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  1. It is too bad she will be judged on a Covid year. No chance to recruit for this season after being named as the world goes into restricted lockdowns. Would hope that getting a year under fire would allow her to get a chance for a ‘normal’ season, but seems like it will not happen. Wonder if getting some of her own recruits in and a year of experience would make a difference. Unfortunate that it appears she will not get the opportunity.
  2. UNI for Portland? It’s not like this will happen, but it would be a great conference.
  3. This is a big part of the reason UND is the “Fighting” Hawks now, imho.
  4. Whistling’ past the graveyard ... or the OK Corral
  5. Well, Tombstone, AZ is the Yellow Jackets. Talk about missed opportunities.
  6. Buxton Central Valley grad Brent Vigen has been named head coach at Montana State https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/6878123-Former-Bison-assistant-Vigen-named-head-football-coach-at-Montana-State
  7. There was an announcement by CSU that they are leaving the WAC June 30, 2022. If they are being forced out, they are being very diplomatic about it. https://www.gocsucougars.com/news/2021/1/14/general-chicago-state-university-announces-plan-to-leave-western-athletic-conference-in-june-2022.aspx
  8. Before they are ready for FBS, the P5 will have broken off and the G5 and the top FCS conferences will already have merged into a new second tier.
  9. Agreed. Youngstown probably prefers the MAC, but the MAC is pretty stable with 12 teams. YSU fits the footprint perfectly, but, despite talk from McFeely and his dreams of Bison FBS, it does not appear that the MAC is planning to add anyone soon.
  10. Always wondered why Youngstown doesn’t move to the Ohio Valley Conference. Yes, they are in the Horizon for basketball, but geographically, they would be a better fit in the OVC than the MVFC.
  11. Wow! Deepest sympathies. Always looked forward to his posts and insights. He will be missed.
  12. If SUU goes NAU may follow for lower cost travel, but that will be a tougher sell since NAU has been a member of the BSC for 50 years. Controlling costs will become even more important in the Covid future. It might make the Big Sky a northwest FCS alongside the central Summit/MVFC and let the WAC take the Southwest. But the big issue is getting more football schools so the WAC can have a football conference. That is why Southland schools are being brought into the discussion. Without football, the whole thing will fall apart.
  13. There are a couple on eBay... This one is green & Fighting Hawks, but used https://www.ebay.com/itm/Colosseum-Football-Jersey-Shirt-MEDIUM-Mens-North-Dakota-Fighting-Hawks-1/324338683654?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4b84178f06:g:xusAAOSwlBhdgXUF&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickk5v8gVt3hEWLVg%2F253w6XCcZDN7Xh7ABIn8pm9lh%2BkRNeUlDFzilIWIqYWTfCUU6tNVov113j5l%2FBlr2q0QHKmNrgoqdLfc%2FsXYc%2B9AGm6lADBQAgW8MOKQKPKhak3VpECcCxKYtcUina%2BhHwKYk24cuy0svX8EjHEZ3T82vL8c%2FRLe6nZ5JjF2hipsim1s3qQeRGTS0vIWwplFoTMuRltQGAmowpI6jSKxiNVakUvMjQpPhP6JN%2BA%2F
  14. Included in the rumors, outside BSC schools are Southland Conference schools like Incarnate Word, Abilene Christian, and ... Augustana (SD). Would be outside the footprint, but gives Augie a DI conference so they can move up. Would this make Augie a travel partner for Chicago State? Is it even remotely possible?
  15. On page 252, posted by Nodak651, bottom of the page
  16. The egriz link about big change coming in the Big Sky... SiouxVolley was talking about a re-org between the Big Sky and the WAC a couple years ago.
  17. Sounds like SiouxVolley was right, but without the Dakota schools (and maybe the FBS thing)
  18. This is why I believe everyone should stand at attention for the National anthem
  19. If it is SUU (or any other BSC school), what happens with their football program? Doubt BSC will let them stay (nice even number of 12 teams without them). Will they drop football? Will they go independent? Will the WAC restart a football conference? (SUU would be the 4th football team - NMSU [FBS], Tarleton and Dixie [FCS] are currently independent). Obviously that would mean they have to find at least a couple more teams, and NMSU will fight dropping to FCS.
  20. Did anyone else notice the hawk on the alumni association homecoming email? Not sure if it looks more like a hawk or eagle, but wonder if it will ‘stick’.
  21. zonadub

    FBS games

    Will any FCS conferences follow? MVFC? Big Sky?
  22. This is going to become such a cluster.... First question that comes to mind... Who is going to get the scholarships? 5th and 6th year Seniors or incoming freshmen?
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