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  1. Damn, struck a nerve..chill FYI, Sioux Falls is also getting an Amazon warehouse. Additionally, there are plenty of cities smaller than Grand Forks that have Amazon warehouses.
  2. Fargo gets an Amazon warehouse, Grand Forks a Sanitation expansion...sometimes jokes write themselves
  3. Travel Lodge finally bit the dust, now need to get rid of a couple of more crack shack inns
  4. I think there were more articles about Mayville State then UND
  5. Bismarck Century vs Legacy on ESPN2. Kind of a cool opportunity for those kids!
  6. I live in a Sanford dominated community and find it funny how people here want competition against Sanford, yet in Grand Forks everyone wants them to compete with Altru. Just shows how no one is happy with what is available! FYI, I have had experienced hospital stays with both Altru and Sanford, no issue with either.
  7. Seems a good time to make other improvements that can't be accomplished during football season. Maybe refresh the seats or new paint job? The concrete wall between the catwalk and seating is ripe for some creative design
  8. Mi Rancho is the name in Bemidji. Solid food, leans more American Mexican but still can find a few authentic Mexican dishes. Good prices and nice portion Great daily drink specials
  9. CFL just officially canceled the 2020 season. Disappointed to not see if Brady can rebound from his injury and Mason Bennett's debut. First time since 1919, there will be no Grey Cup
  10. Call Nick Saban, I'm sure they would be happy to play NDSU
  11. Thanks, that one slipped by me!
  12. Big 10 officially canceling the season and would not be surprised if PAC-10 follows later today. Question: Will ESPN/ABC/Fox Sports will air more G5 games to fill space? Any FCS conferences still playing that could also fill space? Mountain West could certainly fill the late broadcast times American Conference for noon game times CUSA/Sun-Belt for mid afternoon to early evening games MACtion for week night games
  13. Remember when donations were going to significantly drop after retiring the Sioux name?
  14. Vaccine, better testing, more herd immunity, better data
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