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  1. So Jasper is against Sioux forever?
  2. So rather than helping him and the situation UND just says see yah? So does he have a chance to make the team again or just black ball him? I mean Brad Berry did not know this would be the out come? What a terrible situation all around. This should have been taken care of before he stepped on campus.
  3. According to who? These fact checkers are democrats in sheepskin. How about you fact check Biden? If he can stay awake
  4. There will no games until all the "karens" are satisfied. I mean they scream about a wedding with 250 people and you think they will allow a hockey game? or anything else? Unless.......
  5. Here is a question does getting Covid a bad thing? If everyone gets it who cares?
  6. How do you know these things?
  7. For numbers that is not bad sucks for the people in the hospital of course
  8. Someone need to step up and tell the American people what the virus really is a bad cold or flu. All this shut down business needs to stop. It comes down to personal responsibility. If masks are the answer fine everyone one wear one but open everything up. We are makes this virus bigger than it is and needs to stop. Will you get sick? Maybe just like a flu or cold. Open everything up and deal with it.
  9. What the percentage that we will have a season next year and who will have money to buy tkts?
  10. Zone possession and PP were awful last night....fix that and should be fine
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