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  1. Oh that means you can have an "OXBOW IS A PRETENTIOUS ASSH*LE" party" and 250 people can attend! I can personally come up with the guest list - with room to spare
  2. The fact you're re-tweeting a tweet from ERIC TRUMP... no further questions your honor.
  3. Firehouse was good but had bad access for a stripmall - that also killed Quizno's there. GOD I MISS QUIZNO'S Patronize Jersey Mikes in that OTHER hideous and half-vacant strip mall on Columbia. At least their CEO has been pro-active in these "uncertain times" by doing nationwide fundraisers for food shelves. Subs are good - better than Subway or (GASP) Red Pepper
  4. Those old people deserved to DIE anyway...they were just sucking up our senior living resources! GET OUT THERE and lick the doorknobs stud!
  5. No it is! It means you can kill your grandparents and be able to test "negative" so you don't have to feel guilty. WIN-WIN!:-)
  6. the media is so mean to him - OH WAIT! Who exactly has he "visited" with coronavirus? He's the tanned bleach-blond "CHEERLEADER" for the USA who's never gone anywhere near the hell-holes of ER's jammed with covid patients - never gone to the "front lines" of this self-declared "WAR" to visit the docs and nurses battling this misery everyday for days on end. He went to a mask factory and didn't bother to wear a mask and he was there for a PHOTO OPP?? (PR101 idiot - WEAR A MASK!) He did wear weird googly eye glasses for some reason. A bad day for him is when (mainly female media members) ask "NASTY" questions and he has a tantrum and walks away. He blew it and he's trying to make it look like he's the hero. Thankfully most of America isn't that stupid. At least I hope... Not ironic - to quote the former Vikings coach - he "is who we thought he is" - a phony!
  7. Remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds - SERIOUSLY!
  8. That's HERD immunity - not like you heard there were a lot of people crowded together spreading disease. Just to be clear.
  9. There, there....Chef Gam Wong has you covered Mon-Wed at the Ground Round. Can't order it online - you have to call. Pre-orders start at 3pm - available for delivery and takeout. Same as it ever was and not for foodies expecting a taste explosion. Just good old GF comfort food - had some the other night and it was the most satisfying meal for my soul I've had since this covid crap started.
  10. Happy to see Thai Hot 3 on DeMers listed on a couple local delivery service websites. These guys have been hammered by the downtown road reconstruction project last summer and now this. If you've never been there it's a small restaurant with a Thai name but TONS of EXCELLENT SUSHI! The sushi menu is almost too much but just bear with it. Sushi experts can find exactly what they want and for novices - go for one of the Chef's rolls. (Firecracker roll was amazing tonight!) Also traditional Thai and Japanese noodle dishes and a lot of surprises. We ordered apps, sushi and entrees through BiteSquad tonight and the food arrived hot, fresh and AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! Definitely worth a shot if you haven't tried it!
  11. Ely's Ivy in another great place downtown in the old Sanders space. They're offering pickup and delivery from an online menu - including family meals. BRILLIANT! - a TO-GO Sunday brunch you order on Saturday and pickup Sunday morning. Last week it was a full size quiche (this one was Bacon, Spinach and Feta) and a quart of fruit salad. Made a great Sunday brunch AND Monday lunch for my wife and I. Owner Scott Franz used to cook at the Country Club before opening Ely's.
  12. Since we can't go out to games, dinner or pretty much anywhere else right now - time to step up and support your favorite GF eateries in this difficult time. I noted in a different thread GROUND ROUND hit a walk-off homerun hiring Gam Wong from Shangri-La (recently released from Shotgun Sally's) to cook Chinese in addition to GR's great menu. Monday was his first day and he knocked it out of the park himself selling out QUICK! (pre-orders for a simple meal started at 3 - sold out before I logged on to order at 3:20) Great to have Gam back in the game! GR's facebook says he'll be cooking a special Monday-Wednesdays every week.
  13. Short answer is these days - ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE that's doing takeout and delivery to help them get through until this mess is over and YES - THERE is a silver lining to this very huge cloud hanging over the GF food scene. GAM IS COMING BACK BABY! Starting Monday March 23 - Gam will be cooking some of his chinese favorites for takeout and delivery at the Ground Round! Not available every day but when it is I assume they'll let people know via their facebook page. Great news and a great reason to throw some love Ground Rounds way! They're great community supporters as it is.
  14. NCHC tv GETS their broadcast from Midco - nchc tv produces NO GAMES - they only rebroadcast. Trust me - it will be on MidcoSN2 - 624
  15. ps - Hugos has TONS of hand sanitizer AND facemask's for you Corona weirdos!
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