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  1. Can the Wild get older....(quite possibly)
  2. Shawn-O

    2019 Season

    A moronic OC tends to have that effect on a QB.
  3. Giguere received the Conn Smythe in a losing effort, the last player from the losing team to do so.
  4. Western Final around 2005, they got smoked by Anaheim 4 straight.
  5. I keeping clicking here when it floats to the top, hoping they found an out clause on the Parise and Suter deals...
  6. thank goodness he's only a tweet away.
  7. Shawn-O

    2019 Season

    8-4 with that schedule and they'll be on the outside looking in.
  8. Shawn-O

    2019 Season

    Maybe Lennon could create a gig for him at Mary.
  9. Even Gretzky would rather watch the NBA Finals.
  10. The winning team's goaltender I'd have to think... EDIT: It looks like Rask has the statistics to take it down even in a losing effort.
  11. Sather is a great hire. I hope it’s a stepping stone for him, will bode well for the program. Leave the program in better shape than you found it. Confident that will be the case here.
  12. Grafton getting the Marvin assembly plant 20 years ago is when this hit home for me.
  13. I blame the GOBC for the anemic growth.
  14. Sounds like Tech, OU, LSU, etc. dodged a bullet...
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