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  1. Big city livin' and a voodoo woman named Phyllis.
  2. TCO Performance Center, US Bank Stadium, and the patient management style of the Wilfs. Vikings hands down.
  3. Other than tweak it one more time to give the opposing team the ball after a touchdown, in addition to a field goal, I'm not sure what options they have.
  4. And those are his redeeming qualities…
  5. A simple voicemail from Larsen to Greg Byrne would lend truth to this, technically.
  6. This would be a blast. As a practical matter, I don't think the college prezs will allow for a 17-game season, which you'd be looking at with the G5's. Realistically do they get deep enough to go 17, probably not. That brings up 16 games for the majors, and that's assuming they drop the conference championship games. That probably won't fly either. I could be wrong, will be interesting to see what unfolds. Expansion is inevitable, too much money out there.
  7. In a 12-team format there's no question all P5 champions would receive autobids.
  8. Several 12-team proposals have an auto-bid going to the top ranked G5, which is an idea that I like.
  9. The annual convention is this coming week.
  10. A few comments here: Team Makers is a money raising machine at this point. Hell, there are business owners in Frisco, TX donating annually. Bison fans feel free to chime in here and confirm or deny. Secondly, as to UND, sadly I believe that the Sioux name saga has hindered us on the fundraising side, which is outside of anyone's control
  11. This is pretty accurate. Outside of the Geico “he’s burping the baby” trick play, UND never sniffed the end zone.
  12. I thought Year 1 exceeded expectations, but yes...the product on the floor is pretty lousy right now.
  13. It's Year 3 of Sather. Patience will be a virtue here.
  14. This is pretty cool. Could Weatherby play 3rd line LW?
  15. Agreed. It's the mass psychosis that is hopefully a passing fad.
  16. https://www.hendersonsilverknights.com/
  17. Hot take: we’re going to see Jordan Love in this game before Kellen Mond. That to me is outrageous.
  18. Hot take: Andre Patterson will be named interim head coach for Week 18 by noon tomorrow.
  19. I have good news and bad news. Good news is I’m prepared to write that 8 figure check. The bad news is four of the figures will be to the right of the decimal point.
  20. What a great opportunity for him. I hope they rack up monster points, big yards, and many wins.
  21. It's a running gag that's gone on for years. He means well.
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