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  1. Philly fans calling for wentz to find a seat and bring in a real quarterback.
  2. Indians up 1-0 with the bases loaded bottom of the 3rd.
  3. Could actually be seen as work out of the country. Since they’ve been up there long enough. So no ticket sales and swag but the players may get a federal tax credit for it. Will need a really good accountant next April. I know it was a pain for my cousin especially when playing in Minnesota Illinois New York dc California and Maryland. https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/toronto-raptors-taxes-nba
  4. Interesting out of Baton Rouge. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29892180/lsu-coach-ed-orgeron-most-team-contracted-coronavirus
  5. They were hoping to be the leader in follow the leader. But no, next question is will emperor Walz allow fans at tcf.
  6. Nelson breaks the ice 1-0 islanders
  7. I wish the empty net goal would have missed the net, casual fans would have lost their minds when it counted under rules 25.4 and 56.4. Empty net with no defender between the attacking player and the net in the attacking or neutral zone shall be awarded a goal in lieu of an empty net penalty shot when fouled from behind.
  8. It removes goalie interference, still interference contact prevents the opposing player from playing the puck.
  9. But it only has 1 ILS that hurts when the wind is out of the south.
  10. Delta has just announced that all tickets issued from March 1st of this year through December 31st can be reissued for travel until nov 27th 2021
  11. They needed a day off anyway.
  12. It’s the 21st century and NBC has a bunch of channels why did we have to miss 15 minutes of the knights Canucks game?
  13. 3-2 final Rogers with a better outing for the save
  14. Sano adding a 2 run big fly
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