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  1. I think it is more of shock both the school and athletic department's doors are still open. In 2019, they had $5,544 in ticket sales adn $1,500 outside contributions to their athletic department.
  2. "Commit to an analysis of all implications of a move to FBS" That analysis should be pretty easy: The numbers don't actually work.
  3. We had people saying the secondary market would be outrageous due to the limited supply of tickets. If that's what the demand truly is, why not let UND get a nice cut of it for the exact reasons you stated? If you want to calculate what the cost for season ticket holders is: Champions Club donation of likely $1500 at minimum plus another $160 for tickets for what is hopefully 8 games, all fo the sudden the price being asked for single game tickets doesn't seem so bad. And for those who rolled their money over or asked for a refund, ponying up for a game or two at that price shouldn't be t
  4. Here is the only reason he's been "in contact" (whatever that means) with Cincinnati. Doesn't mean there is mutual interest. https://gobearcats.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/coaches/craig-heatherly/1714
  5. It was a mutual decision, he didn't "get away". A fresh start for both sides was the ideal outcome.
  6. Seems apropos. Actually I think the question is why are they settling on 3,000 rather than 5,000. Want to use lower bowl only?
  7. Frankly, probably makes sense for them if that is what they want to do. I don't see them getting into the Summit anytime soon and with Krabbenhoft out at Sanford, they lost a big chunk of leverage.
  8. Looking at those teams, their budgets and amount of subsidies they already receive, I don't see any way that FBS is actually legitimate. That being side, it is good for their to be another west(ish) coast conference for FCS.
  9. But based on performance the last three years (since Kirk has been in Minnesota) and then taking into account Wentz's injury history, why would the Vikings even remotely consider that and take on a huge cap hit with the dead money they would owe Cousins? Especially when they have plenty of needs to fill. Eagles have even bigger issues. Wentz hasn't even started the expensive extension he signed yet. Though with signing bonuses, his contract for a team that would trade for him would be something like 4 years/$98 million. However they would eat some significant dead cap money while already
  10. And there is no problem with that, each person was given a full set of options to do what they want with all money given to UND. Different people have different circumstances. But I sure as hell wouldn't be leading with "go pound sand" when UND offered full refunds for anyone who wanted them and is allowing them to keep their seats for them for next season even if they pull back every dollar they had given to UND for 2020/2021.
  11. Based on what I've been told, a lot of donors were very generous with their donation and quite a few with their ticket money as well. Still scholarships and other bills to pay, so that's a good thing. Not exactly sure what telling "UND to go pound sound" accomplished because if you got tickets, you were only charged for the games that are scheduled to be played (8 vs. 21) on a prorated basis ($160 vs. $420). If you wanted your money back (ticket or donation), you got it back. Not sure how anyone could say anything besides UND was more than fair and willing to work with people and basica
  12. Considering it is/was completely erroneous, there is no further convseration to be had on it. Not a great look to throw unfounded rumors out about one of the athletic departments biggest donors.
  13. Considering the damage they did to the walls up there last time they visited, surprised they didn't put them out in something like you described.
  14. In no way a fan of Ellison but did EGF quit taking money from St Paul and everyone missed it or....?
  15. Yes, with the distinct difference that it was always a path to FBS and UND was somehow involved. He had a knack for finding obscure bits of info but always just read a bit too much into them. His insight was always interesting to read even if I didn't agree with most of it. I don't even know how that school is still open, let alone supporting athletics.
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