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  1. For you and a lot of others? Not much. But for the surprisingly large number of people who don't want option #1, they can finally have peace of mind that they can get their refunds or be rest assured their money isn't going to be "taken" from them. That's why they had to send an email out.
  2. So you want UND to assure people of something that, at this point, is 100% out of their control? They are fully aware of what lack of games and/or fans at those games will do to the bottom line. They'd be more than happy to be able to tell people as many fans that want to can attend games, or hell even confirm that games will actually happen. Unfortunately, you're right on your second point and that's up to each indivdiual person to make that choice. Despite it not being in the athletic department's best financial interest, they are allowing full refunds of everything which is not the case with every college. Obviously you don't want to upset your customer base by keeping their money, but if you can't survive this because you don't have any funds, then I guess it doesn' t matter in the end? @iluvdebbies nailed it....
  3. They gave everyone what they wanted. People were already mad they haven't heard anything yet or hadn't been able to get their money back. Since they literally have no clue what capacity will be allowed by the state, county and/or city, it makes it impossible to determine an actual ticket plan for those that want to attend (nor do they know how many are interested). Those who want to wait it out still have all refund options available to them down the road. There is literally something there to make everyone happy. I don't think there is any other way they could handle it given the hand they have been dealt.
  4. I assume people self-enforcing something is too much to ask for in 2020? I will say, the handful of kids I personally know who have been sent home due to exposure have followed the quarantine rules. Kids being out of school to "stop the spread" and not following guidelines is a completely different matter.
  5. If someone you live with with tests postive.....that quarantine. I never said they should be. You stated that a minimal percentage of elementary kids were part of the positive results. I asked what percentage of the tests they were and how many parents are testing their kids (guessing the answer to both is also miminal). Zero disagreement from me.
  6. It can get you out of quarantine 7-10 days quicker.
  7. I mean, it is no different than a common cold right? Expecting others to have zero concern for their own health (or their families) during a global pandemic is an interseting stance to take. And that is ignoring almost all teachers I know having a full desire to be in the classroom with their kids. It is almost like a cavalier attitude like this has played into how the US's response has went. I don't disagree with any of that. However, my assumption is that when positivity rates and community spread are down significantly, restrctions would change. Regardless of one's opinions on what should be done, I think it is a fair statement to say that overall, North Dakota currently has a community spread issue that needs to be figured out. But again, I'm fully supporting doing whatever it takes to keep kids in school. What percentage of those tested were elementary aged kids? Honest question as I'm not sure. I'm guessing most parents aren't testing their kids, especially if symptoms are non-existent or very minor. So if all these "nervous" people are driving up testing numbers, wouldn't that drive down the positivity rate? Yet ND is in the top 15 in positivity rate. If they had more restrctions on who could be tested like other states currently have, ND would probably be in the top 5 of positivity rates with numbers similar to South Dakota.
  8. The kids: No, the vast majority aren't. But they can spread it. However a significant portion of the teachers and adminstration are. And even if they aren't, they can spread it as well. That's the cost/benefit the school board has to weigh and I don't envy their situation especially since it is clear that there is a community spread issue going on across the state (and that is using the positivity rate, not the number of positive tests). I'm glad they are weighing both sides and looking at local info before making their decisions. My hope is they only pull the plug if determined it is absolutely necessary due to spread being directly linked to the schools.
  9. In Grand Forks, what was cobbled together with zero preparation last spring is a far cry from what goes on in a normal classroom. With proper preparation, planned distance learning can work, but for most students, it is nowhere near what they receive in the classroom. Not sure if you were directly stating that the quality of education kids were receiving virtually is any comparison to what they receive in the classroom, but I can assure you they aren't near the same outside of some very specific situations where both the student is bought into the distance learning and the instructor has had time to fully plan out the coursework and is able to work inividually with students. If either of those components are missing, it will be a failure. I've been very pleased GF schools have remained open and handled things appropriately to stay that way. Last night, the school board decided to go against their previous plan and leave the schools opens despite GF County being moved to red/severe, citing the minimal number of positives within the school district and the impact it would have on learning as reasoning. They will be re-evaluating late next week, hopefully numbers calm down a bit and kids can stay in school.
  10. Some progress on the mixed-use project at the site of Memorial Stadium: https://knoxradio.com/news/local/gf-development-projects
  11. You could say the same thing about access to powerful people...
  12. I mean, seems pretty clear this isn't just a D or R issue: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/09/22/ivankas-trademark-requests-were-fast-tracked-in-china-after-trump-was-elected/
  13. MBB and WBB both have had greys recently.
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