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  1. Shawn-O


    Athletic representation on the search committee is noticeably absent. Steve Burian was the closest to it, he has stepped down and won’t be replaced.
  2. Bodie Reeder. Todd Hoffner.
  3. It looks better to the east, head south to Sioux Falls and a hard right to Pocatello.
  4. 18" to 24" is the word on the street.
  5. I wonder sometimes if some of these kids are so miserable with the academic part of school, that they are happier plodding along in the "A" or even the "E". Not saying that's the case with Kiersted at all, more of a general comment.
  6. Odorizzi will sign with someone like Houston for 5 years $75M, they will sign someone along the lines of Tanner Roark.
  7. UND sports website showing Minnesota series now Nov 29-30, U of Minn showing Nov 28-29. As far as I know it's still Thanksgiving night and Friday. Anyone know differently?
  8. This sends a poor message to your players, in my opinion. This is not the first time, with the punt on fourth and inches in Seattle being the example that I can't get over.
  9. The frustration for some of us is that in our opinion, based on in-game decisions, the head coach has demonstrated very little ability to evaluate, learn, and adapt.
  10. Maybe it's something that can be added on later. I'll reconcile my Quickbooks to my bank statement and see what I can scare up to make it happen.
  11. I've been to 5 NFL stadiums in the past decade. The stadiums have been gradually taken over by the knuckle-dragging drunks, either of the Animal House variety, or middle-aged men so miserable with their marriages, jobs, and lives that a tailgate party, a season-ticket, and a case of cheap beer provides some sort of an 8-hour escape on various Sundays late in the year. The fan experience in my opinion has hit an all-time low. Save your money, I know I will be.
  12. It's an unwillingness or inability of the current coaching staff (i.e. the head coach) to adapt to the talent that is on the roster.
  13. Dewey Bergquist was the man. We had one of his rain gauges when I was a kid. He'd grade each day A-F. It was a simpler time.
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