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  1. Side note: unsure where to post this but just returned from Boise, home of the 1980 Big Sky and I-AA Champs. They havent won since, so program must be on a downward spiral.
  2. That one loss being to Drake right?
  3. Ya I agree 8 wins are going to be hard earned. Part of me feels 6 win season would even be a success.
  4. Anyone with a more advanced knowledge of football know his downsides? Such a nice and talented kid that seems to be struggling at the next level.
  5. Well that is a 5* name for sure
  6. I do city comparison a lot for work so data is important to me: Fargo is the 222nd most populous city, right between Norman, OK and Simi Valley, CA. As a comparison, Sioux Falls is 140th. I always find MSA as a better measure of population, with Fargo #189 between Yakima, WA and Tuscaloosa, AL. Sioux Falls MSA is #184, Duluth #172, Grand Forks #352 and Bismarck #303, St. Cloud 222, Rapid City #282 Minot will likely be a MSA after the next census
  7. I think midnight Saturday
  8. Hospitals are expensive...CT Scanners, MRI Machines, operating rooms, these are not cheap items. As a comparison, the new Sanford Hospital cost $494 million, Minot $383 million, Crookston $47 Million
  9. Agreed! Sometimes the last 2 minutes are the most exciting in basketball, other times just milking the clock
  10. I'm glad more sports are looking at the Winnipeg pipeline. The city has a population of 750,00 and as shown in other sports has some fantastic athletes. Canadian collegiate sports is certainly no where near NCAA D1 level so plenty of opportunity to grab some great talent that can play close to home and use to the region's environment.
  11. Sigh! This makes me sad, could have been an interesting year for baseball! I for one would love to see it return, but understand the difficulty of the sport in a northern location . Also, Kraft Field was not exactly D1 baseball material. Heck, Bemidji State has a better a field.
  12. I've interacted with him a couple of random times, seems like a nice man. Quite, but that could have just been the situation. He has a lot of respect around campus, so that is a huge plus.
  13. Seems prime recruiting season with summer AAU starting up
  14. Maybe I will be more impressed in person but seems it will make people forget there is an actual hockey game being played underneath it! On the plus side, all the advertising is gonna be YUGE!
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