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  1. In case you haven't noticed, the "Home Team" is getting their *ss kicked! The only reason WDAZ is even part of their name is it's on their FCC license. (based on their tower between GF and Devils Lake) The anchors and reporters (make that 1 "reporter") on WDAZ already refer to themselves as WDAY news. Most of their stories originate from Fargo. They have 2 bad anchors who can barely read and 1 full time reporter who today chose to report on "what would you do if you won the lottery?" instead of an impactful local GF news story. That wasn't even low-hanging fruit. It's fruit that has already fallen on the ground! WDAZ has already been transformed into a bureau operation - they just act like they still have a "local" newscast. Shameful!
  2. gfNDfan

    2016 Attendance

    so how about all the whiners and crybabies here who don't think they will have 7000 make this a GRASSROOTS movement and make an effort not only to attend but BRING SOME FRIENDS TOO! (nd fans mainly - we assume any bison fans up here have NO friends so that's okay) SERIOUSLY!!! Screw those lazy ass lumps that say "i'll watch it on tv":-) TOTAL LOSERS!!!! Bring 10 People you didn't think would come and bring a grill and some burgers....THE GAME IS INSIDE SO IT'S FINE and SAFE! HAVE FUN and say you were THERE!! IN THE ALERUS! do it! g
  3. Take one to know one and you SPRAY more than you ever say - what a jerky comment! This hire has UND's approval as well - they were part of the process and because of that will likely be for more than "one more year"...grow up!
  4. Best part was Rocky Hager wound up coaching a high school team....HAHAHAHHHAHHHAAHAAA!! (and didn't even succeed at that!)
  5. THANKS Captain Obvious! (duh!)
  6. What's your full time job?? I'm sure some of us could find a LOT to criticize about YOU but as far as I know AK is a professional artist with a studio downtown by Urban Stampede and Sledsters. I know him as a VERY nice guy from Australia who found GF a nice place to live and ply his trade. He would happily go on the radio or tv to talk about this project with a sense of humor if someone would only ask him but why would the local knuckledraggers at KNOX or WDAZ bother? At WDAZ it's the "TEE HEE" Teen anchors" who make local news a joke and JARhead Thomas at KNOX is so lazy at talk radio he's happy to pluck the low hanging fruit everyday and "JUST BRING UP SOMETHING PEOPLE CAN BITCH ABOUT" and just focus on that....without ever checking into the facts or inviting the people involved on to talk. BOTH of those entities could do so much better....why don't they? WHAT'S THEIR JOB????
  7. If you think Adam Kemp has no talent as an artist then maybe YOU should do the next art installation! Everyone looks at something like this and thinks "I could do that!" SO WHY DON'T YOU??? If you think it's so easy....go ahead! Put YOUR art out there for the public to comment on....
  8. Earlier this week I drove down 42nd and night and VOILA the "Ghosts" were lit up and looked pretty cool! They're in a terrible place if you want to actually stop (no place to pull over and look - THAT was dumb) and they're spaced weirdly at not necessarily the best angles so it doesn't look like a cogent "piece" but YES! The white machinery lit up on a snowy white background does evoke thoughts of the history of this region and ESPECIALLY the fact that 42nd was always just farm fields until the Alerus Center arrived and now it's slowly giving way to commercial development! So the remnants of history TRULY are ghosts in this corridor! Wow - think about that! I don't want to make the local idiots on talk radio strain their mental resources so I hate torturing JT, Ryan Cuntingham, the idiot after him, Chandler, Gene, Packer Girl, Farmer Ray and all the other 6 callers they have that say ..."THEY KNOWS ART WHEN THEY SEE IT and IT'S IN A MUSEUM!" This isn't - never will be but it is available for you to drive by and see (AGAIN - at night is best!) Try it...you might like it!!
  9. PROBLEM SOLVED! no thanks necessary
  10. I think it's cool! Granted, "Ghosts" could be better marked with signage and I think they still plan to light it so the installation is probably not done but the local conservative knuckledraggers on the radio have spent the last couple days crapping all over it and calling it junk. Comments like "I don't GET IT?" or "I could do that and call it art!" So I ask them to ask themselves....if you think you COULD do that? Why didn't you??? Public art evokes reaction. Reactions promote conversation. Conversation invigorates community. Radio pays CRAP (we GET IT because you complain about IT so much!) so maybe you should go into public ART! Maybe then you could make some money!
  11. I hear SWEENEY has applied.... ...wait for it.... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!!
  12. I'm sure when he tells everyone there in Japur one reason to come to NDSU is they have GAMEDAY on their new crappy TV ads the universal response will be....
  13. So ding dong the witch (for some of you) is dead. His first week on radio was marked with an "exclusive" interview" with Dave Hakstol (on Tuesday, not MONDAY as KFGO promoted for their new "star") that turned into more of a "I've had a lot of life changes too" and "Here's the new challenges I'm facing out of the box, a lot like you Dave?" questions that made him seem like the male radio equivalent of a certain KVYY anchor gal (Okay Stephanie G!) that's all about LOOK AT ME!!! I'm a STAR!!!! The segment I caught on his "new" show was very sad with some old people from an old folks home in Fertile. Dan was asking them about their favorite Christmas songs from years past and this old lady blurted out...."That LOLLIPOP song" Dan played along and asked about it as a non-traditional christmas song and the lady burst into.."On The GOOD SHIP - LOLLIPOP!" Turns out she totally had dementia - very cringeble!! Good luck on radio Dan but remember you have to fill 3 hours every day with interesting content that makes people want to pick up the phone and call....good luck!
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