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  1. Sioux27

    Onto Sam Houston

    Lighten up Francis.....
  2. Sioux Falls was my rock bottom. That started the downward spiral of being mediocre.
  3. Blasted??????? Didn't seem out of line IMO.
  4. Seriously Lakes.....you're better than this.
  5. Final vote will be 6-3 in favor of Kennedy. Any takers?
  6. Odd question.....what did Jimmy K run a 40 in? I knew he was fast but never heard his best time.
  7. Sioux27

    2019 Season

    Let's leave somebody's personal issues out of the discussion. It's no longer relevant.
  8. She would be a huge get for Moorhead State. I don't see her as a DI athlete.
  9. Seniors should feel bad for the dumpster fire of leadership.
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