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  1. Nothing but good things said about him in his time by fellow students and athletes while he was at UND. All interactions I had with him were positive. Clearly some people at Loyola felt he did a good job helping a younger player develop. Clearly Coach Jones felt he was worth bringing back to help out the UND program. And clearly Wieck at Duluth heard enough about him that he felt he was worth bringing on as an assistant.
  2. You're probably correct, but he does have ties to ND and it's what makes the job and opportunity intriguing for both sides. I'm not sure if they are even going to do "finalists" per se so we might never know who actually applied outside of who gets the job, but I would be floored if he wasn't a top 3 candidate and I personally have him as a slight favorite over the field to get the job.
  3. They're replacing 6 year old turf? There have been discussions on how they are approaching it in the future, but I haven't seen anything concrete in the capital budgets for UND or the Alerus Center so I think you're a little ahead of yourself on this one.
  4. This, particularly the first one, needs to be addressed before we worry about doubling the coach's salary. Look at how often the assistants turned over for proof that it was an issue. Tough to have continuity when the same class goes through 3-4 assistant coaches before they graduate. They will get plenty of quality candidates at $140-60K (which they have the ability to raise for the right candidate). You really aren't even going to get into a different level of candidate until you start approaching $300K and start getting the interest of some P5 assistants. The pool was always going to be G5 and below assistants looking for a head coaching job or lower level head coach looking to move up.
  5. Slight addendum, UND's T&F coach will be overseeing men's and women's T&F/CC whereas NDSU has 2 males in that position. Meaning UND will have a female overseeing 3 sports (or possibly 4 depending on the volleyball hire) to NDSU's one, which was the point that started this giant hypothetical by Forum Communications. Don't know where everything sits including assistants, which again, Forum Communications point was directed at the people at the head of the programs, but pretty long way from being able to say where the schools currently sit in regards to that with multiple staffs not filled and some coaches not even hired yet, not to mention there is usually some turnover at the assistant positions once the school year is complete. I guess I don't understand the math on how NDSU will end up with "more female coaches overall" but they definitely won't in the position that matters the most and anything beyond that is pure speculation at this point.
  6. I'd say the results are already showing up in the non-revenue sports that saw increase in scholarships.
  7. Take it for what it is worth but the Fargo media claimed they could only get the names of the finalists for their WBB coaching search.
  8. You've seen his attempt at it right? The Sioux logo was great but the new one he did looks like it ran into the Hyslop face first.
  9. This is the catch-22 with the whole thing and the ownership of the REA possibly changing hands in a decade. The REA continues to be in amazing shape and has minimal deferred maintenance because they are able to put profits into a reserve fund before distributing the rest back to UND. It is important to keep the building as a premier facility across the college landscape. It can be argued that there would definitely be a better ROI on some of those funds if they went back to UND and were invested into other programs but that also takes money away from the REA over the long term. The question/problem is the balancing act between keeping the REA up to world class standards and investing in other programs. I think its obvious at this point that scale has been tipped towards the REA, however the concern is if UND takes over the building, that tips too far the other way. There is a definite advantage to holding the REA outside of UND ownership and my opinion is the overall the relationship needs to be repaired and move slightly towards other programs so they could hopefully defer the ownership change further out as a way to benefit all parties.
  10. Pretty safe assumption that he means North Dakotan's don't feel like her priorities aligned with theirs, which is why she was voted out. My biggest concern about HH would be budget-related. We saw what happens when you kick the can down the road for two decades instead of make hard choices. When McFeely floated the comment as a joke, her old Chief of Staff's responded (semi-jokingly I assume/hope) is that HH's first order of business would be to reinstate WIH. I mean, that's what you learned from and took out of all this budget stuff?
  11. Just to clarify, Kennedy didn't pick the current logo.
  12. Because he always comes here with innuendos and half truths but then will claim it isn't his place to actually offer any substance on what it is or that it is not his place to do so. Let's him troll with no worries of being proven wrong. Still waiting for all the news to come out on his contractor buddies that never got paid by UND.
  13. This seems like a pretty good hire. Excited to see what she can do.
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