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  1. They do. Not the first or last money grab they will see
  2. Biden said the same thing a few months back.
  3. Ellie Colbeck (Fergus Falls) committed to SDSU. She is actually in the 21-22 recruiting class. Not sure if UND was recruiting her.
  4. By the time the MSHSL gets their act together and finally caves it will be thanksgiving. Then, high five each other on a job well done to bring football back.
  5. They are being groomed to all become bankers and insurance salesman.
  6. Joke or no joke....it's a poor thread title. Sadly enough, there are quite a few posters on here that believe we should hang #9. At first I thought Lake/Chapo started this thread.
  7. It was his superbowl.......
  8. Is UND recruiting Ellie Colbeck out of Fergus Falls? She is certainly one of the best sophomores in the state of MN this year. Complete stud both on and off of the court.
  9. LOL!!!!!! This might be the post of the year. Membership organization......is this pelosi behind the keyboard?
  10. Let's step it up Sioux Nation.......
  11. I like looking at it a few years after they play.
  12. Agreed. Please stop using the words McFeely and Kolpack on this forum. Very uncalled for!!!!
  13. Correct. I have known that for quite a while. That's just the tip of the iceberg for his numerous "handles".
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