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  1. If you are worried about people standing up....stay home and watch it on tv
  2. Why is attendance so bad?
  3. So the bison win championships and we fight over a name......
  4. Do you have to pay to get the game on espn3? I was hoping it be in the directv channels but doesn't look like it
  5. Why are you going to Mankato over Thanksgiving weekend?
  6. I have been to a few arenas and my fav is Miami and CC. Vermont was fun and Omaha is too. This year UND plays UM MSU SCSU and UMD all on the road. So living in the cities its an easy drive to all.
  7. I Remember a couple of times I was told to sit down and I was like really? You stand up.
  8. I think some of the schools that good a good job is CC and UNO in the NCHC. Look at what Vegas and the Blackhawks do to pump up the crowd. The biggest problem is that the crowd is divided and until people can look past it there will be issues.
  9. johnsowe

    UND vs DU

    Friday 3-1 DU SAT. 2-1 UND OT SUN 5-1 UND
  10. I have one tkt center ice to sell. 20 bucks there is a huge storm for the cities so I will not be able to come. wesncc1701@gmail.com
  11. If they think Bast is going to be suspended for a slash.....
  12. Where is the on ice video projection system?
  13. Missing open nets seems to a key to this team too.
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