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  1. jdub27

    French Fry Feed

    Again, it's a little more complicated than just pulling it into a parking spot. What is the clearance on the entrance and then the roof on the first floor? Based on the picture below, would the stacks be able to make it into the ramp and if they can, how close to the roof/second level floor are they? What kind of mess does that make? Again, these were all things that were looked into last year. No one wanted to cancel the event.
  2. jdub27

    Onto Sam Houston

    My guess is they weren't going to burn one of Schuster's 4 games when it was already decided. Save them in case you really need them, like what UND could have been able to with Studsrud his true freshman year when he had to play the last 4 games out of necessity.
  3. Thanks for the info. I assume those are released with the rest of the unused tickets Thursday of game week. If people are going to complain about the REA releasing tickets that haven't been claimed that close to game time, then they are complaining just to complain.
  4. jdub27

    French Fry Feed

    Running an industrial fryer of that size is a little more complicated than just "putting it in the parking garage", particularly in an indoor or covered setting and when you're talking about finding room for thousands of people. They looked at moving it last year and determined there wasn't an option that would work on short notice. Last year was the first time in the history of the event and no one was happy about it. They made sure to have a much stronger contingency plan in place so they wouldn't have to cancel for a second year in a row.
  5. They can't sell student tickets that are already purchased, regardless of whether they are used or not, so how exactly are they going make more money on this? Any tickets that are sold in the student section, which I'm not sure is even accurate because it is a general admission section and all seats sold to the general public are reserved, wouldn't be sold until a few days before game day and students will have had plenty of time to claim what they want. That being said, they need to come up with a way to fix this, because it is unfair. You should have to right to transfer or sell your ticket to another person, assuming that person can fulfill the requirements of that ticket (student ticket, kid's ticket, etc).
  6. Yep, that's why Wentz, Frazier, Morlock, etc were still in the game well into the 4th.... Drive charts don't lie.
  7. I said for reference, not comparison. And no I can't tell you nor can you tell me. Maybe more, maybe less. But I can without certainty guarantee the average sale price would be around half (because it is).
  8. Average price on the 200+ tickets sold on just one secondary site is over $160. Lowest sold price was for a standing room ticket was $83 before any fees. A large portion of those are standing room only or reserved seats that are not in season ticket holder areas (higher rows of the end zone sections). There is another 40 remaining for sale. For reference, there are around 400 tickets listed for sale for the final two home games for NDSU, so apparently a lot less NDSU fans want to use their tickets to go to those games than this one?
  9. Which ones were using dining hall funds to fund athletics though?
  10. My understanding is the final number was much closer to $600K than $1 million if it even broke the former once everything is sorted out. There were plenty of comp tickets and cheap tickets sold the last week or two that didn't move the needle much for either side. Impressive showing regardless and everyone came out happy. Regardless, my point is the isn't a bunch of extra revenue for everyone to come out happy a second time by paying a G5 a significantly larger guarantee as I don't think there is a legitimate name that will move the needle enough to allow for the increased ticket prices needed to keep all sides happy. The same game with another subpar opponent won't draw nearly as well.
  11. That number is significantly higher than what I've heard, have any sources to back that up? I also think you overestimated the average cost of tickets but whatever. I don't think there is room to increase them without a big name opponent. And there were plenty of tickets sold for under $40.
  12. That doesn't answer the question on how the economics work unless you are insinuating NDSU is the one that takes the lower pay. But I can't see them risking playing the game late in the year especially with the uncertainty of playoffs and they aren't going to want to battle either, so your last scenario doesn't hold water.
  13. How do the economics for that actually work? Unless they significantly raise ticket prices, NDSU is fine with a much smaller guarantee or Target Field takes on a much larger risk and ends up with a smaller payout, the money isn't there. Target Field paid Butler's $185K guarantee. Any FBS team will cost 3-4x that which is basically all of NDSU's take home if not more. There are only a handful of G5 teams that would move the needle enough to command a significant price increase, but those are going to come with an even higher guarantee. Not sure I buy it.
  14. Just needs a little spit shine...
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