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  1. My money is on the guy from Kansas - knowing the audience
  2. Got into La Cantina in the old El Roco on Gateway and South Wash and it was fantastic! Nice conversion to a bar/restaurant and the food is very good. Wife and I had a couple mex entrees - portions were huge and we had more than enough for lunch the next day. Salsa is fresh and good - a little heat but not enough to scare off the scandanavians. Chunky but good with the fresh chips. They were busy but service is quick. A great new place to patronize on the Northend! Miss the Old Roc but they're evolving with the times. Kudos for that!
  3. Hi - thanks for the input. Just for the sake of the King's English for idioms in the internet age it's a "tough row to hoe" - not "road". No one "hoes a road". A literal tough row to hoe might be one that is long or that involves hoeing dirt with lots of rocks or roots - the figurative version was what you were shooting at. Not being a jerk or anal-retentive grammar nazi - just trying to help you be a better writer. It's still important in this world. You know UND sports - proper writing is your best way to convey it. Just trying to help.
  4. very cool - I wondered what Mr Fingers-Hooked-In-My Jeans was contributing then he came in and blew me away with his Neil Young Harmonica Skills. Voted for the Bloodwashed B'boys! Congrats!
  5. Anyone gone to LaCantina in the old El Roco complex? They've been busy - going to try tomorrow if we can get in.
  6. I hear that's always BBBAAADDDDDDDDD! (sfx: Lamb Noise) Thanks I'll be here all week!
  7. WOOF WOOF! My idol is Bob BARKer...
  8. I will tell you I'm a "local guide" of a certain level for Google and I would have flamed them publicly but I really respect Hal G and all he's done for GF so I have avoided posting my experience publicly on a restaurant review venue. 90% of my online reviews are positive and I don't post negative reviews lightly. When I go negative they turn out to be my most "popular" reviews just fyi. Again - we REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to love this place for every reason but both my wife and I felt like we were punched in the gut with our first experience. It was such a sour experience from start to finish we both felt sick the next day which is sad. We will give them another try down the road but not for awhile. For other GF food experiences I recommend Charras and Tequila for authentic Mexican and HOUSE OF PUNJAB for amazing Indian Food. BOTH great additions to the GF Restaurant scene without the need to charge for every single dish on your plate. La Cantina on the Northend (former El Roco bar location) also has some promise. Famous Daves is coming! Casa Mexico on the Eastside has stepped up their game by buying a new sign you can actually read. Things are really looking up!
  9. That's exactly what I'm saying...if you're going to charge me $40 for a piece of meat make it AMAZING so I don't give a !@#$ about what you're charging me for everything else. FIRST AND FOREMOST make a mouth watering, tender, delicious, perfectly cooked steak and I will follow you to the end of the earth. This was a seared on both sides then served RAW piece of garbage - PERIOD! I didn't even want to take it home and try to rescue it with my freaking AIRFRYER for crying out loud. It was disgusting in texture - tough even in the meaty part and had no taste. Totally right decision to just throw it in the garbage. That's not what a "true steak house" ever was or should be. As I've said - they have the look down but NOT the food. HUGE MISTAKE for a restaurant. PS - as I mentioned in a previous post the Bronze Boot literally had its' roof FALLING IN and still managed to serve a GREAT Perfectly Cooked Steak with a potato and veggie of the day - not to mention a side salad and bread. THAT'S A TRUE Old School STEAK HOUSE Grand Forks Style. I miss them.
  10. Interesting their Google reviews seem to be "CURATED" by someone - to be all positive. I guess you can buy anything on Google, including their objectivity. Just like the Harry's Website reviews - all positive - go figure.
  11. They to bring the wednesday night fried chicken special back - that was the BOMB!
  12. Our waiter was actually an assistant manager - he was very attentive and nice. Was apologetic when we expressed our problems with the food - I sliced my steak and showed him the bleed and he did take the steak off our bill and gave us a complimentary dessert to go but the bottom line was we still paid $86 for a couple mocktails - a whole leaf romaine salad and soup, a mac and cheese side and a bad walleye entree. We still left the $100 because it wasn't the waiters fault. The whole a la carte concept is really my problem. I'll pay $50 for a great steak but c'mon - throw in some hash browns and a veggie and I'm happy. I don't want to pay another $10 for the hash browns! Dave Norman KILLED Whiteys with this !@#!$ "pay by the dish" concept. Not his fault but Hal should know better. The Bronze Boot was the LAST great GF Steakhouse and you didn't have to pay for every single thing on the plate. You just had to watch out for !@#$ falling from the ceiling LOL
  13. That's the least of your problems at Harry's - after waiting for half an hour after our "reservation" - we were seated and then waited an hour and 10 minutes for a "medium" steak that was blood red raw rare and my wife had a $28 dollar "walleye entree" that was one THIN walleye fillet burned and dry on the edges. We wanted SO MUCH to love this place and it's a beautiful renovation of the building - the only thing they forgot is the quality of the food. I'm happy to pay for "EXPERIENCE" but this isn't it ...yet! Ambience decent but the food is a train wreck! Matt the manager came out to hob-knob with Gino Gasparini's table and Marilyn was also there that night. He looked around but never bothered to stop at any of the "common peoples" tables. Thank's Matt. Nice to know you care about all your customers.
  14. HoE puts the UMMM in Ambiance - don't ask for the special. It's almost always Lutefisk
  15. Dale Lennon and I thank you for that
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