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  1. CERTAIN (hello Lakes) ndsu fans are encouraging their fans not to show up in GF - GREAT! This will make their return to the AL more of an embarassment than they every imagined. What a bunch of pussies! We don't need them up here anyway - they have the smell of desperation about them this season anyway! Peace!
  2. watched a bit of WDAY'S GAME OF THE WEEK featuring the CUSHMAN CLASSIC LIVE FROM GRAND FORKS!!! eh - not so much. It was a crappy one camera feed - basically "game film" quality with HUGE WIDE SHOT of the field showing all the players, acres of grass and absolutely minimal zooming or signs of life from the 1 CRAPPY CAMERA they had. The announcers were ok with their constant chatter but as far as televising a game - this was a total joke! I'm guessing if this was Sheyenne v. Davies there would have been at least 2 cameras but again - probably a total joke. I'd think the high schools would have AV classes that could produce better productions than the "who gives a !@#$" hacks at DAY do. Bring in BEK sports at least for gods sake - at least you would have more than 1 camera.
  3. True 'dat - burgers were OK but they were burgers. Went there twice and never thought about them again.
  4. Once a whore for NDSU - ALWAYS a whore for ndsu. And you don't want to hook up with a whore PERIOD!
  5. Seriously BEST OF LUCK though....
  6. Do you have a better option? WDAY featured BISON DAY on their nightly newcast tonight to introduce their "BROADCAST TEAM" as the NEW HOME of the Bison. --DOM IZZO - an elderly hack who's retired to his basement studio during Covid will bravely return to do Play by Play (YAWN!) - The other ON-AIR Sports guy you've never heard of. Nice hair though - Some female reporter they found who has marginal NFL experience. We all know NDSU=NFL so there you go. - Another body TBD They had their news anchors make the annoucements in a train wreck live news broadcast. TASTY DEBUT 'DAY! Can't wait to see the LIVE BROADCASTS - KVLY has a 300 page thread bitching about their crappy production - I suspect WDAY will top that HANDILY in less than a year.
  7. How about the Varmints - that Rat logo was a classic!
  8. Sure rednecks can! There's a fish you can catch at any lake in ND but here you are in store looking at a fishtank with local native fish in it - WAY TO EXPAND YOUR MIND Cletus! Why don't you ask that nice kid in a Cabela's shirt how YOU can catch such exotic creatures? WAIT FOR IT - Clerk: "Uuuhhhh with all the bait and lures we have in our store sir?" I'm guessing with all the products you sell in your store. No, Kab - a fishing version of TARGE is NOT a chance to expand your mind or intelligence....sorry to say
  9. SPOT ON FROZEN:-/ NOT - go back 6 posts you hack. Nice try to be funny though - you will have a first time I'm sure:-/ Wah-WAHHHHHH
  10. try this linky: https://visitseaquest.com/
  11. Ever walk into a bar and throw a $20 on the blackjack table? Maybe you won big and some big $$ in your wallet - maybe you lost but at the end of the day you ventured $20. Not a life changing amount of money regardless what happened. That's what Mayor Bo is asking - 50,000 residents x $20=1 Million dollars. Deal me in! GF is seriously sucking air after Covid - we need some new attractions and I don't think this is a bad investment at all. One day the border will reopen and Canadians will be SHOCKED AND HORRIFIED what Covid has done to GF. Without a unique reason - they will head straight to Fargo so spend all their tourist money and I think a $20 bill is a small gamble to throw out to keep at least some of that money here! Check out their website- www.visitseaquest.com - they have changing exhibits like a museum and won't be a "one time and done" attraction. And it would be a great addition for schoolkids in the region. The only other plan I've heard for the old KMART is a Senior Living Community which would been another thing we DON'T need right now - a bunch of cheap old people bitching about every penny the city spends on their behalf - AKA KNOX radio which I think we're ALL tired of. peace!
  12. Thanks for the info - will try and yes I think there are a lot of people in GF who want to see them succeed so patience will be a virtue. BE PATIENT GF HOCKEY! (also turn on grammar-check but that's another issue) Another heads up is Dean from Steers has taken over the GF Food Truck and is available at the Farmers Market every Saturday in GF with a pretty interesting SPICY menu including Ghost Pepper Chicken and other more spicy offerings than he had before. Worth a shot - we're going to give him one this weekend. He's a nice guy who's trying very hard.
  13. Good to hear - we'll be trying them this week. Maybe you could make some mild yet delicious suggestions for Indian food virgins? Names like karara, masala or tandoori don't mean anything but once you get people to try it the food is amazingly addicting! They might just need to go in with a couple "safe" dishes they'll like before they go explore the menu themselves. My contrib would be try the Gobi Manchurian which is deep fried cauliflower in a tasty (not spicy) sauce and of course the Garlic or Ginger Naan - a hot fresh baked flatbread that is very good. Tikki Masala is chicken in a red sauce on rice but take GS's advice and order some spice - you won't regret it. PS - G - what's Karara? My wife likes really spicy indian food but she's never heard of this?
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