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  1. They do MLB replay command center in New York.
  2. Does the student equipment manager from UMass get a player ring or team ring?
  3. And fits with the western Minnesotans being involved.
  4. Remember according to Airlines for America there is no close contact on an airplane
  5. That air conditioning was a nice touch in Swanson. With a bunch of juniors and seniors.
  6. She’s the assistant director of athletic bands and a big hockey fan. from someone who speaks Odegaard in a Swanson RA dialect.
  7. Might need Tammy’s help but I’m sure it could be arranged.
  8. Exterior Anaheim in a sleazy pizza car.
  9. Probably had to find his conversational French text book.
  10. I thought I read that mr mayor may have been academically ineligible.
  11. That one on top of the net would have been as bad as clowns goal but we would have taken it.
  12. Last night after the whistles went away it seemed like the Duluth players would drop on any contact roll around and clutch their heads. If that’s how he is coaching I’ll pass.
  13. Haks players with much like Doug’s players in Minnesota.
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