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  1. Sister in law who is a trumplican and constantly bitching about MN governor overstepping has all the symptoms and is going in for a test - karma baby.
  2. I'm envisioning a team that wins the conference and starters all average in low double figures and the team averages less than 10 turnovers a game (in a year or two).
  3. Are these options for the season: No fans, piped in sound Player parents only Parents and top level Champions Club members only Tailgating - Yes or No?
  4. Idiotic to cherry pick when teachers have become the scapegoat. So you think being a teacher in this situation is easy?
  5. They had 2 weeks to prepare that material and plan. Speaking from experience they have been working all summer to develop Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for the fall. Here is another myth I can bust: "teachers have the summer off" not this summer, not any summer.
  6. Do you think developing virtual learning or a hybrid style takes less of a teachers time?
  7. He has referred to himself as a "transitional candidate" in several instances.
  8. There are at least 20 countries where higher education is free.
  9. Wish Case the best but an excellent example of staying true to the school who saw your potential from the very beginning and not one just swooping in to build depth with lots of promises.
  10. Gotta think they are going to sell bricks as a fundraiser? Get Dave Osborn and others to sign them with a Sharpie.
  11. Imagine the hotels facing the massive cancellations and nothing they can do about it.
  12. Actually this thread should be renamed "How to kill a fan site".
  13. At least they know their budget will always balance - the guy knows how to make money (it's a joke!!!).
  14. In the past few years I have seldom thought we had the better quarterback on the field in a conference game. Time for that to change.
  15. I'm thinking the response would be "This doesn't address that there is a systematic issue". (Not my thoughts just based on listening to too much public radio during the pandemic).
  16. I know it is common knowledge that SCSU is hemorrhaging money, their enrollment has dropped dramatically and they are dropping programs and cutting everywhere. Plus their hockey team is drawing the way it used to, even two years ago when they were #1 they couldn't fill their arena.
  17. I think we get your perspective - he made his decision I am confident UND is supportive of it.
  18. Wish McKinney well - it was fun to meet his family during tailgating. He had a few classic runs last year and someone will be interested, just hope that his education is as important to him as playing time.
  19. It is not an assumption, heard she was fired. Look I understand that political views will never allow many to see the other sides perspective.
  20. If someone knew they had been exposed and chose to come to work among vulnerable adults - probably should be some consequences. Based on the nursing home environment it would seem unlikely that he will be the only who gets infected.
  21. Of course not - are you saying that if a person knows they were exposed to the virus directly they have no accountability when it comes to staying home vs going out into the community and infecting others?
  22. only blame lies with a person who is living with someone infected and chooses to go out. Update, just got a call that he died. He was in his 80s so guess they better not list Corona as contributing to his death.
  23. So if your neighbor's spouse tested positive and then your neighbor came over to your house for dinner and you got infected is there no accountability?
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