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  1. If that's burning bridges, then Montana has pretty thin skin. Kid was a walk on at Montana and earned first team All America honors and is now on scholarship at Nebraska. In looking at his actual twitter he's hugely complimentary of his teammates at UM. Even that facebook post has a response questioning the legitimacy of that tweet, since it was a screenshot and not linked.
  2. Or the success level from the coach creates a level of excitement in the program that you also get good outside candidates. Promoting from within is good for morale, but I think UND at times has been too focused on internal ties and not on who might be the best person for the job.
  3. Hockey is a jumping stone as well, just to the NHL.
  4. Agree wholeheartedly. Follow the money. It's why I laugh when i hear people suggest any school would leave the Big Ten for the SEC. Football money is peanuts compared to the research dollars.
  5. An actual fan would know would conference UND plays in, that's a marketing and promotions problem and I won't even touch that, as it goes at least as long as we have been in Division I. College hockey exists of almost entirely single sport conferences. UND is in what is by far the besct one, and I'm not sure why you want to ruin that. Football is the best path to stability in the Summit.
  6. Lots of moving parts in that scenario. Still not sure why Miami and Western willingly go to to a weaker conference just for the sake of travel. Adding Augie, St. Thomas and potentially UMKC goes against most of what the NCHC was established on. All indications are that USD and SDSU are not at all keen on admitting Augie to the Summit. And how would the other Dakota 4 feel about the conference putting priority on hockey. In a vacuum in might make a little sense, but it goes against the interests and goals of a lot of entities. The NCHC is having another banner year in terms of team success, not sure why their so many seem to want to shake up the membership. Only foreseeable change that makes sense to me would be adding Arizona St.
  7. Western clearly wants to be in the NCHC. They have committed to the program and been a solid and competitive member. Not sure why people are trying to send them packing. Their and Miami's presence also contributes to the theory behind the league name. Again, I'd like to see St. Thomas contribute something other than being located in twin cities metro. Certainly in no hurry to see them in the NCHC.
  8. At the game it was jarring at first, but I think I liked it.
  9. I briefly considered that, but attendance would have to be very poor (I'm pretty sure at least the South Dakota schools would vigorously oppose this). I'm sure local restaurants and bars also appreciate the additional game nights and it's an additional opportunity to get out for a night, even if for a shorter time. Double headers are probably preferable for the hoops junkies, but single games for the casual fan.
  10. Doubleheaders means fewer tickets, and probably less game day revenue with fewer overall days. Rather than a preseason tournament maybe Summit League showcase events at the Target Center, Ball Center and Sprint Center, that would bring together three or four Summit teams and three or four non-conference teams for a Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday, so each school gets a couple of quality non-conference games, fans can make it a hoops weekend and you get a little presence in big recruiting and media markets.
  11. I think St. Thomas has a little to prove before they join the NCHC. They got into the Summit because the Summit was desparate. That isn't the case with the NCHC. The NCHC current setup is ideal, and at this point St. Thomas adds very little if anything to the league.
  12. If UMKC goes to MVC, then I think you try to make the bold play and help Western Illinois go to the OVC and ORU back to the Southland (better geographic fit). Then you invite 5 from the Big Sky (Montanas, Idaho, EWU and Weber). That gives you 12 schools, 9 football (10 if St. Thomas moves up). You also have divisons to cut travel for olympic sports. This would be the new elite football conference in FCS and a pretty decent mid-major basketball league that could in short order rival the diminished MVC. I'd also like to see an academic/research consortium set up similar to how the Big 10 has, that would likely have more financial benefit that the sports element would. Summit East UND-NDSU USD-SDSU Omaha-St. Thomas Summit West Montana-Montana St Idaho-EWU Weber St.-Denver
  13. The Olympic Museum is another option.
  14. Don't see anyone leaving NCHC, but if someone does Arizona St is the team I imagine comes in.
  15. Interesting that Fenton is leaving NCHC for the Summit. He's proven a pretty capable administrator and the NCHC has been an innovator. What will he bring to the Summit? I think it's a positive move and he will be a good guy to have in charge in this changing college sports landscape.
  16. Larry Scott is also gone so I expect a resurgence of PAC 10. USC has more intangibles to draw stident athletes than arguably any school in the country. They definitely have an open path to success. Oklahoma is on the way to being Nebraska 2.0. Easy decision.
  17. I saw some of their series against Notre Dame and they were competitive. I can see them doing well. They seem committed, are in a solid recruiting area and NYC will be appealing to some recruits
  18. Maybe then a football alum needs to step up with a big check. It's not like basketball is getting monster cash either and that sport has at least much history at UND and big dance appearances would do more for national profile than fcs playoffs.
  19. Should have run it after the play to Richter. Had plenty of time. Sack was the back breaker.
  20. Most disliked and it's nor even close - Michigan. Hate the M, hate the helmets, hate The Victor's, hate that they are unwilling to play us, hate that it's still 9-8.
  21. I'd like to see an approach similar to college football overtime. Go to power plays. Home team chooses whether they go on power play or penalty kill first. Both teams get a 5x4 power play, with a 2 minute time out between so killing team can rest prior to their power play. If both teams fail or both teams score, its still a tie. If only one scores, they win. Any short-hander is sudden victory. It's exciting, it's uses a real scenario of game play, so not contrived like 3x3 or shootout. If you want to spice it up further, if the first team scores, you give the second team only the same amount of time to score on their power play, rather than the full two minutes..
  22. nodakvindy


    Wow. I hated them so boring and reminded of first post-Sioux jerseys. No thanks.
  23. I'd even be OK with Paramount+ if it got the CBS game streamed as well. That is a huge missing item from nchc.tv. $112 is also pretty steep and sidearm sports is awful.
  24. nodakvindy


    It's a great app. I've used it at both Coors Field and Target Field to bypass lines as well.
  25. Does the Sun Belt gutting C-USA open the door for a Northern Division, and would the Dakota 4 be interested in pursuing it, perhaps with Northern Iowa and Missouri State or maybe the Montanas. CUSA North UND, NDSU, USD, SDSU, UNI, MoSt (or Montana/Montana St. if interested) CUSA South UTEP, New Mexico St., La. Tech, FIU, (MTSU & WKU if they stay, otherwise perhaps Liberty or FCS moveups)
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