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  1. I’m sitting here stunned and in shock.
  2. At this point I'm convinced that this franchise will continue to flounder until Glen Taylor sells. New players, new coaches, new GM's, they've tried everything with very little progress to show.
  3. You could be right. Do they keep Hurts there for competition or do they see what value they can get on the market?
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30693391/philadelphia-eagles-change-course-fire-head-coach-doug-pederson-source-says I'm not saying trotting Sudfeld out there was the last straw, but I'd bet it was a contributing factor.
  5. Lots of Philadelphia front-office discord over that one.
  6. He was on track for NFL MVP that season before the ACL tear, so I'm going to say no. Or was the knee injury worse than was thought?
  7. A lot of intrigue coming up for the Vikings in the offseason. Do they get much needed help on the D-Line? Will Trey Lance be on the board to do they select him as the heir-apparent to Cousins? Do they take Georgia's Ben Cleveland to get help on the interior OL? Do they dub the new look O-Line the Cleveland Clinic? So many questions, so little answers.
  8. Sark got off the sauce, got a second chance and is flourishing. Good on him.
  9. Who, on this forum or otherwise, is calling for a national championship in Men's Basketball? I don't know of a soul. Now, being a perennial Summit title contender, and Grand Forks being a terrible place for conference opponents to come and get a win, like the old Hyslop days, I think is a realistic ask of this program.
  10. I agree. Frank Reich will find a way to get him there and Carson Wentz will be the Colts QB come July.
  11. EDIT: In all fairness it's coming up at a much more reasonable price at Total Wine. https://www.totalwine.com/spirits/american-whiskey/rye-whiskey/belfour-rye-whiskey/p/227262750
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