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  1. Just say in Chamber Facebook page Pub 76 (I think that was the name) was rebranded again at The Office Pub. That's what 3 name changes in 4 years? Reference point is the bar next to Casa Mexico.
  2. northernraider


    Beer Grandma disapproves this message.
  3. Gophers Women's Hockey is playing in something call the Country Classic in Nashville against Yale and Boston College this November. I have no explanation for why this is even happening. Seems dozens will begin attending, there are not even enough area alumni of those schools that would even be interested in attending the game. *Update* Game will be at Ford Ice Center which seats 1,000.
  4. Preview of Drake Football http://www.college-sports-journal.com/college-sports-journal-conference-previews-pioneer-league/ http://www.college-sports-journal.com/2019-ncaa-division-i-college-football-team-previews-drake-bulldogs/
  5. The Hugo's Boy is gonna look HUGGGEEE
  6. I've never played hockey, but that video made me want to put on the bucket and go a period or two.
  7. imagine playing in a conference that reaches from California to Florida and New York..some serious travel cost for lower schools
  8. Drake has finished 7-4 the past three years, so not a terrible team. They have struggled against non-conference FCS opponents with huge losses to Montana in 2018 and both South Dakota Schools in 2017, but only lost 2 conference games. This is a great first match up to me. A challenging enough team that you must play all 4 quarters, but on paper should defeat by 21 points. Drake men's basketball on the other hand: tough team to beat
  9. So what you are saying is anything can happen? Glad I bought a ticket
  10. Is the Pho place that was located next to TJs Bar still open?
  11. Note to self: Dont get in the car wash business in Grand Forks
  12. Anyone want to guess the upsets? https://herosports.com/fcs/football-every-fbs-game-2019-bzbz I am going to say UNC beats SJSU & SDSU/UMinn game will be a close one.
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