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  1. Haven't been here for quite some time (covers head). Love my Gopher hockey and Bison football...WTF is a guy like me doing here? Taking the high road and telling y'all congrats on a special season and especially the 'ship. Been awhile and there isn't a more deserving program. Will be great to see the 2 going at it next year at Mariucci. Maybe my team can find a way to make a 3rd meeting happen in March/April. Congrats again, enjoy, and have a great off-season!
  2. That did happen. SDSU came to the FargoDome a few weeks later for a playoff game I believe....and yes, the fan base was upset. I understand the venting by UND fans, I do. I cannot imagine anyone on either team is out to intentionally injure an opposing player. "Intent" is a rather nasty word to use. Back in the day did the SDSU lineman "intend" to injure Perry? Did 87 "intend" to injure him on the play? A few years ago did Frattin "intend" to put Wehrs into la la land in the corner? It is hard to play that card, no one knows what's going through a players head as he lines up for a play. Not that this will fix anything or help the injured player, but that was one of the longest ovations I've heard for an opposing player. Terrible circumstance, but no need to label an entire fan base because of a few message board posts. BOTTOM LINE: Hopefully a full recovery for the injured player.....and as shallow as some of you make take this hopefully 87 learns a lesson from this as well. Once again good luck in the Big Sky.
  3. Amazing tailgate, never seen lines like that so early. The atmosphere early was definitely playoff loud. Too bad this isn't an annual event but that's another thread for a different day. Best wishes to your injured player and best of luck in the Big Sky Conference.
  4. Best wishes on the weekend. Enjoy the tailgate, excited to feel the electricity in the dome once the lights go out for the intro. As for the game.....that's why they play it!
  5. Haven't posted here in a long time. Glad this week is back. Hope everyone can enjoy the tailgate, first off, it truly is amazing. All of us (NDSU fans) know UND fans. I hope the experience and game is a civil as every other game in Fargo where an opposing fan can walk around and pretty much be fed and drink for free...but I'm sure there will be plenty of idiocy on both sides. As for the game? Predictions are essentially worthless. Can't wait to watch it unfold....
  6. Pass me some of that reefer and tinfoil Darrell.
  7. Johnny Five

    2013 Playoffs

    Last 2 years we were on the field it was in absolute mint condition and a great stadium for a football game, not a bad seat in the house. Just a freak deal. Best wishes to you UND cats moving forward with Bubba. I may not be a fan of UND sports but I always support the local ties and kids. A lot of great ND/MN kids on this NDSU team, it's been a fun ride and I'm looking forward to the challenges they'll face moving forward.
  8. A good another big wiener contest where nothing can be proved.
  9. Bison Fan here. 2 new coaches. Open September dates in 14. Get it done.
  10. Johnny Five

    2013 Playoffs

    SDSU is playing some real nice football. I wouldn't look past them on the bottom half whatsoever and wouldn't be surprised if they housed both Big Sky teams. And I'm not exactly a SDSU guy.
  11. Good luck this evening folks. Bison fan here who will be watching with interest.
  12. Johnny Five

    SDSU at UND

    They have a decent passing game but if they need to rely on it consistently to win throughout a game they are in trouble. Stop the RB...stop the RB....stop the RB....force 2/3 and long.....you'll be fine. They are legit, bring the noise in the stands and go for the W. this is a huge game for you guys, and hanging a L on sdsu before they start the valley could spell a bit of trouble for them.
  13. Hey I am a college hockey fan (G*pher fan, sorry!)...sad reality is most Bison fans don't care about hockey because they didn't grow up with it as a sport in their area. Hard to "make" someone love a sport they don't understand. I didn't have wrestling at my school in High School and I couldn't tell you much about it, or soccer for that matter. You guys have an unbelievable hockey program and are dang proud of it, which you should be. Top notch hockey and it's run like a professional organization top to bottom. Sad part most Bison or UND fans don't get is even though the sports are 2 different animals (and yes, different "level" within their sport)...is how similar the programs are because they were built in a way in which today they each have amazing tradition, fan bases, and success. Division 2 Championships in football can be laughed at by many fan bases, but it has helped build a fan base that is deep and proud (and obviously obnoxious at time but that comes in various forms in every fan base). So...heck yes. You have something special in GF with your hockey team. And you have a football program that has done some great things in the past as well, and are dang proud of your school, which you should be. Best wishes in your next 3 games....it's like running a playoff gauntlet right in your dang back yard. I'll enjoy this Bison win and now I'm moving on to being POd again that MSU backed on for the home opener....so your team can whip that tail for me if you don't mind too. Represent ND with pride!
  14. Vs the Bison club squad? Sounds like Minot State would be a better option this season.
  15. He played enough title season 1 and would've last season as well. In fact he had 1 of the biggest tackles of the season against GSU on a 4th and goal which really helped swing the momentum. So I hope that assists your butthurt.
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