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  1. we muted nchc about 90 seconds into the 1st period
  2. i appreciate enthusiasm but we don't pop jerseys in ND Mr Pinto.
  3. Exactly 3 points is 3 points whether a blow out or a nail bitter
  4. The “adults” would complain to the ushers at St Ralph’s
  5. A one star should have the leadership abilities needed for the job.
  6. I’m surprised they played that game. Flooding in canal park and a landslide behind the arena.
  7. No no no the powers that be at Odegard went we have students needing to get chekrides done a hockey team to get home and s football team to get out. Shields up.
  8. Beat the Whioux and tonight is forgotten is the mantra on gpl. But the aren’t too optimistic.
  9. The new mailing address would be twamley hall the nickname would be restored.
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