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  1. Former KVLY TV Reporter Neil Carlson runs inewz - now an internet news service and YEAH he would break a story before the Herald- go check it! Todays Herald reporters are a joke...internet clickers and fargo lickers. Email them a tip and they might "investigate" https://inewz.tv/
  2. If not I wonder if Paul's Pintos are still available at Hugos? Great pinto bean meal - and MICROWAVABLE!
  3. Thanks for staying a subsciber! Everyone is diving toward streaming services these days but those fees pile up fast...faster than most think.
  4. Gooch? - you mean the NEOPRENE NINJA? Okay - pucks are made of vulcanized rubber but I think the SULTAN of VULCAN is a far stretch and too hard to explain. Neoprene is used for wetsuits that have nothing to do with hockey but are at least RUBBER and I'm trying... For Pinto....MR BEAN! or BEANS - no better beans grown in the RRV than PINTO BEANS - hope HE gets it:-)
  5. isn't this where Oxbow comes in with a funny gif of Howard Dean going....YYYYAAAAA!!!!!!!!! and PS it's the Fighting HAWKS boomer!:-o
  6. NEVER NEVER NEVER have I seen "The John" OWNED by opposing fans MORE than tonight and IT WAS AWESOME! Even the stupid FSNorth commentators had to say they were owned by UND fans in their own arena tonight....more UND fans than Goophs...MORE "Sioux YEAH YEAH"..it was crazy and EMBARRASING for u of m fans! get a job morons!
  7. Is that REALLY CAJUNCOLONEL???????????? IF so...sexy bibs dude! BUBBA'S Coming....wait for it
  8. now THAT was a good one! No offense..
  9. We're not all carpetbagger a-holes here CajunColonel - may the BEST team win Saturday tents or not.
  10. Who is that? Joe Biden? seems like you could do better than a meme from 2009 but OKAY! (how OLD are you?) Go ahead and bitch about something that's already happened - YES WE GET IT YOU'RE A BIG?? UND DONOR/SUPPORTER AND LIVE ON A GOLF COURSE THAT THE FARGO DIVERSION WILL SAVE SO HOORAY - no other opinions should matter - you're the Lakes of the UND board. GO AWAY! Tents and bids aside - UND will fall or move forward with the cards they're dealt this weekend. IT'S UP TO THE TEAM - LET'S SEE WHAT THEY CAN DO! I believe in team and Bubba - maybe they won't win but I know they'll give it their best shot and I won't be a part of making excuses for them losing in advance like SOME do on this board.
  11. This WAH WAH the whole "we didn't BID ENOUGH" ship has SAILED! Give it up debaters! Chaves threw out a number that should have worked for the current FB fanbase that probably would have disappointed in attendance anyway. It didn't - GET OVER IT! The FB team is going and going to deal with the conditions they're dealt. I'd hope Bubba and the boys wouldn't be prima donna's worried about APPEARANCES or their DRESSING ROOM and sketchy shower facilities and instead maybe take it as motivation to go out and show Nicholls the game is PLAYED ON THE FIELD and WIN! THE WINNER will shower in glory and the loser in shame - no matter if it's in a tent or not. GO F*CKING WIN!!
  12. gfNDfan

    Playoff Time

    of course we have no chance of beating the MIGHTY MIGHTY bison (pronounced bi-SON) if we should ever be so lucky to possibly meet them in the playoffs because USD has never beaten SDSU in the DI era until.... LAST WEEK!!! Keep JUICIN' Bison! You just might need it...that's why they play the games! VIVA MIKE MOONEY!!! No one thought that was possible either but look what it wrought!
  13. it's Midco - Let's go...LET'S GO!! and THEY WILL! Who brought you Vegas? CBS? NBC? ESPN? College Hockey Sports??? (whoever tf they are?) - go with who UND knows...Midco Sports Network with Alex and Jake. THEY'RE YOUR TEAM people! Get behind them instead of "wishing" for "bigger" coverage by idiots who would only irritate you... CASE IN POINT - Midco was only able to bring you last Saturdays UND/Denver Hockey game as radio play by play with house video but if you had to listen to what idiots those DU radio guys were - you know how painful that was. Support your local broadcast team and support the businesses that advertise with them. That ensures games like this will always available for fans unable to make the trip. That's important too!
  14. Had freebie tickets and enjoyed the game like the 700+ HS band kids who performed (and were GREAT btw) but that leaves 7000 as the in-house crowd for a late season playoff-making game...lame? Maybe or maybe not because the team is also mediocre and doesn't inspire a lot of confidence tha they could have a deep playoff run...they could have proven me wrong on the field but didn't:-( Wahh WAHH!
  15. Alex is ALSO a soccer fan - and that's a soccer term. Doesn't make him a bad person for translating it into the hockey lexicon. I can tell you knowing him personally he puts his heart and soul into UND Hockey but as a sports guy he has MANY interests and incorporates them all into his call. Bottom line is his enthusiasm is sincere, honest and true - which I think UND fans would appreciate. Jack Michaels is the same...the enthusiasm of a real SPORTS fan calling a game - we should be glad be have BOTH of them calling UND sports. There are NO local gf media personalities (aside from TH) who could pull this off for ANY UND sports right now OR please feel free to name some if you can....
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