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  1. I agree. IMO, the US economy has to be back in full swing by Fall in order to avoid absolute financial disaster, and that means concerts and sports must resume. However, I don't make these decisions, and I'm not at all certain that restrictions on mass gatherings won't last until next year, or whenever a vaccine becomes available. Having said that, the upcoming ND team as a whole is as deep as I've ever seen (and I've been following for "a few years"). Would be a damn shame if we don't get to see them play a full season.
  2. Exactly. UND is poised to have one of the best teams of all time...but will we even have a season? I'm seriously wondering whether or not NCAA sports will be allowed by Fall.
  3. This was the first series that I have seen live at the Ralph in 8 years. I picked a good weekend! Western played extremely well both nights, and would probably have gotten a couple of "W"'s against almost anyone else. Very tight defensive games with great goaltending. Congrats on bringing the "Penne" home, boys.
  4. IMO, Pinto's hit was stupid and careless, and probably deserved the 5. He pretty much single-handedly cost us the Saturday game. Without that 5 minute PK, UND would probably have scored first, and the game would have been very different.
  5. Absolutely. They play very good defense on the big ice, and UND kept missing the net over and over, because they are not used to the wider rink. Must have been a dozen missed nets last night, perhaps more. Found myself screaming "Hit the F$#*@&$@#^ Net" more than a few times.
  6. SCSU looked like they were on a mission all night. UND looked, well, sorta business like, certainly not inspired. Not even close to their best game. Need to be more dialed in tomorrow.
  7. In the first period, I thought DU looked like the faster, more energetic, more aggressive team. UND slowly started getting more zone time, and DU looked to be depleted at the end. Come out with a better start Saturday, boys, and get another sweep.
  8. IMO, UND did a good job of rushing with speed and cutting to the middle of the ice - they just had trouble getting anything past "Vermin". Got to stop trying to beat him 5 hole, cause that aint working. Thankfully, Thome was just as good. I would probably give Thome another start, and then see how the week of practice goes to decide next Friday's starter.
  9. My take on this weekend. UND looked soft. And slow. Yes, they bounced back on Saturday, after a butt kicking on Friday. Yes, they only have 3 losses. However, my takeaways this weekend will be that teams can disrupt ND with physical play, and if they do, UND won't make plays, won't connect on passes, won't have a rushing attack, won't cycle much, won't score much. Given that basically all the teams they will play at the end of the season will be physical teams, better get a lot better at handling it.
  10. Overall, UND got dominated tonight. No offensive zone pressure. No rush, no cycle. Beat in every phase of the game, IMO.
  11. Wish I could believe UND will storm back tomorrow, but frankly, they have looked an AWFUL lot like last years' team since the break. No confidence with the way they have been playing.
  12. We shall see. Haven't looked good in too many weeks to instill any confidence. Team is reeling right now.
  13. The team I saw tonight (and last weekend, and the weekend before that) was not even close to the best team in the nation. Not impressive lately.
  14. 2-2-1 since break. How's the "Pact" going, boys?
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