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  1. Vegas_Sioux

    NCAA admits they are corrupt

  2. Vegas_Sioux

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    CBS sports doesn’t start broadcasting college hockey until after football. Based on the previous contracts with the conference. Nothing before the end of the first week of Jan.
  3. Vegas_Sioux

    2018 Season

    Is the schedule that is on the athletics website right? Homecoming and potato bowl same weekend in sept?
  4. Vegas_Sioux

    Attendance Issues

    I actually agree with you on this. The ushers at St Ralph’s actual told us once behave like you were at church.
  5. Vegas_Sioux

    Impressive Pothole development

    We are prefer the unplowed roads in Minot. Keeps the potholes filled.
  6. since there was what 3 tickets available at the general public sale 79 seems accurate
  7. Vegas_Sioux

    former Prof Sues Kennedy

    http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4425244-former-und-professor-sues-mark-kennedy-school-over-termination Suing over his termination for drunk driving on a campus where the majority of students would never get a job with that on their record.
  8. Vegas_Sioux

    WSJ: Pilot Shortage Looming

    They’ve known for years that the cost of the industry vs pay was going to be an issue. Now that pay has matched what it should be people are going to have to start paying what they should. In the 1970s before deregulation the Civil Aeronautics Board set the price. Airlines now are in a race to the bottom to pay pilots they cut everyone else’s pay.
  9. Vegas_Sioux

    Early Departures 2018

    yes the new contract after the lockout set the rookie contracts at the same price.
  10. Vegas_Sioux

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    i could see Ryan Anderson being an A. Kid shows what heart is as a walk on practice goalie.
  11. Vegas_Sioux

    Ever since...

    75-100 for aerospace 200-250 for erau
  12. Vegas_Sioux

    2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    he could take the train but it takes about an hour to get from the x to target center
  13. Vegas_Sioux

    2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    who knew St Clown was having a big party in the cities this weekend. http://www.startribune.com/send-in-the-clowns-they-re-already-in-bloomington-for-a-worldwide-convention/476887773/
  14. Vegas_Sioux

    Sioux Survivor 2017-2018 Game #16

  15. Vegas_Sioux

    Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    well yes but we do have signs that say Ralph Engelstad Arena East (x) and West (magness)