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  1. It’s about 90 seconds but if you can pause your tv broadcast you can sync it up
  2. Vegas_Sioux


    Exactly only pole that matters is the one going to the rafters before the Manitoba game.
  3. Mute and iHeart radio app stops that. Can't always get it sync'd up though.
  4. Why are they doing opposite side benches.
  5. This is siouxforeverbaby. You both move on. Picks are due tonight at 6:37 pm cst. @siouxczech29 and @dakotaKid92
  6. Welcome to Vegas were we get your money. One way or another.
  7. If you watch the video he was wrapped up and going to the ground before he was hit. And I’m no bison or beagles fan.
  8. Sens makes a lot but she gets compensated for from both the University and the State.
  9. but held the pack to 3 field goals. especially that 1st and goal nightmare at the end.
  10. And Minnesota grocery stores are running out 3.2 beer.
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