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  1. Alligent is offering direct flights from Grand Forks to Nashville for the game. I had a hunch this was going to happen. (Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.) Additionally, Alligent just announced twice weekly service from Fargo to Nashville starting in June
  2. so the paywall model isnt working?! Never would have guessed! They also cut the Bemidji Pioneer from 6x to 2x
  3. A president with North Dakota ties is less likely just be job hoping and hopefully more invested in the position. An in house UND football promotion, is just a retread of a similar system, without new ideas or processes.
  4. Ya, I find this trend disturbing. I mean, a hire this fast seems it was almost a lock. Schmidt likely recommended this happening.
  5. Should have just hired DeBoer when given the chance, but that is another discussion Jim Glogowski D.C at Mankato? Used to be the Coordinator at U of South Dakota and was a player there as well Mankato was National Runner-up, opposing teams averaged 260 yards and 15 points per game
  6. I hope this link works. The WBB visited Hunter while in Denver and sang Stand Up A Cheer. https://m.facebook.com/groups/443827783164712?view=permalink&id=446610532886437&sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=i
  7. Is this the same press conference/news realse that was denied as occurring by Altru?
  8. Sorry for my non fact checking post. Seems ESPN really doesn't fact check either!
  9. You are right, Wynn makes $695,000
  10. Highest Paid Employees By State http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story?_slug_=dabo-swinney-ed-orgeron-highest-paid-state-employees&id=28261213&redirected=true Grand Forks School Director is the highest public employee in the state. I guess North Dakota should be glad it is not a college coach, but still surprising.
  11. Hunter Pinke was in a skiing accident in Colorado. Unsure of the seriousness. Spread good vibes for his recovery.
  12. Just returned from a visit to Nashville over Christmas, surprised the parents with tickets. Couple of tidbits 1) The Gulch district of downtown is really booming. I hardly recognized it from living there many years ago. Anyone with a hotel in that area will find plenty of things to eat/drink. 2) Nashville airport is undergoing a major renovation which includes concourse expansion and six additional gates. I think these are all going to Southwest Airlines, This should all be completed in Summer of 2020, so should open more flight options in the fall. 3) Delta is expanding the Sky Lounge to over 10,000 sqft with completion in late 2020. Hopefully before for October for those Delta flyers.
  13. Now he is reporting they aren't being sold and no meeting Jan 3rd.
  14. Merry Christmas employees, now wait two weeks to hear what's happening.
  15. I've started an alumni club in Bemidji. So far it's just me and the wife. Always looking for more
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