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  1. I agree. I know it wouldn't happen, but it wouldn't bother me if we rotated the Serratore brothers.
  2. Section 303 row B, 17, 18,& 19, great sight lines. $100 gets you all 3
  3. It will be telling at the 1st away game when we don't have the last line change. I will be in Bemidji Friday night to see who Bubs and the team handle it..... agree in hoping for a sweep, but expecting a split.
  4. Rhombus Guys, Rumors, Speedway are 3 off the top of my head.
  5. Tennessee COVID: 1,228,520 Cases and 15,149 Deaths - Worldometer (worldometers.info)
  6. Nashville venues that require proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test (wkrn.com) For those who are going with the negative test, hang on to your test result if you want to visit one of these venues.
  7. If the ICU's continue to be over run with the unvaccinated in Nashville.... I'd say pretty damn good odds.
  8. The Pios have a sense of humor....... slightly dry, but still humor.
  9. It's not just Bridgestone Arena
  10. I did the same.... Green pass ready to go
  11. I believe that the higher seed should of had the bye last spring in regionals.
  12. How about a College Holiday Showcase at BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida? Between Christmas and New Years?
  13. In my Ticketmaster account under my events, it shows the 2 tickets I have. It also says the tickets will be ready in 74 days.
  14. It is simple to transfer from and to Apple Wallet if you plan to give/sell tickets to others. Not everybody has a Ticketbast….account.
  15. Yes, it will be all digital this year. Apple wallet for Iphone, there are a few for Android's. Pass2U Wallet is very comparable to Apple wallet.
  16. The "Old Timers" will have to dump your flip phones..........all electronic tickets this year.....Apple wallets
  17. They wouldn't take him without giving a little time with the NDSDT (North Dakota Senators Development Team)
  18. '16' championship was a bonus for that team, they were a joy to watch every game they played....
  19. 5th year Seniors don't make any sense to me. Seems like it would throw a monkey wrench into the whole process of moving athlete/students on with their lives and pausing youngsters from joining the team. So next year at this time, is St. Clown bringing in 5 extra freshman or are they hoping to find some talent in the Transfer Portal?
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