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  1. One of them runs a top rated program? One of them has won a National Championship at UND?
  2. We should have kept the interlocking on the helmets and replaced the 2 inch Sioux patch with the same size FH patch. That would have helped with the transition for some of us.
  3. I have 4 lower bowl tickets for sale. Section 105 (end UND shoots twice) $550 for the set.
  4. Sorry to ambush this thread but.... I have 4 tickets lower bowl for Friday night. Section 105 where Sioux shoot twice. Will take $175 per ticket. Would rather sell all at once but would consider pairs.
  5. Who would have thought the Football teams season would be over before the Twins?
  6. Should have plenty after they cut baseball.
  7. Yep. I almost drove up this morning but talked myself out of it. Go call.
  8. Unless they get bored and decide to pass to blown coverage.
  9. MSU RBs suck and they are having a field day. They get challenged more by their scout teams in practice.
  10. Not all UNDs fault there. They started the clock before the chains were set. That's on the officials. Should have had 18 seconds or so. Instead lost a TO, and 10 seconds.
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