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  1. Shawn-O

    FCS Football Polls

    I want you to visualize all those pollsters that have been mean to you! They're going be be your...tackling fuel...
  2. Shawn-O

    Boycott/DUMP Mark Kennedy

    How does one go about boycotting an individual?
  3. Shawn-O

    Fetch's Random Musings

    Haven't read the measure but have heard that Measure 3 would result in the most liberal legalization of pot in the country. True or false?
  4. Shawn-O

    Boycott/DUMP Mark Kennedy

    This guy’s kidding, right? Demonstrating the absurd by being absurd?
  5. Shawn-O

    Vegas Game 2 - 6 Seats - PRICE REDUCED

    This is the most reasonable post I’ve seen on this subject since...ever.
  6. Shawn-O

    2018-2019 NHL Season

    Such a dull stale roster with the exception of Greenway.
  7. Shawn-O

    Twins ?

    Hopefully the Pohlad's give them the autonomy to make the decision.
  8. Shawn-O

    2018-2019 NHL Season

    Both very sharp IMO.
  9. Shawn-O

    Twins ?

    It will probably come down to Shelton or Brad Mills from Cleveland.
  10. Shawn-O

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Will be interesting to watch ISU the rest of the way. Each win adds some shine to UND's resume, perhaps even a "quality loss" if things fall right.
  11. Shawn-O


    Landry is an interesting idea.
  12. If anyone is looking for more of a condo feel with a great location in the middle of it all, Marriott Grand Chateau and Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations are two other options. Just a block or two off of PH and the Miracle Mile shops.
  13. Shawn-O


    Winning records? Here's what UND and ISU-Blue will be playing for annually, at this rate.
  14. Rio & Palms if you are looking to stay close, Gold Coast if you're looking to be cheap.