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  1. And still paying $12.00 in fees to Ticketmaster. Such a terrible company.
  2. Four tickets scored that will double as a Christmas gift. Room reserved at my parents house. Good times
  3. The amount of money Alabama football brings in they could sponsor a 20 memeber women nordic team that only competes twice a year.
  4. Those waiting to purchase flights. Southwest flights are not bookable until February 13th. I also wouldn't be surprised if Delta adds more capacity from MSP to BNA in a few weeks.
  5. I've been to many Predators games, really to a bad seat in the house except upper corners are a little far from the ice.
  6. It was checking past attendance at SCSU football games and they appear to hover around 2,500 (without doing actual math). Compare that to nearby St. Johns which averaged 5,000 fans last year, not including the game at Allianz Field. Just over 190,000 people are in the St. Cloud Metro area plus thousands of alums in the Twin Cities, so pretty obvious Husky football was not a major attraction.
  7. Crookston dropping football seems like a no-brainer. Terrible record, horrible attendance, and a field that wasn't even playable for most games this year. There was some talk in Crookston about a new athletic facility, which would include some type of bubble for football, guess that will be re-evaulated.
  8. If St. Cloud and UM-C both drop, the NSIC would be lopsided as both schools are in the northern division.
  9. Just hopped to the NSIC message board and saw that as well. My previous post no longer matters!
  10. Yet UM-Crookston still somehow manages to hang on to their barely above high school football program. UM-C must have some serious pull in the state
  11. Was he UND's last true deep threat receiver?
  12. No idea how accurate the information is but here is 24/7 sports transfer portal site. Currently not a lot of QB's listed. One side note is NDSU QB Holden Hotchkiss is listed on the site.
  13. Agreed..seems there was a lot of excitement when Phase 2 plan was announced and then kinda died out until this article was published. I know there are probably some behind the scenes horse trading occurring, but it would be nice to have a deadline for fundraising and occasional updates. Surprised there is not some Grand Forks or North Dakota connected company that hasn't jumped all over this project.
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