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  1. Extra year of eligibility granted to spring but not winter athletes. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/28972856/ncaa-approves-extra-year-eligibility-spring-athletes
  2. Only thing I have gotten from ticketmaster is you have an upcoming event.
  3. ND cases have tripled and doubled in ward county alone.
  4. Minnesota has joined the bar and restaurant lockdown.
  5. Minnesota now has 3 confirmed community spread cases. Per the star tribune.
  6. I wore number 5 in high school because of Jason Blake. And my first game mid 90s just being able to go with my dad. And watching at the old Ralph.
  7. https://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/2020/03/here-are-the-tv-shows-that-shut-down-production-because-of-coronavirus-fears.html
  8. Delta is reducing capacity by 40% and parking 300 aircraft.
  9. Summit league has canceled all spring sports. Seems a little redundant with the championships canceled. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4998033-Summit-League-cancels-spring-sports
  10. That will be next camp snoopy will be inundated and the next hot zone will center around Bloomington.
  11. If anyone may have ventured to Caesars Palace and placed a wager on the local boys winning it all, you are in titled to a refund. Just fill out the ticket and submit it like you would for a winnings by mail compensation.
  12. Friend was in Atlanta Tuesday. Took 3 minutes for bag check and clear TSA. (Normal line not precheck).
  13. Like it’s been said but here is the NCHC’s statement.
  14. D**n auto correct United Kingdom UK.
  15. All flight to and from Europe except for the up have been suspended for 30 days.
  16. The university of Minnesota has switched to online only until April 1.
  17. At least it only tied for most points given up in the first half of the summit league championship.
  18. The Ivy League just canceled all winter season conference tournaments.
  19. Oddly enough the 8th seeded tigers have the best road record at 7-10 of Seeds 5-8 this year in the nchc.
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