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  1. Thus why I said $45k in my original post. Of course you can spend upwards as much as you'd like. $50k MSRP you're still getting for $45k.* *before the whole "Chip Shortage."
  2. The most popular truck: F150. In the most popular trim: XLT...
  3. This is the other half of Aldi's:
  4. Went to Aldis today. Very "interesting" store. Not very large. Longer than wide. Doesn't feel like a typical grocery store. Feels like a large wide open Dollar General/small Cosco that focuses on food. I don't think I'll find myself shopping there much.
  5. The name is Helix Wine and Bites.
  6. Maybe after construction has started they'll "rescale" is back up like the hospital.
  7. Just walked into Firehouse subs. One person eating. Six people waiting for food. Went pretty fast though. The issue nowadays is restaurants they don't look busy but half of them are Doordash drivers waiting on a order from a frat house. Thought I read something like 70% of Taco Bell is served through the drive thru.
  8. Newest Grand Sky building and a future one.
  9. Its not the best but "making the playoffs two out of the last three years" doesn't scream new coach. But there's plenty of work left to do. Winning a playoff game. And being more consistent year to year.
  10. https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/7298538-The-Shire-Bar-Grill-opens-in-East-Grand-Forks-after-two-years
  11. Tommy finally started to get more comfortable running. Hopefully next year he continues right where he left off.
  12. "Not taking a timeout" is pretty far down there on my list of complaints this season.
  13. Bubba's first "full year" in the Valley. Team: B- Bubba: C
  14. Hate to be a little optimistic. But they weren't that far off this year from being a top tier team.
  15. Still can't believe the bad snaps the whole year. Consistently bad. Has to throw Tommy's timing off.
  16. Good game. As I mentioned earlier every game in the valley is a battle. Usually comes down to home field advantage.
  17. Only took the coaches all year to figure out one yard is a Q QB sneak all day every day.
  18. I mean...it is a coffee shop afterall.
  19. Sounds like the players helping solve the problem. Not make it worse.
  20. Talk about Hangery. I love how she mentions the food at the very nearby gas station... Which has a kitchen and staff waiting to take food orders.
  21. Im sure they are excited to have all those new apartments being built almost "next door."
  22. Hugo's is nice. Didn't expect them to have a 21+ pub there. Also gonna be a nice lunch spot with the second floor indoor/outdoor mezzanine.
  23. Second UND false start of the game.
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