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  1. Did anyone even try and sit in the back rear seat (by the guard) to see if they could even see the field? Looks like you could barely see any of the field. Seems like it's more for "looks" than anything. And then they had about five guards on each end to protect the fortress!
  2. Except it did not expand seating on one end. Took away "seating". As my pic showed big black curtains basically across one side blocking the view....for what looks like some "administration table" that clearly nobody needed. Looked like the staff was like "ok now what do we do with this side of the catwalk to stop people?" And besides Alerus could just sell SRO tickets if it was about expanding capacity.
  3. Schuster didnt look as sharp today.
  4. No gamechanging athletes on this team. Only thing that might keep the NDSU game close is hopefully home field advantage.
  5. A for Effort. At least they are trying. Theyll grow on you.
  6. Seems obvious there was a concerted effort to not have fans standing on the endzones anymore.
  7. So many UND turnovers its ridiculous.
  8. Not only does it take away from the atmosphere. It's fugly.
  9. Too many people enjoying the endzones....and so they had to kill it. Just like Mike's statue.
  10. Move over old fogies, theres a new kid on the block. Luke Combs at 22k is the new record. If you dont know who that is. It's ok. We will all be at that age someday.
  11. Attendance will drop off later in the season even if UND is undefeated. It's just a pattern every year. Largest crowd usually the first game of the year and smallest is the last game*. *obviously playing certain teams bring bigger crowds.
  12. Otis is good but he ain't no Santiago.
  13. Game would have been alright had they not got our hopes up so high after the first quarter.
  14. They say no. We're going for it on 4th down again.
  15. Go easy Utah. We gave up. Just run the clock.
  16. Final score likely to end about what I thought before the game started.
  17. I praised the WRs the first quarter. Now they drop everything they touch.
  18. How do you basically score zero points the last three quarters?
  19. He catches that pass in the first quarter.
  20. 3 UND points after the first quarter....only thanks to a defense interception. Any points now is just cause UND is playing desperate and Utah State is letting up a bit.
  21. Because Bubba never does?
  22. Utah keeps going for it on 4th down.
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