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  1. jdub27

    I got multiple tickets for sale.

    Or it could be tickets for event(s) that already occurred. The suspense is unbearable!
  2. jdub27

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    So why would 10 FCS teams want to up and join that right now (and this is assuming that they actually could, which is not guaranteed and requires a ton of moving parts to come together)? This talk about getting access to potential CFP money in 2026 when the contract expires assumes that the P5 will be willing to continue to give the G5 a proportionate piece of the pie, when they have been working towards giving them less. Right now, the G5 are currently getting $81.32 million combined between the 5 conferences. It is split out mostly equal between the 5 conferences, with a little bit set aside to be given out based on performance. Based on that, each conference is getting roughly $16 million or between $1.1-1.6 million per team. The estimates if the playoff field was to expand to 8 teams is that the contract would increase by roughly 50% from where it is now. So a best case scenario is that this new start-up conference gets $24 million ($16 million plus 50%) and splits it 10 ways, giving each school an additional $2.4 million in additional revenue. And that's again, assuming the P5 plays nice and actually would increase the percentage of money they would share with the G5. Does anyone really think the P5 cares if the G5 expands to the G6 and just because of that, they would allocate them a bigger piece of the pie? Decent chance they'd leave them at roughly the same percentages (best case) or just tell them to pound sand and they'll get whatever crumbs they feel is appropriate, which is what they have continued to do. Does an extra $2.4 million justify adding 22 scholarships on the men's and women's side (which would probably require an additional sport) plus the increase in coaching expenses, travel expenses and the general budget increases? Don't get me wrong, I'd love a conference like the proposed one, I just don't see a realistic path to getting there at this point in time. A major shift in the landscape could change that, but it seems less likely since the G5 has continued to give the P5 whatever they want, lessening the chances of them doing something drastic. Any and all talk at UND does not involve any of these pie in the sky scenarios, it involves getting athletics where they need to be to compete in the Summit and MVFC. Any claim that UND will never play a game in the MVFC is laughable.
  3. jdub27

    2018 Fall Camp

    Offensive lineman out of a prep school from Canada. Not sure why he isn't on the roster yet, but I believe there was a bit of a hang-up getting him on campus. Can't see where his actual signing was officially mentioned by UND but got a late offer the end of February and signed in early May. Had at least one other offer from Howard if that matters.
  4. jdub27

    New AD posting and hiring process

    Pretty sure he'll still be employed by the Alumni Foundation, however his focus will be on gifts "for the University" not "for Athletics" like it previously was. Awkward wording with his title and how they worded it. Separate but semi-related subject: Didn't realize how many people actually work for the Alumni Foundation. Quite a few more than I would have thought.
  5. jdub27

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    No reason it can't be both. In this case, it definitely was, which is why they went above and beyond.
  6. jdub27

    2018 Season

    Guess I disagree with most of this. The write-ups are what they are supposed to be: short, high-level updates on practice. Yesterday they touched on the QB race with a video interview with Rudolph, so there was a bit more content with that. They intentionally aren't going to go in-depth or speculate on a lot of the things fans want to know, that would actually be a bit crazy. For comparison, NDSU hasn't had a single write-up on their own website yet. Yes, they are in a different spot and don't need to "promote" their team, but they literally haven't posted on fall camp on their website, the only thing I've seen on their fall camp is a few short clips on Twitter. Hoping to see some of this Midco show we've been hearing about sooner than later. UNDFB360 continues to do great things and can provide a little more "insight" and speculation than traditional media can. The Herald has had 8 articles on the football team since camp started, so almost daily. Majority of them aren't really daily practice updates on position battles, etc, but they are at least putting some stuff out there. Obviously the majority here (including myself) would like to see a bit more but looking it up, it was more than I thought.
  7. jdub27

    2018 Season

    UNDsports.com has literally had a write-up every single day of fall camp so far. Not sure what more people want, they aren't going to go in-depth on things like position battles or speculate on playing time, nor should they.
  8. jdub27

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Whatever year it is, it will definitely happen before July 1.....
  9. jdub27

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    You seem to be the only one with that "vision". I've based my opinions on conversations with people that are actually involved in these decisions and day to day operations. The things you claim literally aren't even on the radar in any realistic matter. And before you claim they don't talk about things like that in public, feel free to look back and see what my comments were on UND moving to the Summit despite your objections that it wouldn't happen.
  10. jdub27

    Future Schedules

    In related news, old friend Gene Taylor just inked Bill Snyder to a 5 year extension through the 2022 season, when he will be 84. UND plays KSU in 2020, when Sndyer will be 80 years old.
  11. jdub27

    2018 attendance

    Article in the Herald said they were down, which is expected after last season. As for your second part, season tickets are $465 for 21 games for hockey ($22/game). Football tickets are $94 for 5 games ($18/game). Not a huge difference that route. I assume you were referencing single game tickets, which are $25-30 for football vs $25-49 for hockey.
  12. jdub27

    Future Schedules

    http://www.fbschedules.com/2018/08/missouri-buffalo-four-fcs-opponents-future-schedules/ Future FBS games: 2018 - Washington ($500,000) 2019 - Open (still one open spot, 12 game season) 2020 - Kansas St ($475,000) 2021 - Utah St ($400,000) 2022 - Nebraska ($515,000) 2023 - Open 2024 - Iowa State ($550,000) (12 game season) 2025 - Missouri ($550,000) (12 game season) 2026 - Nebraska ($560,000) Pretty attractive, relatively close games with nice paydays outside of Utah St, though that is easily the one UND has the best chance in.
  13. jdub27

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Speculation is fun and yes, anything can happen, but claiming 1 + 1 = potato and using that as the sole reason for why things are definitively happening deserves to be challenged.
  14. jdub27

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    So what you're saying they can't announce it because no decision has actually been made yet to restart football due to their still being significant hurdles to overcome, many of which they don't have the answers to and furthermore, the decision to bring back a marching band actually has no direct correlation on whether or not they restart their football program. And even if they did restart, there is no concrete plans in place for the WAC to bring back football because there are a ton of moving parts that have to align for it to work out, many of which are long-shots at this point, .
  15. jdub27

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS