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  1. You touched on one of Bubba’s clear strengths - character of team. I think we can chalk up half of Ketts fumble and the dropped passes to coaching. Zero percent of the “find a way” or “refuse to lose” mentality. Boltmann goes out and we go away from the fun-having spread-the-ball offense, 4 carries for 19 yards from Skokna - but 47 pass attempts in what really was a 1 score game for much of the duration? 47 pass attempts, over 50-60% of passes within 5 yards of line of scrimmage? Ish. Bubba has elevated the program - yes. And he’s a good guy, but even when our team is deepe
  2. https://www.nhl.com/video/live-usa-vs-canada-on-nhln/t-285362346/c-48065703
  3. Not even looking for good seats, just two next to eachother, preferably upper bowl. Please PM.
  4. I guess I don't know much about how goalies actually play but I feel like Karl does a pretty good job
  5. Watched Miracle during the first two periods, pretty awesome combination
  6. ClassB


    Little harsh for a saturday morning. Go back to bed and relax.
  7. Ratelle? he was injured early and I believe reached some sort of injury settlement.
  8. This is how to properly watch a board and occasionally contribute.
  9. goofer fan. great looks different from the middle of the pack. sad to see that change so quickly.
  10. Should be stated (though late), that Schmaltz got his first big league Gino. What does Utica or the Ontario Reign mean for Stech and LaDue? are they AHL affiliates?
  11. ClassB

    2016 Stats

    You don't want to lead the nation in any one thing - except maybe W's, 'most playoff games played' perhaps. Do you see NDSU at the top of any category? no. Balance - that and defense and ball control and time of possession.
  12. Not sure where this belongs but: UND defending national hockey title HE doing poorly Gophs bad UND streaking football MVFC doing (relatively) poorly FU fresh off a loss Vikings legitimately good best six months in sports this century ?
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