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UND - Drake GDT 8/31/2019


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I will start this this time though there are many much more qualified.

Start of another year. Another start filled with optimism and high expectations. With those high expectations come many questions.

Will the offense really be much improved? Can we avoid injuries. Are our lines big enough? Will our quarterback thrive in the new offense? What freshman step up?  Etc

we start with Drake. I expect that we win. I would be surprised and disappointed if we win by less than by 17 points. 

I cannot be there. Because of an event I cannot even watch live. I would appreciate pics of tailgating and pics inside the stadium.

have fun Hawk’s fans! Enjoy the day! Embrace the event and let’s do this!!  Here we go with 2019 UND football!!

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2 hours ago, 90siouxfan said:

Has watching opportunities been discussed,  I had planned on sleeping as my hitch is currently nights but a surprise 4 day weekend happened.


Pluto channel 455 - I guess since UND is no longer a member of the Big Sky, they no longer have their own channel.

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