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  1. I’m enjoying the beautiful fall weather and in full on tank for Trevor mode from a distance.
  2. Shawn-O

    FBS games

    https://footballscoop.com/news/california-governor-says-pac-12-can-play/ Pac-12 moving toward resuming football.
  3. Shawn-O

    FBS games

    Pac-12 will go by mid to late November, 8-game season, championship game, and still sneak a 4-team playoff in that wraps up on Super Bowl eve. Sound good everyone? #moneytalksbswalks
  4. Hunter hurt, Pierce opt-out, Ngakoue invisible yesterday. Not a good start.
  5. Is it too early for the Vikings to enter the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes?
  6. FYI the paywall has essentially made any links to the Herald useless.
  7. The fix was in, just like 35 years ago.
  8. Good point, and I hope you're right!
  9. Big 12 announced a 9+1 scheduling model, so not sure if it will be North Dakota or Buffalo.
  10. Funny, I was just checking in to see how many minds have been changed by all of this insightful debate.
  11. No such a complex exists in the US that would have anything resembling MLB dimensions.
  12. https://www.hawaiitourismauthority.org/news/alerts/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/ This could be a deterrent.
  13. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/phase-3-clinical-trial-investigational-vaccine-covid-19-begins Are we headed for the first mRNA vaccine for human use?
  14. These look excellent IMO. I'll defer to the resident fashion expert @MafiaMan
  15. Can St.John's be far behind? I don't think their alumni will stand for this.
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