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  1. 28 is a new name, we should be okay on the scoring goals on ourselves part
  2. It also has 2 screens underneath so the benches can see. Team and penalty
  3. Kleven and Reid. Did I miss anyone?
  4. Und ever had a Russian play for them?
  5. Calgary did not have a defense last night. Smith kept that game from getting further out of hand. Calgary was lucky to leave with only 6 scored against
  6. Yeah sorry about that. Texting and being preoccupied leads to mistakes
  7. I wonder if anyone is looking at Justin Ball. Plays with Stratton in the sjhl. Had a great year this year and I notice he hits top corners for a good portion if his goals. A lot better than breadbasket shots
  8. Usually you throw low then, not right into the chest
  9. I have a feeling that derflinger kid is going to get up at 1point tonight
  10. Can't wait to see what 22 does to up the first 2
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