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  1. Technically he visited UMC when Shattuck played UMC.
  2. Little Bangkok/drunken noodle
  3. Or frattin flatting Wehr in Wehr’s corner
  4. Only open 7-5 can’t get business across the street from the airport
  5. Northwest did it for years, then delta decided DVL JMS AND TVF didn’t need service. United picked up Jamestown and Devils Lake will boutique Air was assigned Thief River.
  6. Start with a billion
  7. Not going to happen too many delta elite passengers that use GFK they didn’t switch to United the last time ua served Gfk. And we’d send out a plane with 40 empty seats unless a great west conference team flew in.
  8. With the Minot airport terminal it was at least built to not be at capacity once it opened.
  9. Vegas_Sioux

    The Herald

    So it’s actually the second then. As that number rivals and maybe passes football.
  10. Only beat the white Sox 8-1 today with only 1 home run.
  11. Equipment upgrades is causing aerospace to end the program at UM-Crookston though. https://www.crookstontimes.com/news/20190524/umn-crookston-ending-bachelor-of-science-in-aviation-program which is sad. UMC taught me to fly. UND taught me how to handle the administration side.
  12. which they tied a month ago first time since ‘63 now twice in 30 days.
  13. Vegas_Sioux

    New Coach?

    Sounds like two terrible winters and the family was ready to go home.
  14. The old North Carolina joke...NCAA is so mad at Duke and UNC that UNC-Charlotte gets two more years of probation.
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