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  1. I wish your sorry ass would get fired from this board so we could actually talk.
  2. I'm ready to be done with SiouxSports.com. Same old bull$%!# by the same few. I think I'm going to post of few things until I finally get banned. At least then a bar will be set for this antagonistic circus.
  3. I wonder why you continually make !@#$ up.
  4. Correct...."monitored" is the correct term.
  5. Even the fan forum to the south banned their village idiot. There are way too many similarities in their poster(s) and our poster(s) yet they banned him and we would rather chase away posting activity from others.
  6. Actually I am just a little bit.
  7. I believe it's closer to $75MM to $80MM. Still quite astonishing that any one person is worth that dime.
  8. So thats a "no I haven't talked to him"?
  9. I don't post often and get the same feeling. One reason I have pretty much stopped posting is that a couple of the "regulars" are in attack mode on most posts and its not worth the time and effort knowing this. I guess this site has found its versions of Lakesbison/El Chapo. I do think UND can hang with them on the road but will lose 31-24.
  10. You just put the "a" in the hole.
  11. I predict we lose to SDSU handily and beat NDSU. I just don't see any facet of the game where we come close to having the edge over the rabbits.
  12. The four cops were named quickly and their photos.
  13. I'll preface the call ATF will release a photo of all involved.....pending investigation closure or their judgement. FBI will release video...pending investigation closure or their judgement. A timeline will be disclosed and intentions of the person intent for malice furthermore. If others are involved (cell) for harm to public safety it would also be disclosed. Today we will hear some graphic details. FYI....don't expect body cam video anytime soon. The biggest theme will be how do we prevent this from happening again. My 2 thoughts.....Zach Robinson is a true hero. He went above a beyond and protected many lives.
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