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  1. Drink lots of beer...and forget that teams who should've won, lost and teams who should've lost, won and go western, because who likes duluth
  2. I wonder if they are hoping sendens ability to win puck battles on the boards could help feed 8 and 16 some extra feeds?
  3. Out from the slash in mid ice he took at end of the 1st period I think that was halfway across the ice from the puck and didn't get called or reviewed? Hit hard enough he dropped to the ice
  4. They need to quit the chipping up the boards. Pass and play the ice. cloud is and is walking all over us
  5. Huge win for team. No fireworks with salute. Was for the team and crowd
  6. I'm evaluate the hostility during the dawg series vs the Denver series. The crowd at the Ralph was pretty hostile towards Denver, more than I've noticed in my 16 years off attending games there. I dislike duluth but something about playing Denver seems to get the crown intense.
  7. Anyone doing YouTube links for the games today?
  8. Well und earned that. After the game play, I'm impressed we got 1 point
  9. Why don’t the look at him getting him hit in the back of the head on the ground
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