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  1. This ^^^^^ Gabinet is a “Richard” behind the bench
  2. trade Miami and Western for Mankato and Arizona
  3. Are we done filling the "Portal" shopping cart or are there others we need to get?
  4. I bet they put up a F4 Championship game banner....... 2nd place!! Bahaha
  5. Their equipment guy is the back up
  6. Time to bring an big empty shopping cart to the “Transfer Portal” and stock up!
  7. Pinto is gone, that sucks!!
  8. 22 years 8 months for Mankato 21 years 2 months for Gophers.... Boohoo
  9. It should have been interference on the goalie
  10. Tampa Bay vs Columbia, last August? in the playoffs
  11. This one is cutting it too close for my ticker!!
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