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  1. Add some Amaretto and we're on to something here!
  2. Crucial 3-gamer in Cleveland starting tonight.
  3. Leipold continues to shovel s**t at the fan base year after year, and they keep filling the place, "thank you, sir. May I have another?". Looks like this trains on a non-stop to nowhere on this guy's watch. See also: Glen Taylor.
  4. Matt Foley has been unavailable for the last 20 years or so, so makes sense.
  5. Summit title, Sweet 16 Cinderella run.
  6. That...and the ASU president won’t allow this in a million years. A B1G affiliate membership has a better chance of happening.
  7. Ralph invoked the Golden Rule. Those with the gold...make the rules.
  8. Put it on the new UND President's agenda.
  9. If arguing amongst ourselves was a scholarship sport we'd be going for about a 15-peat.
  10. Looks awesome, should have kept my mouth shut until it went up!
  11. SiouxSports.com: "Have you argued with a stranger today?"
  12. It’s a lot...go big or go home I guess...
  13. The kid's mom is an NDSU alum, member of their Athletic HOF, and the first All-American in the history of their WBB program. Correction, pissed off alum.
  14. Shawn-O


    I agree with you, but I don't think they'll do it.
  15. Shawn-O


    I think the shoulder patch is about the most we can expect for now.
  16. Can the Wild get older....(quite possibly)
  17. Shawn-O

    2019 Season

    A moronic OC tends to have that effect on a QB.
  18. Giguere received the Conn Smythe in a losing effort, the last player from the losing team to do so.
  19. Western Final around 2005, they got smoked by Anaheim 4 straight.
  20. I keeping clicking here when it floats to the top, hoping they found an out clause on the Parise and Suter deals...
  21. thank goodness he's only a tweet away.
  22. Shawn-O

    2019 Season

    8-4 with that schedule and they'll be on the outside looking in.
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