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  1. XWA is 100,000 sq ft, MOT is 126,000 (making it the largest) and that is possible pulling load from BIS and MOT.
  2. Delta had me out there to help with the transition. Has more gates then grand forks. It’s a 3/4 scale version of the Minot terminal.
  3. Sidearm sports is part of leerfield and we didn’t have any problems last weekend.
  4. we had denver flights all it amounted to was empty airplanes flying between GFK and DEN.
  5. The star tribune article brought that up. Would slot in with the 7 schools leaving the WCHA because of the geography.
  6. Looks like aerospace is trying to get a new flight ops building at the airport.
  7. Rodgers did the same thing Cousins did.
  8. Just keep Phil Cuzzi away from the left field foul line.
  9. Share of the division and 4.5 game lead with 4 to play.
  10. Good time to let it Sano for the first grand slam of the year.
  11. How about ushers that don’t make you feel like you’re in church. Especially the ones that watch the student section like prison guards.
  12. Makes up for the fact it’s the only stadium where a pop up to right is a home run.
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