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  1. It will be interesting to see the CFL this season after everyone taking one year off! Will Brady be able to overcome is season-ending injury from two years ago? How will Mason Bennett do during his first pro season? Will there even be a CFL season? Also I was looking at Winnipeg's roster and they have Jamalcolm Liggins who played at Dickinson State and was invited to the Eagles camp in 2019. Who knew
  2. Fun podcast listen https://stadiumjourney.com/news/the-stadium-journey-podcast-413-ncaa-hockey-arenas
  3. Coming to Grand Forks for the first time in a year this week. May need to drive around campus and and check out all the changes
  4. I'll take it off their hands for $200
  5. "This past year has shown our industry that the needs of our community look different than they did before COVID" Certainly a true comment and with the pause one good thing to come from the long pause, re-evaluate the design.
  6. Austin Peay in Clarksville may take that slot, TBD
  7. Just came across this today Grand Forks tabbed for 2022 Expedition League slot https://ballparkdigest.com/2021/02/11/grand-forks-tabbed-for-2022-expedition-league-slot/
  8. Certainly a great opportunity for re-development, especially if they ever get around to finally fixing that intersection
  9. early candidate for 2021 quote of the year
  10. Why subject yourself on this great day to overpriced beer and subpar wings?
  11. While I am glad all these projects are moving forward, would like to see a report on how many properties in Grand Forks are currently receiving some type of property tax benefit. It seems the list just keeps growing on a monthly basis, while the homeowner is seeing the property tax increases. Grand Forks still has bills to pay and what doesn't come from commercial taxes will come from residential ones.
  12. Former UND alum and Sioux Award Winner was arrested in Winnipeg after a months long investigation into sexual assaults. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/peter-nygard-custody-1.5841839?fbclid=IwAR0hTa6OfH4f4kR3DXOrkfTBjr8QA7QXZ-805kfMowyPzGz6KWNlm1Od0Uw
  13. No free cars for coaches? How will Barry get around town on his $400,000 salary?! If true, glad both sides are being so mature on the issue
  14. I'm going a limb to say and any that has spent 30 years active duty, likely has plenty of balls
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