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FCS playoffs week 1: UND @ Weber State


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First round matchup: @ Weber State


nice to be in the playoffs 


awful to be on the road in the first round


I am beyond disappointed that 2019 didn’t change Chaves’ ways of approaching football funding. We need more, and the current way of doing things isn’t apparently attracting more funding.

UND football is very unlikely to play in the Alerus Center again in 2022. Very disappointing. 

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4 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

3 pm start? How can I watch on my phone, post on SS.com while driving up for hockey???

You can plug the iPhone into the USB port and listen on the radio….but do NOT get so wrapped up in the game you forget you are driving….happened during the Sat. UND/Gopher OT. I almost had to pull over

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A quick shallow dive into Weber:


A glance at their roster reveals they have a DL that looks the part. They are big and long. Must be nice. They have 4 games with 5 sacks each so they must be pretty decent to go along with their size. I'll look for Tommy to get a few passes swatted down at the line of scrimmage. Running up the middle should be tough as well. However, most of their top sack guys are LBs, so look for those timely blitzes to get home while their big guys occupy our OL.  

Weber has some good looking LBs as well, must be nice. They are basically all within the 6'1"-6'3" and 215-235 range. Statistically they seem to be the playmakers of the defense which is a sign that: 1. the DL do a great job of eating blockers 2. the LBs are not getting burned and 3. the DBs do a decent enough job of keeping things in front of them. Must be nice.

True to form, Weber will have good DBs, must be nice. Maxwell Anderson has 5 ints this year so hopefully we can avoid him. They don't have a ton of length at DB though, so maybe Maag can get some back shoulder action on them? A guy can dream.


Their QB Barron has thrown 7ints which is nice. Just about 60% completion and 19 TDs tells me there isn't as much dink and dunk as you see from us. I anticipate they'll test our terrible DBs early and often. Hopefully someone can step up and pick on off.

Weber has a 3 headed monster at RB. Former All American Josh Davis is now their #3 back. Interesting. The law firm of Bankston-Davis-McMillon all run about 5'11" and 190lbs. I like facing smaller backs but they will all be a problem in space. The fact that a former All American is now #3 gives me concern that the other 2 backs are the real deal. This will be a tough assignment. Davis doesn't look like much but he gave us trouble in the past.

WRs are going to be tough. Ty McPhearson is your typical overage Mormon who tears the league up after serving his mission and getting married. He's averaging almost 18yrds per catch and has 10 TDs. Good luck CJ. Jacob Sharp is a good complimentary WR with a 16ypc avg. They also have a very good and athletic TE in Malone who will be a matchup nightmare for us. Must be nice.

Their OL is massive. Like, larger than NDSUs. We'll see how mobile they are, that will be our only hope. 

Overall they score 35ppg and give up 18 ppg against a 13th ranked SOS per Massey. We score 30ppg and give up 30ppg against the 2nd ranked SOS. Their D ranks 3rd and O ranks 10th per massey. We sit at 14th and 28th respectively. 

Our common opponent, both on the road, at NAU may give us a glimpse, or not, at how we could stack up. Weber beat NAU 33-31 on a 23yd FG as time expired. We beat NAU 27-24 thanks to our sweet trick plays on the last drive. NAU gained 324 on us and 280 on Weber. Weber housed a KO return and scored 0 TDs in the second half. Strange that they would struggle with a 3 win team with a possible playoff seed on the line but, as we know all too well, Flagstaff is a weird place to play. 

In the end, I expect a classic wacky Big Sky football game. I also expect a loss. Our D is just so so bad. You really never know but the stats don't appear to be in our favor. Fingers crossed.

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30 minutes ago, UND Football Fan said:

Win this game, it will be a small step into getting respect and great exposure to recruit the athletes we need to take this program to a higher level.

It's also an important game as a measuring stick between the Big SKy and MVFC.  This game could have implications into next playoff selection....when it comes to perception of conferences.  This will be the one time other MVFC schools should be rooting for us to represent well.  

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