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  1. Monday’s and Thursday’s are almost always the days off/travel. I only know this from Fantasy baseball days, which is a lot more fun than FFB BTW.
  2. Shawn-O

    FBS games

    https://247sports.com/college/north-dakota-state/Article/NDSU-Football-Matt-Entz-Trey-Lance-Starting-Quarterback-134570973/ It's Trey Lance.
  3. Shawn-O

    FBS games

    Davis over Cal.
  4. Shawn-O

    FBS games

    Will Gameday visit Fargo again? My guess is yes.
  5. Do you? Get ready for the P5 and and nation full of universities in obscurity. Yet you say you're old school, but that was all auto-bids, which you don't believe in. I'm confused. Please clarify.
  6. 20-20 hindsight, the sauna would've been much cheaper in the long run.
  7. 100% agree this one's on the manager.
  8. I too expect a better game this time. By better, I mean at least a first down by halftime, and more than 61 yards of offense by the end. Counting the rushing yards for the game on more than one hand will be a bonus as well. I thought it couldn't get worse than 49-0 and 62-13 in the 80's, but it did. Will be nice to have an OC with some imagination on the sidelines.
  9. Get will Smith in here. Whatever it takes.
  10. Gregorius, again.
  11. This 7 game home stand will tell us a lot.
  12. Add some Amaretto and we're on to something here!
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