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  1. Anyone need a ticket for Drake? 6513661559
  2. I think the day off is a good thing....they could have just one regional site now.
  3. It would be nice if they could find any way to get games on in the cities.
  4. I was thinking of flying into JAC and driving
  5. You might want to look at rentals cars they are very expensive right now....why sun country?
  6. I do not think KVLY is the answer with most things on line it doest really matter what platform it is on as long it is a good product.
  7. I think the NCHC should add them take the bullet. We talk about expanding and adding more teams but we are ok for a school to fold? NCHC should add 2 or 4 and do a east west thing..
  8. I still fell awful....this team was good but not lights out like the 2019 team...also missing to of our best players in the OT hurt too....they played their hearts out just wish they hit the net more.
  9. It's Wednesday still look for 1 6513661559 thank you
  10. Still need a ticket hoping for a miracle
  11. Well not happy but kinda saw this coming. OUR d Is not that good. Every game I watched the opponents march down at will. I do not think it's something you can fix but TOP is very important and did not control the clock.
  12. good to know but I think i have a better shot of finding the lost city of Atlantis than getting tickets
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