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  1. Wishing bad on someone does not reflect well on you.
  2. It hasn't been that long ago that we had starting QBs that could not consistently hit 5 yard throws or swing passes. At least those are automatic now.
  3. Over, it doesn't matter the record it's homecoming those who come from outside the area are going to go to the game every year no matter what.
  4. Again, the experts are predicting 5 MV teams get in. It's gonna come down to Missouri State and us and that will already be decided on the field. By the way has anyone been able to find the video highlights of the game online somewhere - I've searched all the usual locations.
  5. Someone needs to fund a football scholarship and have it only available for a place kicker - would that be legal according to NCAA?
  6. Some national FCS sites have said MVFC could go as deep as 6 in the playoffs, but not counting on it - we never get the benefit of the doubt. We need to take care of business. Still in reach.
  7. I realize that no team can live off of "trick plays", but a touchdown is a touchdown. These are the same who complain about a boring predictable offense. Personally I enjoy knowing that at anytime something creative could happen when our offense is on the field. Now a 20 yard run up the gut is also exciting, but I don't get all the complaints about "trick plays" when it's really just another play in the book.
  8. So money was not a factor and he chose UND based on on other factors: education, coaches, environment.
  9. There are teams with losing records in the polls every week. Some teams move up after a loss. They mean nothing and are not based on logic.
  10. A bison fan criticising GF media for not calling out coaches, wow talk about hypoctical. Start in your own backyard.
  11. 3 losses in the MVFC is a lock for the playoffs, Unless something changes we are realistically looking at 6-5 and no playoffs.
  12. Good point - now we know how other hockey team fans feel when UND is in their building. SU only had about 20% of the crowd but they were loud - when you add in our own band and/or the in-house music along with them they made some noise.
  13. Sorry if a UND football fan has to choose between hearing 30 seconds of the band or quiet to allow our offense a little advantage, the band loses. While we enjoy and appreciate the band when we have the ball there needs to be as little noise as possible. Since this is not a new issue their leader needs someone to explain this to them.
  14. And in typical UND fashion they had a "Game Day Experience" committee a few years ago - what happened with that?
  15. When hockey is all you know you think it is okay to play right up until play begins.
  16. Tailgate lot is delegated to work study students - remember the big announcement priot to SU game that the same day tailgating lot was supposed to not open until 9:00 a.m. I got there at 8:15 and that lot was already filling up with SU units. Every game day there are cars arriving less than 2 hours before game time rolling through pedestrian traffic to get to their parking spot - I suppose they would say that rule is tough to enforce.
  17. Quantity gets you home field advantage quality, just don't see that we have the numbers in our fan base to bring that kind of atmosphere every home game - especially among our student body. Frustrating how the band and sometimes the piped in music does not understand that they should be quiet when we are in our offensive huddle, they have the hockey-game mindset, which is to play right up until the snap or in their mind puck drop.
  18. CMSioux

    The Yotes

    One could say this game is more important than the SU game (except for the rivalry part). The path to 8-3 and the playoffs leads through USD (and after that every game one at a time). There are no Morningside Colleges in the MVFC.
  19. Plus it's the second year they've used it, which seems to communicate that they have no time, budget or motivation to come up with something new and fresh every year?
  20. Did they raise the MVFC flag at the Alerus?
  21. Thanks Captain Obvious on the sound system issues. Alerus is city owned not UND, visit the Ralph if you want to critique UND sound system. As far as fan noise, UND fans are trying to be quiet when we have the ball, so of course visiting fan noise is going to stand out. However our marching band seems to forget that and play right up to when we snap the ball. Somewhat related UND needs to better regulate our home field advantage, no way should su be allowed to run out on field with flags, and limit sideline numbers, half the su "cheer team" looked like guys off the street that were handed t shirts. Oh and good job not "piling on" our team is better than many thought and su is not as good as many thought. I assume you will be back here next year to talk about "just another game" for bison fans.
  22. Who is responsible for the big screen visuals and camera production at football events. At football halftime of SU game they had hall of fame inductees on the field and no visuals on the big screen. There was a camera person on the field. Could not hear or see anything about the inductees. Terrible look for UND, hard to believe they do not better prepare for these presentations, really makes UND look small time.
  23. 18 years, that is an entire generation of fans that has existed only making noise on third down. Hopefully the Moo U fans that made it in motivate our fans to put their phones away and make noise. I plan to lose my voice and get sideways looks from those sitting on their hands.
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