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    I'd put my money on separate warmups and these being the game jerseys. Not all that different from Vegas.
  2. $2.19 million average annually for the entire rights package and the deal goes through 2030. So unless NDSU is going to buyout the remainder of the contract, or at least the football portion, how exactly do they bring something to the table?
  3. To do what and where? They have a good football team but don't bring any recruiting areas in to play or a net positive to a media contract.
  4. None since Taubenheim had 3 in 4 years in the Big Sky (2nd/3rd team under Kostich). And not that it would have mattered, but last spring would have been the first season anyone would have been eligible since Taubenheim since we weren't in a conference for those two seasons. I completely agree that the kicking game needs to improve, but pretty sure they recognized that when brought in Stage and Stevens. My point was that claiming it hasn't been taken seriously isn't accurate. Considering UND plays well over half of their games in indoor stadiums and now has a facility where you can practice year-round, it should be fairly attractive place to kick.
  5. Going to disagree that it hasn't been taken seriously: Taubenheim was ranked the 24th kicker in the country by Kohl's Steven's was a 4.5 star kicker out of Chris Sailer's camp in Colorado. Stage was First Team All-Conference at St. Cloud his freshman year and 2nd team his sophomore year before they shut down the program and he transferred here. Not sure what Leach's credentials were so that might be the only one that you could argue, but being he was from Moorhead, guessing the staff had some decent insight. Considering Stage is a senior, Stevens is a junior and Simmering was offered a scholarship in July, the timing is probably is a lot closer than a coincidence than you'd think. Regardless, looks to be a great get at a position of need, from both the competition side and some upcoming graduations.
  6. jdub27


    The guideline is 72 hours prior to the event date not the event time. Anytime Wednesday meets that requirement.
  7. Normally the route you'd have to go but in this instance, it would be less work to use the ECAC's international streaming link, cost is the exact same.
  8. And we have a BINGO!!
  9. That's quite the jump. A bunch of younger kids making mental mistakes and guys being disappointed after losing a game and they are automatically checked out. I'll just say I disagree with your assessment. They still control their fate and understand that. If they lose a couple more games, then I'll buy into it. Will be an interesting game. Even with a win last week, UND would have still be an underdog and ranked lower than SIU who's coming in at #4, which on paper is one spot higher than NDSU was when UND played them. If they win, I believe it would be the 2nd highest ranked opponent UND has beaten (behind SDSU at #3 this spring).
  10. Well, easy decision now...
  11. Agreed. The investments that have went into other programs is noticeable. The football team not being housed in Memorial Stadium anymore is a prime example of that. And it brings down the fundraising need for HPC II.
  12. I've heard there have been quite a few injuries and their win against Seton Hall was one of the few times they've had everyone available but I haven't followed close enough to know if that's accurate.
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