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  1. These topics are always fun to read. Could be due to injury, underwhelming performance, or just unexpected transfer. Discuss.
  2. I know it's a touch a subject and relatively understood, but Pinke also not listed on the spring roster
  3. Certainly did a great job on our last three starters, all were very successful. I bet we will see Agnew in the future doing bigger and better things.
  4. Don't write on message boards after 3 whiskey's kids. It appear to make you type stupid. #SundayScaries
  5. I think during the 2020-2021 going to start betting on the number of times I-28 will be closed. Perhaps through in Hwy 2 as a second line.
  6. Would love to see Hunter Pineke as honorary team captain. I doubt he will play ever again, but can see his leadership being a huge influence.
  7. Keep that Canadian pipeline going. This should be one region where UND should dominate in getting quality players.
  8. Best of luck to whatever is coming next
  9. Any updates to this? I have not seen anything in the local fish wrap and the Grand Forks TMZ reporter has also been quite on the case. Has no one even requested a police report? I would think an adult killing a 15 year old kid is kind of a big story
  10. Alligent adding a 3rd flight from Grand Forks to Nashville. One ticket for the low price of $600, which does not include any bags checked or carry on.
  11. My opinion why Brown won in in 2016..Berjke was a little too conservative for most of Grand Forks voters.
  12. Clearing the house of top level staff never a good sign. Wonder what is happening behind the scenes to make this sudden change?
  13. "If anyone knows someone who they haven’t reached yet contact that person and let them know we have a great opportunity for them and have them contact Chaves or contact Chaves and give him the info. We will get there" Sounds like an Amway pitch, but ya hopefully some donors are named soon.
  14. https://www.redandblack.com/sports/planned--seat-classic-center-arena-to-provide-permanent-home/article_80a96e70-3d7d-11ea-b45c-bb627230b725.html sorta related: Nashville Hosting SEC Hockey Tournament https://www.nashvillepost.com/sporting-events/article/21112520/ford-ice-bellevue-to-host-sechc-tournament
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