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  1. Great potential regional site if neutral format continues.
  2. At this point the most logical decision might be for MVFC to cancel non conference, and add two games to conference schedule and play a true round robin this year. Still a 10 game schedule and shouldn't be to hard to rework. Just add the additional games in the weeks of Sept. 12 and 19, with the two off teams playing on the 26th. Only move necessary would be the South Dakota Missouri St. game from Sept. 19 to Nov. 7.
  3. I can see an 8 week regular season, in September and October, Conference championships weekend of Halloween and then an 8 team playoff using the Big 6 Bowls. Quarterfinals Nov. 6-7 (one game Friday night and then Noon, 4 and 8 ET on Saturday), Semis on Nov 14 and FBS title on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. FCS could do the same but still have 16 team team playoff starting the week of FBS Conference championships. Still get a season in before flu season really kicks off. In all honesty it’s better for student athletes as well, although that is rarely a deciding factor for any decisions.
  4. The mural in the gym was pretty sweet. Probably best in the area although Berthold's was right up there.
  5. nodakvindy

    The Herald

    And Duluth, Brainerd, Mitchell etc.
  6. Would love to see the Engelstads sponsor an invitational at the REA if things have settled before May. A 2020 tournament of champions. Invite each of the six league champs. 1 UND and 2 Mankato get byes to the semis. 3 Cornell vs 6 American International and 4 Boston College vs 5 Penn State in the quarterfinal. Play it over Friday night, Saturday night and Monday night final and donate profits to an appropriate cause. It wouldn't be an NCAA title, but it would be some closure to the season. Maybe throw in the Hobey annoucement at the same time since there won't be a Frozen Four. Have Hoeven lean on the NCAA is some sort of exemption is needed to allow it.
  7. Easy, Michigan. 1998 and 2011 especially, but more the fact they simply won't play us. Denver, BC, Minnesota... all tough opponents but I respect their programs and history.
  8. And potentially set off revolution in Iran by compounding their woeful handling of coronavirus with a crippling economic strike on oil.
  9. Triple header UND-Minnesota Bemidji-UMD Mankato-St. Cloud
  10. nodakvindy


    Agree. I thought they were pretty sharp.
  11. nodakvindy

    FBS games

    Clemson defends and I'll be surprised if anyone stays within 2 TDs, LSU included.
  12. If not targeting what about the 2 guys that hit him without a helmet. Just terrible
  13. nodakvindy

    Weber St GDT

    Offense chance to win it
  14. nodakvindy

    Weber St GDT

    Gotta clamp down in the red zone.
  15. nodakvindy

    Weber St GDT

    Strong performance but clock management could be better. Burned all three timeouts already.
  16. nodakvindy

    Weber St GDT

    Love the calls after botched onside kick. Killer instinct
  17. Hopefully the hotel is a Delta. Would be a good fit.
  18. Wait. Throwing the ball is allowed.
  19. When I was in high school and the scorekeeper for our basketball games he would ref 4 to 5 games in our town every year. I remember talking to him about umping as he had just got to the majors. He was at 3rd when Rickey Henderson broke Lou Brock's career steals record. Always thought it was pretty cool that he still came home during the winter to do HS basketball.
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