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  1. But the mortality rate for the flu is almost assuredly significantly overstated based on how its calculated. I don't think there is a legitimate argument that shows they are close to the same. I know death counts are the easiest to point to but the more I see about possible long-term effects for those who recover, the more I wish that would be discussed more in line with infection and death rates. Not a real great way to actually do that though.
  2. That is my assumption as well, especially after they just rearranged everything a few years ago. If tailgating is allowed, this year would basically just be GA for the entire lot.
  3. At this point, if there is tailgating, there will not be reserved spots. Unclear of the overall status. First they need to determine if there will actually be games and what capacity would be and then they'll make the rest of the decisions from there.
  4. Guesing KVRR is wrong. The UND release the day before that article came out reads differently: https://fightinghawks.com/news/2020/3/30/womens-basketball-bernhard-to-remain-interim-head-coach-through-2020-21-season.aspx
  5. She was originally named interim head coach when Brewster was let go in early March. At the end of March, UND decided to pause the head coach search due to current events and stated Bernhard would serve as the head coach through 2020-21 season. She is still considered the interim head coach but will have the upcoming season to prove herself. I'm not sure where you are seeing she was named the head coach for the next two seasons, though depending on how things shake out over the next few months, it isn't out of the realm of possibility. Ideally, she proves herself and signs a multi-year contract.
  6. I misinterpreted your original comment along with combining it with someone else wrote about Wallace not being a friend of Trump. I would agree that it was a very fair interview overall. I think Wallace did exactly what an interviewer should. But I don't think that should make him "not a friend of Trump". I also don't think Trump handled being challenged on some of his statement very well, some of which he was completely inaccurate on. Overall, it was a good mix of questions. Why he chose to do it outside in the sweltering heat is beyond me though.
  7. Just curious where you thought Wallace was to Trump during that interview? Is it because he asked follow-up questions or questioned some obviously false statements? I thought he gave plenty of chances for him to answer things differently and there were plenty of softball questions included as well.
  8. Didn't have enough time between 2009-2016?
  9. It was a reference to where things are nationwide, particularly the current hotspots. 48-72 hours is what I've seen/heard from those tested recently in ND, with some being quicker.
  10. Do you actually know this person or are you talking about the article that has been floating around on Facebook about the person from Florida. Because it sure sounds eerily similar. https://fox6now.com/2020/07/21/florida-to-investigate-alleged-covid-test-result-mix-ups/ For those who didn't read/see it: What actually happened was the indivdiual registered, was assigned a slot and then got out of line due to the wait. Her doing that put the number assigned to each sample/slot off by one. So the test that she was supposed to take went to the person behind her, who tested positive. Due to the paperwork issue, she got the call for a positive test as that is who it was originally assigned to. Obviously a very concerning error as there were people getting the wrong information, but it wasn't due to some mass conspiracy or people trying to pad the numbers, it was due to paperwork error from a mass testing event, which are completely different issues to address. The governor has already made comments that it is being looked into and protocols need to be adjusted so people get the correct info. The increase in positive tests continues to grow faster than the increase in testing. So either there were a lot more people that had it before and weren't getting tested or there are a lot more people who have it now. Most likely, it is probably both. The bigger issue is the 5-8 day backlog in testing. Unacceptable and makes containing things even more difficult.
  11. jdub27

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Article about Navratil's recruitment and the relationship the staff was able to build with him. https://www.postbulletin.com/sports/football/6571929-The-Recruiting-Trail-Pine-Islands-Navratil-remained-faithful-to-North-Dakota
  12. In other countries, they were plenty prevalent. Here, not so much. But as a generality, it turns out this is a bit different than the flu, regardless of how much someone wants to believe or discredit the numbers, and those results came after an unprecendented shutdown. Not going to argue what mistakes or things could have been done different, that's been hashed over enough.
  13. Holy cow Joe Biden. It is "estimated" that 337,000 have died from influenza in the last 9 years combined. Based on that average, it would take 26 years for 1 million to die, let alone millions.
  14. "Do something special by doing the right thing..." I mean regardless of where you sit on the mask/no-mask thing, that's quite the hyperbolic take. At most, it is a minor inconvenience. At best, it is just another step being taken to help slow the spread with no downfall other than we might be able to start moving back closer to normal like other countries who have been taking similar steps for months now. Guess those who disagree with them making that decision can take their own easy way out by shopping at a different privately owned store who chooses to enforce different policies, which they are fully in their own right to do.
  15. jdub27

    UND Budget Cuts

    Agreed. While all numbers in the report need to be taken with a grain of salt due to the creative accounting that goes in college athletics, UND's specifically do because of the relationship with the REA which tends to skew things even further. Even with that caveat, UND ranks 73rd out of 227 schools reporting in lowest percentage, so right around the top 1/3 least reliant on allocated funds. For comparison NDSU - 29.81% (55th) SDSU - 42.65% (63rd) USD - 63.38% (110th) Omaha - 51.67% (80th) WIU - 74.46% (150th) UMKC - 89.82 (225th) Also not trying to start anything, since NDSU continues to be the leader in the Summit, but their allocated funds would be higher if their initial plans had gone the athletic department's way as they have tried a few times to raise their student fees, which remain impressively low, and were rejected by the student government. So instead they took additional seats away from the students as a trade-off and that obviously leads to increased donations and ticket revenue. Probably a win-win for both group, though I believe between the additional seats and the pandemic, their football ticket waiting list has officially dwindled to beyond zero and they were making outbound calls trying to sell the last of their remaining season football tickets.
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