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3 minutes ago, siouxfan512 said:

So we had Roush in for a visit a few weeks back. Anyone know if there was an offer there? Would we potentially bring 3 safeties in?

Yes, his UND was his second D1 Offer (1st being Valpo), also has a PWO from Virginia. Great question, I've always wondered the inner workings as there's only so many spots. I think ultimately it depends on the player. There are certain ones that you make room for. I'm not sure if he's one of them.

I do have a feeling you'll start to see some dominos fall though this week. 


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Another offer:

LB Zach Gloudeman, 6'2“, 215, 4.6, Spring Green (River Valley), WI  Has offers from USD & SDSU

It would be great to land this kid over offers from the SD schools.  I think his dad has some ties to UND so that may help!

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3 hours ago, AJS said:



Of the active offers listed at the bottom of the article, Gillman, Hegerle and Larson would be true "A" type recruits. Based on opposing offers, ect, they would fall into any Top 15 list of recruits that UND would have gotten in the D1 era. Teiken is in that class as well. 

What's interesting is a significant portion of UND's top 15 all-time recruits never played out their eligibility at UND, for a number of different reasons.  Also, on an unrelated note, even though websites like 247 get ripped on for poorly evaluating talent, most of UND's recruits who have had star ratings have turned out to be VERY important players for us.

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