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  1. NDSU already allocates almost 2/3's of their scholarship money and athletic opportunities to the men's side. What additional women's sports do these fans want to see to help balance that out?
  2. Very well said across the board. I do think that NDSU (and UND hockey for that matter) have either hit the limit on what they can charge for single game tickets or possibly even surpassed it and are going to have to bring it back down a bit. There will be obvious exceptions (UND, SDSU for NDSU and UM for UND) but I think they've went about as high as they can. I don't really think either program has a lot of room to increase ticket prices much more other than UND might have a bit of room at the season ticket level in the lower bowl and NDSU might in their cheaper seats. The secondary market for both programs has fallen off a cliff the last few seasons (pre-Covid) which speaks alot to the realization people are coming to about watching games at home for significantly less money and hassle. I'm just going off the "official" numbers reported by NDSU. I have a strong suspicion you will be able to walk up and buy tickets to every single game outside of maybe homecoming this year, which oddly enough is their best opponent on the home schedule. I don't disagree on the quality of home schedule but if the demand is busting at the seams like others are claiming, it shouldn't matter, it should be full every game. Turns out that isn't so accurate.
  3. What part are you confused about? The place holds 18,700 for football. Start from there. In 2019, they topped 18,000 in 5 out of 9 games counting the playoffs (and not by much in the 5th one). If ticket demand is what is being claimed, the schedule shouldn't matter (though we both know that is a lie). I'm aware of what they had for Butler. I don't see an extra 10-15,000 for this game, but maybe I'm wrong about it.
  4. So yes or no on an over/under for NDSU sellouts this year? With your confidence, I assume we can set the line at 5.5 games. We'll split your estimate on the US Bank game as well and I'll happily take the under. My point on the attendance/wait list is that the some of the shine has definitely worn off. The demand has dropped significantly from 4-5 years ago. And again, I admitted they are still in an enviable position over the large majority of the FCS. You're point about football performance being the only thing on the list of why they would be invited is absolutely spot on. Geography is a huge hindrance, enrollment and research performance have both been declining, they would have a large Title IX issue to address and they don't bring any sort of TV/media/recruiting area benefit to the table, which means adding them to the conference is a net negative to the revenue split. If it was about on the field performance only, we're having a different conversation. However the reality is, that probably doesn't even crack the top 5 things conferences are looking at.
  5. The waiting list is gone. They extended the deadline for the many people that didn't renew. Tailgating passes were available in the main lot. I could call tomorrow and get season tickets for the first time in years. But tell me again how everything is fine. Want to do an over/under on sellouts this year? Would also love to hear what conversations have been going on "for the last 6 months". As things sit right now, there is nothing even close to happening because NDSU brings nothing but extra costs to the MWC. And that doesn't get your a sniff. And I'm sure, as already mentioned, there's a plan to shore up what is already a giant disparity in NDSU's Title IX numbers. A move up will require the addition of at least one women's sport if not two. But no worries, they are "well-positioned".
  6. But what does that even mean? Well-positioned in what sense? Don't get me wrong, they are still in an enviable position compared to a large majority of the FCS, but he needs to say something to placate the die-hards and try to keep interest up. Season ticket waitlist has long past evaporated and their will be quite a few more empty seats than past years in the dome. Guessing if Chaves would be asked the same question, he would say UND continues to monitor the ever-changing landscape and will evaluate any opportunities that are presented. Neither one of what those AD's says can change the geography of the schools nor the limited recruiting and TV market they have, both of which are huge drivers in any conference realignment.
  7. Rutgers football is pretty terrible as well but they still managed to get in (fully understand it was because they could then force the B1G channel on the NY/NJ cable market). Kansas can at least bring basketball to the table, I wouldn't rule them out.
  8. It eliminated any chance she had at the indivdual all-around and event finals and effectively ended her career with a vault which ended up not mattering despite her coach insisting to her that the team needed it. He then handed her off to Larry Nassar afterwards. I also don't think she could have had a replacement step in for her like Biles did since she had already taken her first vault. She did what she was told she needed to and it was an amazing feat to land that vault with the injury she had, but looking back doesn't give the same warm fuzzies it did 25 years ago.
  9. I'm just not going to criticize her for making the choice that actually got her team on the podium. I guess you can call her a quitter if you want, but don't pretend that making that choice didn't put them in a better position to compete given what level of performance she was showing.
  10. If you can't perform, you can't perform whether it be mental or physical. Based on her vault attempt, she couldn't handle it at that point in time. I guess you can criticize her mental toughness if you want, but you don't become arguably the most talented gymnast of all-time being weak-minded. She at least gave her teammates a shot at the podium since she wasn't a top 3 option for the remaining events and pretending to be one does nothing but hurt the team. She was in a no win situation, if she tries to tough it out and bombs every attempt (which she already had shown was very probable), she still gets criticized for playing "hero ball" and not trusting her teammates (feel like there's already been some of that criticism somewhere else already....)
  11. Counterpoint - If she competed in the 3 remaining events, USA doesn't even medal. She couldn't even execute a much simpler vault than she was going to originally attempt, scoring her worst score in years on a vault she can normally do in her sleep. A 15.183 in qualifications vs. a 13.766 in the finals. Run that drop in score over 3 more events and they don't make the podium.
  12. Likely because they have had very little time playing together, especially when compared to some of the other countries. Didn't 3 of the players fly in just a day or two before the game?
  13. Feeney is listed at 6'2" 195lbs (from his senior roster and carried through to other sites) Payton is listed at either 6'2.5" or 6'3", and anywhere between 205 and 2015lbs, depending on which website you want to believe. His senior roster had him at 6'3", 205lbs I'd also be curious what you mean by "The only kid he has lost"? Are you talking just to UND?
  14. Not bad, but you have some room to improve before you can become a grand master at restaurant reviews: https://www.grandforksherald.com/lifestyle/food/7115229-EatBeat-House-of-Punjab-brings-Indian-food-to-in-Grand-Forks
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