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  1. I wonder why Pinto wasn't invited to the World Junior Showcase. He still young enough isn't he?
  2. Are the games going to be played with no fans, just student fans, season ticket holder only fans, or normal capacity amount of fans? Will Nashville happen? Somebody must have an idea to this coming season's game plans. I know that Chaves said that they are going ahead as scheduled, but I haven't heard at what capacity of fans will be allowed to attend.
  3. I wish all the pundits would be quarantined with NO electronic devices including cell phones till after the pandemic is over. Sensationalism and opinion is not what we need now. The truth and calm guidance is what we need.
  4. On a lighter note, Midco is replaying the Denver game from2/15/20 right now.
  5. KVLY has the dash cam video of her arrest online. She needs to resign and just go away.
  6. The Attorney General is looking into those 2 clowns
  7. I am planning on ice fishing on Tuesday at LOW. It will probably be the last act of normalcy I will have before mandatory lockdown begins. Hopefully Midco will continue replaying this past season’s games. It was one hell of a season!
  8. Tampa- 2016. The entire experience was fantastic.
  9. http://unothegateway.com/search-uno-hockey-finds-new-head-coach/ This is a few years old, but it's still funny
  10. Most nursing homes and even hospitals will deter visitors from seeing people in their institutions this time of year because of infectious diseases like the common cold, influenza, and others. Does everyone have enough toliet paper at home to make it till summer? Might need to use stock certificates instead of the JC Penney catalog when the toliet paper runs out.....
  11. Why the hate? or is it envy. The kid is going to be in the NHL someday, hopefully not too soon.
  12. Overseas students that went home to celebrate the Chinese New Year
  13. I believe it was "Hi mom!"
  14. Agreed, giving away possession and creating an odd man rush the other way with a #$%&# no-look pass was driving me crazy last night.
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