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  1. Eric Schmidt moving on to Washington. https://www.kroxam.com/2021/12/21/former-pirate-football-basketball-coach-eric-schmidt-takes-a-job-at-washington/
  2. You could see dreger getting frustrated with sterns calling penalties in his zone right in front of him. From 150 feet away. Then that review which apparently was for contact to the head? I think sterns is out to get the league after the benched him and some of the older guys are with him.
  3. Trying to get a major for elbowing contact to the head. Wow.
  4. That’s because dreger doesn’t like sterns calling penalties in his zone. They shouted at each other a few times tonight.
  5. That would have been Fighting Sioux Sports contact wday as the forum closed wdaz.
  6. At least he had a .93333 save% last night.
  7. Yes for then fans who couldn’t come last year.
  8. Those aren"t penalties in the next level or Trouba would be in trouble.
  9. Thanks, Hawkster. siouxforeverbaby picks Budy. picks are final for tonight. She will post the official picks later.
  10. Tweet that to the big ten and NCHC and see if it gets deleted.
  11. They are still pissed about sterns getting benched when he f’d up in sccc.
  12. Funny the box score doesn’t show a slashing penalty against the gooph troop.
  13. They’ll go to osu or Purdue. Not the best education but national exposure.
  14. Play for the golden sugar beet every year in football.
  15. Sandy was probably on his way out at Duluth of their 2011 run didnt happen.
  16. Take away the 10 minute addition for the game misconduct. Actually call the first penalty not the stuff afterwards it would have been even.
  17. Called 1 out of 6 possible penalties in that sequence.
  18. The 5 uncalled x-checks on jamernik and Walsh waiting for the retaliation.
  19. Sendin draws a hustle penalty 4v4 coming up.
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