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I interpreted the Miami AD comments about one sport conferences as there was a chance nchc grabs ASU and St Thomas to become Summit hockey and perhaps Miami and Western go back to ccha which would become MAC hockey. 

East would be muddier with only Ivy League a clear choice although that would likely break up ECAC. Big East would be best brand for Hockry East.  No clear option for Atlantic Hockey, maybe revert to MAAC. 

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NCAA Division I board adopts changes to transfer rules, giving hockey players a 60-day transfer window

By USCHO Staff-August 31, 2022

Student-athletes who transfer will be guaranteed their financial aid at their next school through graduation, the Division I Board of Directors decided Wednesday in a virtual meeting. ...

NCAA rules now will require any school that considers athletics when awarding scholarships to transfer student-athletes to provide that scholarship for the rest of a student’s five-year eligibility or until they complete the requirements for their bachelor’s degree, unless the student transfers again or engages in professional athletics opportunities. ...

The board adopted the following notification-of-transfer windows for winter sports, which includes men’s and women’s hockey: a 60-day window beginning the day after championships selections are made in the sport.

The legislation also establishes exceptions to the new windows for student-athletes who experience head coach changes or have athletics aid reduced, canceled or not renewed. ...


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19 minutes ago, stoneySIOUX said:

I wish him the best. But, again, another overreaction when he de-committed from UND. Our coaches know what they are doing! Are they perfect? No, but more often than not, they make the right move.

Who knows if he even would have made it to campus if he hadn't decommitted. Could have would up like Mitchell Mattson, getting his offer pulled for not performing in Juniors. Now Donovan serves as another cautionary tale for anyone trying to jump from MN HS to D1.

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6 minutes ago, cberkas said:

They are making it 200x90, which I thought they started doing it


PS - The article scoffs at Olympic rinks and "the once-coveted Christian Brothers aluminum hockey stick." My UND green aluminum stick downstairs would like a word with (and a slash at) the author. Pretty sure I still have "Kidd" and "Parks" blades for that beauty. 

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9 hours ago, SiouxForever said:

Saw a post on the gram that Colorado College is getting new jerseys. Literally had the worst jerseys I’ve seen in college hockey the last few years. 

Up next, UND. New logo, new jersey. 

With Adidas exiting the NHL hockey market after the  23-24 and rumors of logo tweaks and updates....

I'd say, if things hold accourding to past I'd bet UND has new jerseys under NHLs branded template for the 2025-26 season.

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