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  1. I gotta say… you’re no Sioux Volley (RIP)
  2. Didn’t watch the Jacks-Rams game. Did Colorado State run an up-tempo offense? The Aggies seldom huddled, keeping the UND defense from catching their breath in the huddle and/or platooning. Just saying it’s a great game plan and was well executed.
  3. Have not read the whole thread, and apologize if this has been discussed. You cannot overstate the effect of altitude in this game. USU played very up-tempo and the UND defense was totally gassed in the second half. Living at 4600 feet, when we get visitors from lower altitudes, they are snoozing by 8 pm. The games went on until after midnight ND time and the defense had very little time to send in the backups so the defense could get some air. It is part of USU’s game plan and is extremely effective. the other noticeable thing is that UND got conservative after they got the 21 - 10 lead. Did Freund run out of ideas or did they just play not to lose?
  4. some were quite vocal, as well caution… NSFW and not necessarily family friendly https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2021/09/06/college-footballs-new-chant-is-amazing-and-very-much-appropriate-n2595375?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=09/06/2021&bcid=7e1deafa988661d9277e685683c31e11&recip=18592859
  5. May all your dreams come true (both of you)
  6. What is it with that part of the country and their ugly fields? Eastern Washington’s red and Boise’s blue should have been removed years ago. UND has the original color-coordinated field going all the way back to natural grass. None have ever done it better.
  7. When you take a look at the geography, and I do this with tongue planted firmly into cheek, MAC is too far east, MWC is even farther west… So, why not Big 12? Their wrestling team can lead them into the promised land. Actually, Fargo is larger than Lawrence, KS, Manhattan, KS, Ames, IA, Stillwater, OK and Morgantown, WV. And the F-M metro is bigger than Waco, TX. Heck, even Grand Forks is bigger than Manhattan, KS and Morgantown, WV… So why not both UND and NDSU? Then if you also add SDSU (close enough to Sioux Falls) and St Thomas, the Big 12 is back to 12 teams.
  8. I see a women’s rowing team in NDSU’s future.
  9. That’s a pretty low bar Oxbow https://video.foxnews.com/v/6242380886001#sp=show-clips
  10. Don’t remember Fred Biletnikoff (old Oakland Raiders) or Jordy Nelson (Packers) being particularly fast, but they could get separated and they had great hands.
  11. That is what the called plays ask for... most of Aaron Rodgers throws feel like that too, imho. Double move and gadget plays might be what is necessary to get the receivers into space.
  12. What is the issue about Schuster’s arm strength? TD #1 to Maag, Schuster releases the ball from the UND 42 yard line and Maag pulls it down at the 20. Slightly over his head, so if he slowed down, maybe he didn’t need to TD #2 to Belquist. Schuster again releases the ball at the UND 42 yard line and hits Belquist at the 8. It appears in this video that he was in stride and it nearly hit him ‘in the breadbasket’. It really seems that complaints about Schuster’s arm strength may be a result of the type of plays UND is running.
  13. Just Win! Exorcise those first round playoff demons.
  14. U of Arizona names Tommy Lloyd head coach 1 week after firing Sean Miller. Lloyd has been assistant to Mark Few at Gonzaga.
  15. No... administration would say no. Playas wanna play.
  16. Sure, Missouri State would be willing to come to Grand Forks to give up their first MVFC title in how many years?
  17. As has been discussed here several times... too far west for MAC too far east for MWC too far north for Big 12. if Izzo thinks NDSU will go FBS, it will most likely have to be with all the Dakota schools to provide depth and travel partners. Or at least, at a minimum, SDSU. Then UND should do whatever is necessary to not be left behind again.
  18. Wait, isn’t Missouri State also 4 - 1 in the conference? Understand they have played a ‘light’ schedule, no NDSU, SDSU or UND, but wouldn’t they also be considered to be conference co-champions? (And they did beat mighty UNI )
  19. Has the collective brain trust (CDC, NIH and especially the gov’t ‘spokespersons’) forgotten that Covid -19 is a variant strain of SARS? It is a virus that will always be around... mutations will not stop just because of any vaccine or prior infection. After all, we have a new flu vaccine every year because of the mutations and variants of the flu from year to year. When can we get back to the ‘new’ normal?
  20. Just a case of what have you done lately? The SDSU victory is ‘a long time ago’ compared to the NDSU game.
  21. Not a medical professional and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I think that I have also heard what Mama Sue says. I have read somewhere (but don’t want to go back thru hundreds of articles for a link) that you will test positive after getting the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. This was before the J & J and Astra-Zeneca vaccines, so do not know about those. If I recall correctly, you are not contagious, however.
  22. Considering UND played 3 and a half games in 30 hours, their effort was incredible. Congratulations on a great season.
  23. UNI has company... New Hampshire 0-1. Still ranked #24
  24. Well, how about 3 NCHC, since UND and Duluth are in the same region: UND, St Cloud and Omaha, along with Bemidji?
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