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  1. Whatever Mallory worked on in the off-season is looking like the right move. Having healthy players doesn't hurt either. Team is looking good!
  2. The head T&F coach hired his wife as an assistant (she had the credentials to more than justify it). But I would think this might be a situation where maybe she is more of an asset in her current role.
  3. Here's what the Bison State Media attributed it to a few years back: https://www.bisonillustrated.com/ben-newman-ndsus-secret-weapon/ Whatever happened with that again....?
  4. There's at least couple around that range.
  5. "Try". Sure. Alabama (and a lot of the other SEC teams) play their FCS games the second to last week of the FBS regular season, which is the last week of the FCS regular season. Even if NDSU could re-arrange their schedule to play a non-conference game the last week of the season, you really think that they are going to "Bring on 'Bama" right before the playoffs? Maybe NDSU asked if Alabama would be interested in scheduling them in one of the first couple weeks of the year. Or maybe they offered to play them in Fargo. Either way, you wouldn't be able to say they didn't try to schedule them.
  6. And what about that guarantees a G5 team a spot at the table? The P5 can point to Cincy this year and say "if they are worthy, they can get it on their own merit". I'm not saying it is out of the realm of possibilities, just pointing out there is zero guarantees. The P5 isn't going to share any more than they have to. And you might want to mention to some media in Fargo how "ridiculous" it was. They hammered home pretty hard that a deal was going to be made, reality be damned. Many a rants were based on that line of thinking.
  7. When? That was the message a few weeks ago and now everyone finds out there is nothing even close to an agreement? And when it does, multiple G 5 teams still aren't going to get in.
  8. The cries about not being able to schedule P5 teams is only partially true. Have they had struggles doing it? Without a doubt, scheduling them carries risk for anyone doing it. But, have they turned down P5 game offers because they feel like the payout wasn't high enough? Absolutely. Anyone, anywhere, any time.......as long as we feel like we're getting paid enough.....
  9. The suggestion that he should coach the men's team.
  10. Honestly no clue what it would cost but I have a hard time seeing them actually justifying it. I'd prefer they stick the money into a practice facility to compliment the Betty but that's just my opinion.
  11. I could think of better ways to light money on fire. Anyone remember the cost to build the current ramp on the corner of University and Columbia? I think that has a capacity of around 750 vehicles and it wasn't cheap.
  12. But....but....but he said that he says lots of things that the NDSU brass probably doesn't appreciate or approve of!! Are you saying he wasn't telling the truth??
  13. They tried this a few years ago and it basically flopped due to poor sightlines. It was on the home side around the 10 yard line. While the end zone would be a better option, I'm not sure if there is enough room to safely put something there. You can't really "create" additional close parking, especially near the REA or Alerus. And moving out your best donors that donate thousands or tens of thousands doesn't seem like a winning strategy either. For hockey, Coaches Club ($1,500) and above gets you parking very near the REA For football, Varsity Club ($500) and above gets you parking near the Alerus Neither of those levels are what I would call "major" donors.
  14. Intriguing strategery insulting a portion of your listeners/followers by calling them "rubes" and basically saying they aren't smart enough to understand the stupid thing you said. Things must not be going great if he's venturing into McFeely territory. His takes are definitely starting to fall outside the bounds of media or journalism and into opinion or fan.
  15. Isn't the positive that now anyone who has had it is considered immune for at least 90 days, so there shoulnd't be any worries as postseason tournaments get closer?
  16. You forgot one more "if". Not a chance a 12-1 MWC champion is considered this year with Cincy already squarely in the mix. The week CFP rankings prove that out pretty easily. Two G5's isn't happening. His comment about a G5 being included is pointless unless he also decides "if" Cincy is going to lose a bunch of games this year as well.
  17. Fair but you can't bring freshman in after the season. SIgning day was in November, at the beginning of the season. Nor can you expect them to develop that fast. So you are going to need to go the JuCo and transfer route and compete against everyone else who's trying to fill holes. And there aren't exactly a ton of all-conference caliber players that are looking to transfer to a low/mid-major conference. So you're going to need to roll the dice and hope that you hit a few. No argument that the depth and quality of the roster needs to improve. Hopefully there are some talented players looking for some minutes and there should be plenty of that here next season.
  18. For WIU, out of their top 5 scorers/rebounders/minutes, they graduated one guy who was 2nd in minutes, 4th in scoring and 3rd in rebounding. With that returning nucleaus, it is a lot easier to bring in freshman and transfers to help with depth and fill those gaps. On the other hand, UND unexpectedly lost 3 guys who were their 1st and 3rd leading scorer, top 3 rebounders and the guys that were 1st, 2nd and 4th in minutes/game. And that doesn't even account for DAE leaving. I mean, call them whatever you want, the comparison of the holes each team ended up having to fill between seasons are completely different. Even thinking about what this team could have been this year with the players that left is incredibly frustrating. Even if they are able to keep just Tyree and Filip, their record is completely different. Not a secret that there are holes big holes to fill. Need to hold on to the core in the offseason and plug the holes however necessary.
  19. Disagree. While he may have filled his spot in the line-up, Bruns committed April, 2020 and signed November, 2020, both before Tyree had even played a game in a UND uniform. Bruns was supposed to add depth this year and they were both supposed to be playing. Instead, he has been forced to take a huge step forward as a true freshman. And I think he's done a great job rising to the occasion.
  20. Curious what the alternative would have been to replacing double digit players? None, it's a schtick to get people going. Any sort of turbulence and there are comments made. And it always works. Impressive, I doubt anyone had this on their bingo card. Blaming a nickname that was put in place 6+ years ago and a logo that is over 5 years old for the hockey team struggling? I mean.... Not to mention, it would be pretty hard to argue that the hockey team still has actually moved on from "Sioux hockey" to "Hawks hockey" whatever that means? There is definitley plenty of remenants of "Sioux hockey" left in the REA. And then one could bring up that UND never actually won a NC with the Brien logo but have one playing as the Fighting Hawks, but I digress.
  21. My opinion is that T has been an upgrade. But they weren't able to replace Tyree or FIlip. And frankly, expecting them to is probably not realistic. Getting "equal talent" to an all-conference center and a freshman of the year PG isn't something that is going to happen at this level. Those players are looking to move up to mid-major or higher. It is frustrating, but the injuries this team has on top of departures is showing the lack of depth. Some stability on the roster this offseason would be very helpfu.
  22. Its almost like unexpectedly losing a 1st team all-confernce player plus the freshman player of the year leaves a big hole in the roster, not to mention another starter who decided the grass was greener elsewhere. Toss in a couple injured starters and this is what you get. Team didn't really have the depth yet to absorb the offseason losses let alone the in-season injuries. There are some solid pieces that have been brought in, now the plan needs to be to keep them and bring in a few more and some depth that can actually contribute. Would have been real nice if Archambault had been playing for the home team last night, he would have been a good addition.
  23. LOL No one is announcing anything.
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