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  1. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/3454106-UND-receives-1M-atmospheric-research-contract-from-U.S.-Navy
  2. Or he's trying to temper wild conspiracy theories since this rendering is just a pie in the sky, pipe dream and they are still trying to raise money for HPC Phase II, what is just a tiny portion of a 25+ year plan. Just because something is in a long-term plan means nothing. Athletic dorms would be about the last thing in those renderings that would be added. Plus, Ray Richards isn't being developed so no new stadium there now. I guess they need to raise money to expand the Alerus to get to that magical 15K number you dream of.
  3. Jeff Campbell Zach Muckenhirn Also had former commit Wallner get drafted 39th overall after lighting it up at Southern Miss and former player Miles Lewis playing very well at Michigan just as examples to your comment about Dodson's recruiting.
  4. When those fans start showing up on opposing schools message boards and claiming to have passed "hundreds if not thousands of tests", I'll be sure to ask them as well. The dirty secret is every school has a much different pass rate on their internal testing than they do with their NCAA tests. However, the consequences are significantly different and when they get to the point of public punishment, they are swept under the "violation of team rules" category with a ton of other stuff. That's why I'm getting some amusement on the commentary related to "only" 1 person getting caught. Yes, one that was made public and caught by the NCAA. Remove those two qualifiers and its a different conversation. And again, the internal thing applies to any school who does the testing, not just NDSU.
  5. Since results aren't public, can you with 100% certainty say there wasn't more than one failed test? Plenty of plausible reasons for a positive test to not be noticed. Hell, the Forum guys barely caught that a starter missed the championship game even though a ton of people knew almost a week before the game.
  6. Thousands? Are you including internal tests in those? Because I promise you those weren't all clean, but they are handled internally and not disclosed.
  7. jdub27

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Agree with your main point (necessary evil) and granted there are so many total roster spots available, but the majority of these local kids aren't promised scholarship money/spots and are more likely to stick around long-term, which gives them more time to build into a contributor. I like what they've done so far.
  8. jdub27

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Incredibly athletic family. NR-S was a powerhouse back in the day.
  9. He's currently playing on an AAU team coached by former Bison Lucas Moorman so that didn't exactly help UND's chances. It is what it is. Wasn't a spot of immediate need, let's look at addressing that.
  10. The supplement Newman endorses specifically states it's a low caffeine supplement. How many extra doses would be needed for that to trigger as above the allowable levels?
  11. What's the limit at ndsu on getting busted failing internal tests? It's at least a few before there is any missed game time. But when the media doesn't ask follow up questions on those "violation of team rules" punishment, I guess we'll never know.
  12. You might be closer to accurate on this than you think. But what's going to be the reaction when there is no Brien logo on any of the green banners?
  13. I think before you can get a fair answer to why it's an issue, you need to answer the question of why did they need to go out of their way include it in the first place, to the point they had to customize the structure to put it there. When the project was announced, the overwhelming response from a subset of the fanbase was concern on what would happen to the logo. Why was that an issue?
  14. It's been 7 years since the name was retired. The players on the team were in junior high or younger the last time UND was officially known as the Fighting Sioux. Do we need to wait another 10-15 years so that the players on the team weren't actually born before 2012 and maybe then the transition can be complete?
  15. Serious question: Are those people who "had time to work hard and donate" going to give up their support of the hockey team because the logo changed? I mean, are they supporters of the team (and University) or the fancy picture on their jerseys? I would counter and say the bulk of alumni and donors are University of North Dakota fans. If what you said was true, there would have been a significant drop-off in donations when the FS nickname/logo was dropped and an even further drop when the FH nickname/logo was adopted. Yet donations continue to rise. There is just a vocal portion of the fanbase that seems to hold the FS logo as some sort of deity. I mean, it is literally the definition of pandering. They are consciously making decisions to minimize the FH name/logo and keep the FS logo to cater to a subset of the fanbase. They definitely aren't doing it on behalf of the Athletic Department, you know, the thing that is the sole entity that the REA's mission statement says it is supposed to support. You should watch from the other side sometime. You get to see a large group of people live in an alternate reality, supporting something that no longer actually exists and getting incredibly worked up when that is pointed out to them.
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