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  1. I think the coach made the wrong choice on the first empty net faceoffs in Omaha zone. Pinto had been playing like crap and losing more than winning in face offs. Why not put your best faceoff man on the team, weatherby, to take a key crucial draw. Pinto lost yet abother facetious which turned the 3-4 game into 3-5. Then the next time we had an empty net faceoffs, he puts pinto back out for the faceoffs and he losses again. To me, that's on the coaches for poor choice of face off man. That and not pulling Scheel after goal 2 or goal 3.
  2. Have him listed as 0 points but +1 this last game
  3. Luke Johnson playing for the wild tonight
  4. I wonder how teams in cannabis legal states handle that. Arizona is a recreational state I believe
  5. Looked and sounded like it from my seats
  6. Ticket master has some for some for sale for Between 47 and 60 after fees
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