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“What will you do with your newly freed-up Saturday?” free-for-all thread.


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Got a workout in this morning, got some groceries, picked up some pizza, little time outside, play with my 1 year old niece who is visiting for the weekend, watched/watching NCAA Tournament games, high school games, and will put Minnesota/Michigan on one TV. Honestly not a whole lot different than if UND won except UND game would be on my big TV and MN/Mich would mix in with NCAA games on the other one.

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3 hours ago, Godsmack said:

I’m listening to the Air Force/AIC game. I’m an Air Force fan but my buddy’s kid is the starting goaltender for AIC so kinda torn on this game. 

Well, this didn’t work out so well for the Falcons. 

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Gonna be 51° but breezy so no grilling. Lame. Maybe clean the garage of the winter muck, turn on the radio, drink plenty of beers, have sports on tv but nothing worth watching. 

Try to give my wife a pickle tickle and get slapped away per usual and be in bed on a Saturday by 845p. 

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