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  1. Agreed on the sale part. But also tougher to give tickets away to random people. I know we do plenty of that in the tailgate lot or even before a hockey game in front of the REA.
  2. I understand the reasoning behind it (particularly costs) but I don't agree with it. I'm sure people will adapt but overall, its going to be fairly annoying, particularly for large groups or people that share tickets.
  3. Oddly enough, Montana played a game against D2 Central Washington last week and play against Portland State this weekend. Not sure when they decided to try to get a few games under their belt, but I was suprised to see it.
  4. Yep, just caught that portion of the tie-breaker. Knew there was something simple I was missing.
  5. Nope. That would still be SDSU as they would be 3-0 against the 3 common opponents between UND, SDSU and MSU (which are WIU, SIU and NDSU). MSU and UND are 2-1 against that group. Tiebreakers found here: https://herosports.com/fcs-football-conference-tiebreaker-playoff-auto-bid-bzbz/
  6. There really isn't any "seeding" from the conference. There is an autobid winner, which only guarantees a playoff spot. The playoff committee, particularly with the unbalanced schedules this year, aren't going to specifically use conference standings as they determine things. If SDSU were to win, NDSU would be 4th in the conference, but they are very likely to get in, while MSU is likely on the outside looking in. Oddly enough, it's NDSU's win over UND that will put them over the top (plus they stomped MSU).
  7. Here are the tie-breaker rules: https://herosports.com/fcs-football-conference-tiebreaker-playoff-auto-bid-bzbz/ In the event of SDSU beating NDSU and UND beating YSU, those 3 would be tied. Since MSU didn't play either team, the tie-breaker falls to common opponents between the 3 and goes all the way down to #4, which is record against common conference opponents. In this instance, all 3 would have played WIU, YSU, NDSU and SIU. UND and MSU would be 3-1 against those 4 and SDSU would theoretically end at 4-0. Its unfortunate, but UND's win over SDSU doesn't give them the tie-brea
  8. UND had at least a top 3 or 4 bid. UNI and maybe SELA were who they were concerned about having higher bids. No one expected Nicholls (with the help of the Southland) to put together a gigantic bid for tent city. Was still a joke they got it due to facilities. Any time the NCAA needs to rewrite rules because of you, it is probably time to take a look in the mirror.
  9. To the point that permanent locker rooms for visiting teams are now a hosting requirement (though a temporary structure can be used for half-time).
  10. Like they are going to make anything clear.... https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/bids-sought-host-preliminary-rounds-fcs-playoff
  11. UND one of the 14 "pre-approved" sites eligible to host playoff games. Top 20 schools not on the list are Richmond (12), UC Davis (13), VMI (14), SIU (16), Nicholls (18), UIW (19), Monmouth (20). Maine (roughly 30th) is the only unranked school on the list.
  12. jdub27


    You'll never convince me 2011 wasn't. UND was 2-1 against Duluth that year, outscoring them 11-5. Shawn Hunwick played the game of his life to keep Duluth from having to face UND again.
  13. He's been impressive to follow. Like most small school players, didn't really get a fair shake last year to "get his shot". Has kept grinding and played in the Fan Controlled Football league this past winter to stay sharp. Jackson Erdmann, a QB who graduated from St. Johns and also worked out at the UM Pro Day yesterday, also played in it. Here's a quick article on the league they played in, actually pretty interesting with the fans basically controlling everything. https://www.fox9.com/sports/fan-controlled-football-league-features-2-native-minnesotans
  14. They would have a higher winning percentage, which I believe is one of the tie-breakers the conference determined for auto-bid purposes. I don't think it matters all that much as both teams would be in and the tournament committee will have their own parameters for seeding.
  15. Not going to pretend to know what sort of protocol NDSU does or doesn't use however you would think a positive test (with symptoms) would lead to contact tracing and at minimum, a position group being exposed but who knows. I do know that is what happened with UND and a whole position group was affected and they wouldn't have been able to play last Saturday given the current guidelines. I'm not sure why the MVFC (and UND) pulled the plug so quickly on the game this week as both schools should be using the same set of protocols.
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