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  1. Actually any team so no better than their last game. Would you allow some to think that getting beat by 6 is better than getting beat by 26 and that shows some level of improvement in a program?
  2. I think her support staff is also strong and good at recruiting - it would have been a total turnover of coaching staff and probably some current players and recruits if they would have hired from outside.
  3. I hate extending a thread about a former player - but thinking he might end up at a higher level DII school - Mankato, Sioux Falls, thinking grades might also be an issue.
  4. https://saturdaytradition.com/minnesota-football/minnesota-lb-opts-for-transfer-portal-after-2-seasons-in-the-program/?fbclid=IwAR2ntzPi1xHucVfLAPuiQ0Bc9jR0l02zRDu1jRodOYJwwJttkFZcFb6y7LE
  5. This year is what it was predicted to be. Support the team they are student athletes that chose UND.
  6. Thought I read Drake lost their starting QB right after we played them. Also we scored FG late in SU game when it really meant nothing so that was only a one score game on paper. Hard to just look at the scores and project what might have been.
  7. Regarding the general public - if a person is not willing to be vaccinated, what is the likelihood that they are willing to voluntarily get tested? It is common knowledge in our school district that many in our community have had COVID symptoms within their family, but refuse to be tested, and of course would never wear a mask or stay home.
  8. Comparison is the theft of joy.
  9. How does it happen that every football thread gets poisoned with discussions on Moo U?
  10. Went to watch Mikayla Aumer with Cambridge Istanti play last night at a holiday tournament. She is a committed UND recruit. Sat down next to the first Fighting Hawks shirt I saw and it turned out it was John Motherwell (UND Asociate Head WBB Coach) he immediately introduced me to the person sitting next to him, his boss Mallory. We had a nice chat. They are super excited about the incoming recruits. Aumer had a poor game (19 points below her average) but you could tell when she was on the floor she was the leader. They came back late in the game and beat Alexandria. I also met her parents who were very pleasant and happy she has made her decision.
  11. I did not have "COVID used to help Canada win World Juniors" on my Bingo card.
  12. Okay so explain the value in posting negative rumors about members of a team that you support?
  13. Even if it is true - and "reliable sources" sometimes have agendas of their own. Why air this dirty laundry here when he has already chosen to leave the team. Let's support the student athletes we have and move on from those who have moved on from us. Take the high road.
  14. Better than I thought, just thinking about the two we lost in the portal last year that are sitting on the bench at NKU and JM, would be a different team. I'm planning a retirement road trip to watch them in Omaha and Denver in the new year - thinking if we are back at full strength we have a shot at those two games. Next week is gonna be tough - but there's always a chance.
  15. Interesting - ESPN+ link for the UND/SU men's basketball game is streaming the women's game from Grand Forks. I'm thinking that is going to be the better game anyway.
  16. What radio station is the UND/Moo U women's game on tonight?
  17. I suppose the scheduling FUBAR falls on the Summit League and they probably don't care about screwing over UND. The sad reality is that UND sports marketing probably didn't even notice that the game was scheduled at such a terrible time and that they might have to invest some resources and dollars in promoting the game. They were too busy trying to sell $15 hockey tickets to the USA under 18 game. Just a few years ago this game was close to a sell-out tonight you'll be able to hear the coaches talking during time outs.
  18. Do you know Hedberg personally - he was little sketchy when he coached in St. Cloud. People change so it is good to hear that it sounds like he did.
  19. Next year we gotta have two portals: Transfer Portal Positive and a Transfer Portal Negative - it gets on my nerves every time I check here.
  20. So you think Chaves is going to give Bubba direction on game management or play calling?
  21. How about WE take the high road on Otis. We still have a connection to Moorhead that we are benefitting from.
  22. Gotta believe our coaching staff will take the high road and offer him advice, whether he takes it is up to him. Really hope he finds a path.
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