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  1. Or maybe an over-saturated restaurant market? There is only so many people available to work in food service. The Grand Forks unemployment rate in April was around 2%
  2. Maybe late for that recruiting trip to Mayville State
  3. Less than the economic impact of drug addiction.
  4. I mean, isn't this true for basically everything?
  5. I wonder if Northwestern has hockey on the whiteboard of ideas?
  6. New NCAA committee poised to turn college sports upside down - Sports Illustrated
  7. So there goes any hope for a NDSU hockey team
  8. But will it have ice capacity? Unless I missed it, there was no video or any description of ice use. It will be a very nice Rodeo facility
  9. Food Network and EGF resident Molly Yah is officially opening a restaurant at the former Sickies building. This could be a nice addition, especially if other Food Network stars/famous chefs make an occasional visit.
  10. Early Accuweather prediction has a chance for more blizzard conditions Saturday into Sunday in central/western North Dakota.
  11. I see more small-town financial institutions doing this as the outer population declines, with many now residing in Grand Forks.
  12. Waffle House, need at least one 24-hour restaurant open back up in the city! Plus, the Waffle House entertainment is one-of-a-kind!
  13. I am sure the population of Williston raises and falls heavily based on long-term oil demand, but an interesting tidbit from the Census this morning. Also, Grand Forks county lost somewhere between 0.5% to no change in
  14. Yikes. Dollar Loan Center Hopeful UNLV doesn't join just because that sponsorship is terrible but fits with Vegas life I suppose.
  15. Hockey will be over soon, then back to no UND stories until maybe September
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