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  1. I'm hoping that the "new normal" is to carry a few more players at forward, so we don't end up where UND has in several recent seasons. They have been either unable to field a full lineup due to injuries, or unable to sit unproductive players, because they have nobody else. Rosters of 25 have not been working very well.
  2. Hate to be Nancy Negative here but, tonight makes basically every major rival of UND that has won back-to-back Natty's now. What has UND done back-to-back? Miss the (*$%&@($%*& tournament!
  3. Lots of coulda shoulda, but they didn't. I've never been so angry about a season, not even in 2002, when they only won 16 games. That team was flat out too young. They did relatively well the year after. This season was bad loss after bad loss by a team that was not young - just underperforming. Some say the players aren't talented enough, or the system robs them of creativity. Either way, the program has taken a huge step backward, and that is what many of us who get angry about poor seasons care about. I don't expect Natties, or even Frozen Fours, every year, but I sure as hell expect better than we got the last two years.
  4. Oldguy

    ITS OVER!!!

    My God, this team SUCKED! Good riddance, UND team of '18-19. Go away and never be remembered.
  5. OMG, this has been a horrific season. Once again, broken record, out-possess and out-shoot you opponent, but can't even get on the f'n scoreboard. Pathetic.
  6. Turn out the lights, the party's over....
  7. It won't be long. Berry must know this is completely and utterly unacceptable.
  8. What a god-awful season. Yes, I am talking about it like it is in the past tense.
  9. Now Scheel is injured. This season is TOAST
  10. Last years' team (Ahhh, the good ol' days) finished with 13 losses. This years' team is looking to "achieve" that number already.
  11. I was starting to wonder if UND would EVER win on national TV again. Is this the start of a winning streak, or just another game where they prove they can beat anyone, but then fail to back it up? With all of the bad losses this year, the "margin of error" is about zero at this point. So, be the team that wants it worse! Show us something, boys.
  12. I just don't get how a team can have so much puck possession, and still get beat over and over again. It's hard to grasp.
  13. On the Road for the 1st Round, after that.
  14. #hot-goalie, #puck-luck, #can't-finish-to-save-their-lives
  15. This team has fallen hard and fast beyond belief.
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