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  1. Casa Mexico on the east side puts MiMexico to shame but you have to find them and YES travel to EGF for decent food (I know that's hard for some southenders in GF) Half a block off business 220 just past McDonalds - between the highway and Hugo's. GO THERE - you won't regret it.
  2. must have hit it on a bad day...they are usually pretty solid.
  3. Yes that's it - but who was Gordy?
  4. why did you go there? FOR THE HALIBUT!!! (damn it where's my rimshot sounder when I need it!) That was before my time in GF but I've heard the stories. Think you're right Web's was the downtown place but what was little diner across from Charlie Browns near the Kennedy bridge?
  5. Here's another one for the memory banks and I'm not sure I remember it right either but WEB'S DINER? Gateway drive...there's a Dobmeyer Bail Bond office there now.
  6. NOEL'S! Yes - I was thinking about that place but couldn't remember the name. It was one of the first truly international cuisine restaurants to come to GF. We did a TV commercial for them and the owner was a very nice Pakistani guy. (NOT Babu Bhatt but close!) The food was AMAZING but unfortunately beyond most of GF's palate back in the '90's. He did a spicy stir fried rice and chicken dish that was AMAZING. The place had been a former small diner downtown (counter space and a few small tables) and he was around for awhile but I think the flood did him in.
  7. Braved the "construction zone" (READ: MESS!) in downtown tonight to hit up Thai Hot 3 across from the Empire. My wife and I had been there before when they first opened and had a great meal but on a Saturday night at 6:30pm we walked in to a totally empty restaurant in the middle of a orange cone construction mess. The waitress jumped up, happy to see us, and took great care of us for another fabulous meal but they're clearly suffering the effects of being in the middle of a construction zone. They have a menu that would confuse most Mexican restaurant menu veterans but don't be intimidated by all the choices - they have a TON of great sushi rolls along with traditional Thai noodle dishes but also a lot more. Try the baked mussel appetizers or the scallop shooters - amazing! We ordered our dishes medium hot and I had a burn on my lips and a smile on my face the entire meal. You'll find a lot of things on the menu that sound great and don't forget your wallet but it's worth it. It really sucks they have to put up with all the construction downtown and they're a place that could use a hand (or a VISIT) to keep them in business through this difficult time. GF needs more than just another stupid bland burger restaurant. WE REALLY NEED AN INDIAN RESTAURANT but that's another rant:-) Give Thai Hot 3 a shot downtown....even if you need a map to get there!
  8. In case you haven't noticed, the "Home Team" is getting their *ss kicked! The only reason WDAZ is even part of their name is it's on their FCC license. (based on their tower between GF and Devils Lake) The anchors and reporters (make that 1 "reporter") on WDAZ already refer to themselves as WDAY news. Most of their stories originate from Fargo. They have 2 bad anchors who can barely read and 1 full time reporter who today chose to report on "what would you do if you won the lottery?" instead of an impactful local GF news story. That wasn't even low-hanging fruit. It's fruit that has already fallen on the ground! WDAZ has already been transformed into a bureau operation - they just act like they still have a "local" newscast. Shameful!
  9. gfNDfan

    2016 Attendance

    so how about all the whiners and crybabies here who don't think they will have 7000 make this a GRASSROOTS movement and make an effort not only to attend but BRING SOME FRIENDS TOO! (nd fans mainly - we assume any bison fans up here have NO friends so that's okay) SERIOUSLY!!! Screw those lazy ass lumps that say "i'll watch it on tv":-) TOTAL LOSERS!!!! Bring 10 People you didn't think would come and bring a grill and some burgers....THE GAME IS INSIDE SO IT'S FINE and SAFE! HAVE FUN and say you were THERE!! IN THE ALERUS! do it! g
  10. Take one to know one and you SPRAY more than you ever say - what a jerky comment! This hire has UND's approval as well - they were part of the process and because of that will likely be for more than "one more year"...grow up!
  11. Best part was Rocky Hager wound up coaching a high school team....HAHAHAHHHAHHHAAHAAA!! (and didn't even succeed at that!)
  12. THANKS Captain Obvious! (duh!)
  13. What's your full time job?? I'm sure some of us could find a LOT to criticize about YOU but as far as I know AK is a professional artist with a studio downtown by Urban Stampede and Sledsters. I know him as a VERY nice guy from Australia who found GF a nice place to live and ply his trade. He would happily go on the radio or tv to talk about this project with a sense of humor if someone would only ask him but why would the local knuckledraggers at KNOX or WDAZ bother? At WDAZ it's the "TEE HEE" Teen anchors" who make local news a joke and JARhead Thomas at KNOX is so lazy at talk radio he's happy to pluck the low hanging fruit everyday and "JUST BRING UP SOMETHING PEOPLE CAN BITCH ABOUT" and just focus on that....without ever checking into the facts or inviting the people involved on to talk. BOTH of those entities could do so much better....why don't they? WHAT'S THEIR JOB????
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