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  1. Why subject yourself on this great day to overpriced beer and subpar wings?
  2. While I am glad all these projects are moving forward, would like to see a report on how many properties in Grand Forks are currently receiving some type of property tax benefit. It seems the list just keeps growing on a monthly basis, while the homeowner is seeing the property tax increases. Grand Forks still has bills to pay and what doesn't come from commercial taxes will come from residential ones.
  3. Former UND alum and Sioux Award Winner was arrested in Winnipeg after a months long investigation into sexual assaults. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/peter-nygard-custody-1.5841839?fbclid=IwAR0hTa6OfH4f4kR3DXOrkfTBjr8QA7QXZ-805kfMowyPzGz6KWNlm1Od0Uw
  4. No free cars for coaches? How will Barry get around town on his $400,000 salary?! If true, glad both sides are being so mature on the issue
  5. I'm going a limb to say and any that has spent 30 years active duty, likely has plenty of balls
  6. KodaBank is located mostly in rural NW ND/NE MN places like Cavalier and Stephen. They recently merged with Citizen State Bank Midwest so they have a branch in Bemidji as well. No idea what "Peak Bank" is, but Grand Forks has to be pushing it.
  7. From what I understand, this allows the City of Grand Forks to issue bonds on behalf of Altru without the city responsible for paying it back nor defaulting.
  8. Whatever happen to the plans to turn the apartments on Demars & 2nd into a botique hotel like the HoDo? Grand Forks could really use some type of small hotel downtown, especially with the event center opening in the near future
  9. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/van-halen/2004/fargodome-fargo-nd-3d2257b.html Set list from his last appearance in North Dakota which only 4,200 people attended
  10. That comment hit me right in the feels
  11. Anyone with better knowledge than me know why Cavalier continues to remain 9-man? They seem to steam roll most teams year after year
  12. Damn, struck a nerve..chill FYI, Sioux Falls is also getting an Amazon warehouse. Additionally, there are plenty of cities smaller than Grand Forks that have Amazon warehouses.
  13. Fargo gets an Amazon warehouse, Grand Forks a Sanitation expansion...sometimes jokes write themselves
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