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  1. Whatever works for you I guess. Leads the league in scoring and assists, top 15 in rebounding and plays good defense. Kept Shadid in check last night. Showed up when it mattered the most. I'd take him over Vinny or Ward if I need someone to win a game.
  2. Can you imagine trying to convince yourself this is actually true?
  3. Some originality from trolls pretending to be UND fans would spice things up....
  4. Notre Dame "walked away" because the NCHC refused to give them what they exactly what they wanted, which is what Notre Dame is accustomed to. It had nothing to do with them not wanting to be in the conference and everything to do with how their TV rights and revenue share was handled.
  5. At this point, Vegas will likely be a permanent second or third stop in the rotation (every 4-6 years), for a handful of reasons, with ease of travel, entertainment options being two of them along with a very large donor who resides there.
  6. In school and working to get on the field next fall. Needs to keep his head in the books but solid chance to be back.
  7. I'd mostly agree. Still might lose a few "diamonds in the rough" but I see that as a fair compromise. In the Summit/MVFC/Big Sky there have been impact true freshman that I could see still being poached but not a ton.
  8. Agree with all of them outside of this one. Again, leans too close to the "minor league" system if someone shows up on campus and has a great first year or two and then is off to a bigger school. I completely understand the angle you are coming from on this one but I wouldn't change the transfer rule on this one.
  9. I like removing some restrictions but this would just further makes low and mid level colleges the minor leagues for the big schools.
  10. Altru formed in 1997 when United Health and GF Clinic merged. Pretty sure Ryan was the CEO at inception. Seems like an odd shot at Brown. The mayor thing is a stretch as well. Not a fan of plenty he has or hasn't done but it's not like he's had much for formidable challengers, that isn't exactly his fault.
  11. Agreed. Unfortunately it was venue driven.
  12. That's what happens when your commissioner is incompetent....
  13. I would assume whoever was behind it, regardless of their identity, deleted it because someone was digging into who they were. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't? But if the phone number is the only evidence linking it, I'm a bit skeptical. For reference, I have 5 or 6 numbers in my contact list ending with "71" (note, I scrutinized each one to make sure they weren't the culprit). It wasn't like members of the athletic department weren't notified of the situation, considering they were all tagged by whoever created the account and made the original posts. We'll see what comes of it.
  14. So the connection to JW is both phone numbers tied to the separate accounts end in 71? Or am I missing something else? The email addresses appear to be different. Seems like a stretch for an accusation, though I'd guess someone had a reason to look towards him?
  15. But the higher taxes are typically due to increased property values, not an increase in actual mill rates. Which theoretically is a good thing, though if course no one enjoys paying more taxes. Some small businesses have legitimate complaints as things like this can increase their rents. For example, rents downtown will likely go up as more people move there and activity picks up. Ideally it's offset by higher revenues and profits but not always the case, plus they have to survive through some of the construction phases that can be devastating.
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