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  1. rule 8.1 paragraph 4. Play should have stopped for an injured player when his team had control of the puck since he was in a high danger area. also they will say play was stopped for a goal. But it continues to say that the injured player must remain off the ice until the completion of the next faceoff.
  2. Tight would be an understatement in the officiating tonight
  3. Jim Rich might have just had little stroke. Calling Zach billy.
  4. Text book body check. You know the “review” was more for the officials sup wanted a chat. TV guys haven’t liked either penalty which I think the slash was weak too.
  5. Seems like the same reason the original jets retired to the desert.
  6. Late Oct or early Nov. highs still in the 80s golf before the game but fall in grand forks can still be nice then too. Maybe the exhibition game against the us junior team would be a good fit. Still highs in the 60s through Christmas. Or that first series back from winter break.
  7. That’s on permanent display in Chicago at the home of the big ten.
  8. They need to broadcast a football game from 1970
  9. Since the rule book says attempting to clip and missing is a minor and making contact below the knees is a major I guess your wrong.
  10. It’s actually clipping and should have been a major. But since they didn’t call the major for the elbow to the head move on.
  11. Followed closely behind by the sccc fan
  12. That looks amazing. Is it a glass block light?
  13. DU-was there when Bina got hurt watch the punk hide from Matt Greene behind every official he could find. Minn. enough said SCSU just a bunch of terrible fans The Boston Schools but I can’t stand Boston anyway.
  14. You’re confused I think target has it worse. Sent to Minneapolis area targets.
  15. Not sure if completely paid for by the Engelstads but the Huck Olson in thief was spearheaded by Ralph. Not only the building of the arena but the naming of it as well.
  16. Vegas_Sioux

    The Herald

    When the athletic wants college hockey that will be the end of the herald as brad will be poached.
  17. Steve Johnson has been named coach of UM-C’s new acha d2 team. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/4915405-Steve-Johnson-to-lead-new-Minnesota-Crookston-ACHA-club-hockey-program
  18. It’s about 90 seconds but if you can pause your tv broadcast you can sync it up
  19. Vegas_Sioux


    Exactly only pole that matters is the one going to the rafters before the Manitoba game.
  20. Mute and iHeart radio app stops that. Can't always get it sync'd up though.
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