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I am nervous about this game.  Injuries and how that plays into our defense.  If we get a lead early it should be a very good game for us.  If the score a couple early, it could turn into a close game.  I say we stay on top of the Big Sky!!!!!!!

UND 31

ISU 17

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With ISU having a 1-4 record including being on the wrong end of a few pretty good beat downs, a quick start would go a long way in making sure they don't start getting any confidence and into any sort of a rhythm. If UND is able to do that, I think they can shut the door pretty quickly, eat up clock and the game won't be nearly as close as whatever the final score might be.  On the other hand, if ISU starts hitting some passes and moving the ball, could be a tough day for UND's secondary.  I think ISU has the talent, they just haven't put it together yet. It'd be preferable if they didn't do so this week.

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This one does not worry me at all.  The UND defense will slow the ISU offense way down.

On the other side, this is the matchup the team needs.  The conference's worst defense against the worst offense.  This is the elixir the UND offense needs to get things going.

UND 40

ISU 24

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