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  1. Book St. Thomas for a late August Pioneer League non-conference matchup and you'll pack the Alerus.
  2. Hopefully this can mitigate some effect? https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/03/20/california-construction-workers-prepare-to-mobilize-for-coronavirus-surge-response-1268583
  3. Coronavirus playlist....GO!
  4. Awesome post. Always fun to hear Pat Sweeney go Peter Brady "Time to Change" on the bit. P.S. The Henderson's are in receipt of this link. Thanks again!
  5. Northern Sun head coaches with track records of success deserve a look, across all sports.
  6. Smudge putting things in perspective as usual.
  7. In AA, 3 private schools and a public school with better athletic facilities than UND. What fun.
  8. You're right, Parise's second year.
  9. That one and the 1-0 loss to DU in the 2003 Regional Final are two that bother me the most.
  10. Tyreek Hill getting loose on that 3rd and 15 is the spark it took, and with Mahomes that’s all you need. All about quarterback play. As a Vikings fan I’m all about the tank for Trevor Lawrence plan. I don’t think Spielman and Zimmer see it quite that way.
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