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  1. What the percentage that we will have a season next year and who will have money to buy tkts?
  2. Zone possession and PP were awful last night....fix that and should be fine
  4. UMD doesn't concern me too much....Each of their titles they did not have to play a NCHC team. Are they good yes but I think we are better I am more concern about the east coast teams.
  5. SO Worester 1.UND VS SHU or AIC ASU VS MASS Albany 3.Cornell VS Maine or NMU or BSU UMD vs OSU Allentown 2. MSU vs Maine BC vs Penn State Denver 4. Den vs Providence Clarkson vs Northeastern
  6. Or if DU is a high 2 seed we will not be there.
  7. If you think BC is not playing in Worcester then I have a bridge in Oakdale to sell you. A
  8. So when they come back they play straight 23 mins?
  9. Too many injuries I think caught up with the team.
  10. Would be nice if they called holding
  11. It depends if Bubba is doing the travel plans.
  12. Can we ask DU to switch the series to GFK?
  13. Attendance is awful either they need to take away student seats or sell rush seat to fill them. Prices are too high and maybe sell upper bowl cheaper than lower.
  14. I thought we played NDSU the last game of the year? Always?
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