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  1. I know he came in as an interior lineman that could play LG/C/RG, but I think the expectation was that he was going to play guard and not center like he ended up doing all season. That was where he played the majority of his snaps at Portland State. Lotysz being hurt all season adjusted those plans.
  2. How many used a dining surplus to pay the bills for football though?
  3. Are you saying no ndsu players are getting NIL money?
  4. Have you asked the same questions of the businesses in Fargo who have paid NIL money to NDSU football players? I'd be curious, under current rules, how it is it any different than scholarships or full cost of attendance? How is it any different than dumping 10's of millions into facilities to entice players to a University? Every single one of those is money being spent to "buy" players.
  5. You are correct, that is what ended up eventually happening. Wheels for the main tenant were in place prior to that though. My main point was that it could have been filled sooner, but the owner at the time was looking for the "right" tenants, which is why it sat vacant for so long, not strictly because of a lack of interest in the space.
  6. Guessing it will have an even bigger impact as well. 85 is scholarships. Roster limit is 110, as of the first day of class/first game. After that I think it goes up even further or the limit disappears. I would expect this means you'll see a lot more PWO offers by the FBS schools and them being more aggressive in cutting "dead weight" in the upper class ranks. Not to mention gives the more room for transfer portal players.
  7. It could have been filled much sooner. Owners wanted a strong anchor tenant and were fine holding out until they found one they were comfortable with. They didn't want to haphazardly and pre-emptively section it off until then, though I would guess it took longer than they planned. Midco was probably worth the wait.
  8. Other than the location, they are a team looking for players, so not that surprising I would think. They were a bit of a mess last year with some potential rules violations with the old staff. That caused roster issues and led to a 7-23 record. https://www.dailynews.com/2022/03/17/csun-lifts-interim-tag-hires-trent-johnson-as-mens-basketball-coach/
  9. Nice article by Tom. Plenty of expectations for newcomers and hopefully some big improvements from guys who were playing pretty hurt or didn't play at all due to injury (Sueker, Mathews, Levias). https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/college/5-things-to-know-about-the-und-mens-basketball-offseason
  10. Is anyone else excited for fall camp just so we can talk about football instead of whatever the last few pages have been? Offseason is the worst.
  11. Couldn't the same be said of a projected 6th round draft pick who's pushing to come in before an experienced staff thinks he's ready and supposedly feels like he has the talent to be leaving college early?
  12. Previous Managing Director was making about $80K. I don't know if it still the case, but previously the entire budget for the Office of Recovery Reinvented is funded through in-kind donations, including the Director's salary and not general funds from the state.
  13. Would be nice to see UND start collecting some non-competitive state and federal grants to boost what they are already bringing in.
  14. Who's arguing any of that? The bigger question is the money coming from the REA Foundation (reserves) or the Engelstad Foundation? If it is the latter, tough to take issue with it. If that is where they would like money to go, while it could likely move the needle more in other spots, take what is offered and say thank you. If it is the former, then its being funded with money generated by the athletic department as a whole that were held back and not sent to the athletic department and there is some room for discussion.
  15. You're right. Memorial Stadium and the Hyslop were truly state of the art facilities! Just for reference: Memorial Stadium - Built 1927 and used through 2000/01 season Hyslop Sport Center - Built in 1951 and used through 2004 Winter Sports Building - Built in 1936 and used through 1972 Old REA - Built in 1972 and used through 2000/01 season Some places. But not everywhere. Plenty of NHL arena's didn't install it until the 70's and early 80's.
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