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  1. johnsowe

    Filling the Ralph

    The ralph needs to do a better job before the team comes out in the 2 and 3 periods and ESP OT. The 2 mins of break between OT should not have ads it should be used to build up the team. Take a page out of UNO and Golden Knights.
  2. johnsowe

    Filling the Ralph

    Geez sounds like a job for a mascot
  3. johnsowe

    Filling the Ralph

    I find it interesting that alot more people are selling their tickets and trying to make a profit. Tickets used to be hard to come by but not so much anymore. Moving the students might be a good thing but maybe find a way to let them in for free again. Also maybe a different price for upper and lower also how about rush seats? 20 bucks or something after 10 mins of play. UND better be careful or the Ralph will look like the U Of M.
  4. johnsowe

    Time For Some New Blood

    Not going for it on 4 and 1 twice is disturbing but something needs to be done. Not sure what it is but at least go for the win.
  5. johnsowe

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

    Yes they played Wisconsin 2 years ago? or last year
  6. johnsowe

    Time For Some New Blood

    I guess I was thinking not fire everyone just a shake up
  7. johnsowe

    Time For Some New Blood

    Because I do not want to lose to them every year and sick of hearing about them. I thought with Bubba we had a chance
  8. johnsowe

    Time For Some New Blood

    So we fire the staff and then how.many more years and national title will NDSU win before we become competitive?
  9. johnsowe

    UND - Idaho Game Day Thread

    Did the injuries caught up with them?
  10. johnsowe

    UND - Idaho Game Day Thread

    How the heck was that not roughing the kicker?
  11. johnsowe

    UND - Idaho Game Day Thread

    Were is number 33?
  12. johnsowe


    were on ticketmaster? I can not find them? Is it just presale?
  13. Delta is the way to go
  14. johnsowe

    What needs

    Drake Caggula
  15. Doesn't help its Halloween weekend and alot of other stuff is going on. The days of cheap Vegas are gone.