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  1. Why is beer so cheap in Nashville? We have been to 3 bars so far and the most paid has been $4.50 for a pint of Shiners Bock, the rest have been $3 a pint.
  2. Cash is not accepted inside Bridgestone Arena. All transactions are conducted with credit cards and debit cards. Cash will not be accepted at any point of sale within the venue. You will need to bring your credit and/or debit cards to purchase anything inside Bridgestone Arena. A limited number of “Reverse ATM’s” are available at Bridgestone Arena for those who only carry cash....... From the guide FYI
  3. Just read Holden is doing play by play for the KHL this season. He is moving to Washington DC
  4. We could consider maybe about Bally sports North with Ben Holden doing the color commentating.......I think that would be worth some consideration.
  5. Isn't there a rumor to the effect that UND will be playing Augustana in their 1st home game?
  6. I think my Cagguila jersey with the 2016 FF patch on it will be apropos for the event.
  7. I agree. I know it wouldn't happen, but it wouldn't bother me if we rotated the Serratore brothers.
  8. Section 303 row B, 17, 18,& 19, great sight lines. $100 gets you all 3
  9. It will be telling at the 1st away game when we don't have the last line change. I will be in Bemidji Friday night to see who Bubs and the team handle it..... agree in hoping for a sweep, but expecting a split.
  10. Rhombus Guys, Rumors, Speedway are 3 off the top of my head.
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