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  1. Completely anecdotal, but Nashville is my hometown and was excited to go but had to cancel a couple of months ago. I posted tickets for free on my Facebook page and a couple of Nashville area sites and have yet to get any offers. It seems the interest of the local game in Nashville is very minimal, but still be fun for those coming from afar! FYI; Broadway is fun and all but Vanderbilt area, Germantown, and Midtown are where are the cool kids hang out Also, hoping to not see any UND jerseys on the BroadwayUncensored2 Instagram page
  2. Rumor mill has some western FCS schools joining CUSA. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/conference-usa-future-in-doubt-with-four-teams-expected-to-join-sun-belt-next-week/
  3. People have been wanting a waterpark in Grand Forks for years (CanadInn doesn't count), well Fargo's is finally official https://epiccompaniesnd.com/eola-by-epic-starts-construction-on-phase-1/ A lot of great thinks are happening in Grand Forks, but still a lack of major attraction indoor activity for those occasional winter days
  4. Reading the release, it seems practice squad as they bumped up a WR from practice squad to roster
  5. Personal connection to SIU, had a longterm high school girlfriend dump me for a guy that went to SIU to play baseball. I hated that place ever since that day.
  6. QB1 for SIU is just playing backyard football and making UND foolish
  7. Why do we always throw short of the sticks on every third down. It's not a new concept
  8. SIU HC coach has to be in the mind of FBS programs. I wonder what that's like?!
  9. Thanks I remember it was recent, but couldn't remember exactly when. It should be a semi-regular meeting
  10. I am surprised UND does not bring in Air Force Academy every couple of years. Seems like a great opportunity with three near by AFB, our President a former AFA staff, and they usually have 4 to 6 guys from Minnesota
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