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  1. I would not be surprised if Minot overtakes or come very close to Grand Forks once the 2020 final numbers are released.
  2. It is just a $1 million subsidy for a few, low wage jobs...what could go wrong?!
  3. This board always needs more Simpsons references.
  4. Wonder if they will make a jump to D2 in a few years.
  5. "THIS IS TOO SPICY"....most of Grand Forks probably
  6. I visited Boise a couple years ago for a work trip and did a tour of the stadium and hall of fame. It was one of those bucket list items to see the blue field. I may make this a road trip as Boise is a beautiful and fun city.
  7. Some should make a Duck Hunt version
  8. Seems like a nice gig. It seems they earn about $1,000 a month plus free housing and healthcare. Obviously doesn't compare to playing anywhere in North America, but there worse jobs a mid-20s adult male could be doing
  9. Remember the strange data center that burned a couple years ago? What ever came out of that?
  10. Any more car washes and GF will need addition to the water treatment plant.
  11. He is getting over a $1 million payout from Colorado. I chose the wrong profession in life
  12. some of my best and worst times at that place
  13. Should request that sweet state money for a theme park, beat Jamestown to the punch. Sugar Beetland U.S.A.
  14. Perhaps he wanted to be part of these hall of famers
  15. Do people at KU even know they still have a football team? KU opens up with South Dakota, could be an early FBS over FCS win
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