-and-more/
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