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  1. Not all have store fronts or actually physically expand. Off the top of my head currently under construction are a new church, ironhide equipment, simplot expansion, new plant by CHS on 42nd, New strip mall on South Washington. Im sure theres more than that this year in GF. Lots of industrial businesses that aren't on main thoroughfares or get articles in the newspaper.
  2. Which got me thinking. How many different buildings have the word Acme on them in Grand Forks? Five?
  3. Cratter


    The car has a build in squeegee for the windshield already attached.
  4. Cratter


    Shower Thought: There is never any point in using the squeegee after cleaning your windshield.
  5. Cratter


    Saturday, August 3rd. There is going to be a "Emerado Motorcycle, ATV, UTV Fun Run." Basically get together with friends and gravel road, small town bar hop for anyone interested. https://www.facebook.com/events/447993865984513/
  6. Cratter

    REA Banners

    Did I miss what they did with the "old banners"? That set will probably fetch a pretty penny at the Gala as the "last (and only) Ben Brien Sioux logo hockey championships banners" and the ones that first flew when the new Ralph opened.
  7. One of the hottest restaurants in Grand Forks: Northside Cafe. Parking lot is always full during lunch. Or maybe it's all the construction workers expanding Simplot nearby.
  8. Grand Forks grows by about 800-1000 people per year. It is what it is. That's usually about 5-8 new large apartment complexes, 50-100 houses, and 4-6 new businesses (and/or existing ones expanding). One new business being built right now is just off the interstate and 32nd ave next to Revolutions Power Sports. Anyone know what it is?
  9. For sure. I'd like to see some Naturdays too added.
  10. Moser would tell you it sounds like the NDUS President isn't happy that UND is going to get a nice new Union and says UND is going to be more of an online ed school soon so they don't need a new union.
  11. Whenever I go to Taco Bell, with their expansive menu, I'm reminded of the old Jim Gaffigan joke: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/pymif1/comedy-central-presents-bottled-water TJ's gotz the Ole's.
  12. They weren't kidding about the theatre-like atmosphere.
  13. UND: Please transition away from the Sioux logo. UND: Come buy our new Fighting Sioux merchandise now available at a Scheels near you.
  14. Miami transitioned away from the Redskins in 1997 and that transition still isn't complete yet.
  15. All that scoreboard and still not enough room on it to fully display the teams logos. Lol
  16. Not much competition for those types of awards in North Dakota.
  17. The video boards above the entrances are going to be cool. Its all going to add up to a pretty good new experience at the Ralph.
  18. Is that what the voices in your head were telling you I wrote?
  19. Yeah. Same with Schmaltz on the team.
  20. For sure. Same without Boeser.
  21. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/2725005-Number-of-NHL-draft-picks-on-UNDs-roster-is-on-the-rise The natty team had 13. And that was the lowest since 08-09.
  22. Cratter


    Midco televised the races live last night from Grand Forks. Now GF legend, Mark Dobmeier, is on national tv, DirecTv channel 214 racing in Iowa.
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