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  1. This is a proposed realignment for FBS according to a Sports Illustrated opinion writer. Anyone notice something a little "off" https://www.si.com/college/2020/06/29/ncaa-college-football-conference-realignment
  2. Tennessee Governor has extended state of emergency until August 29th and face masks are now required when in public in Nashville. Phase 3 has also been delayed due to a sharp rise in hospitalizations
  3. American Athletic Conference are not allowing visiting team bands or sprit squads. Home bands can no longer do halftime performances and cheerleaders not allowed on the field.
  4. Ticketmast got into huge trouble for not allowing refunds for canceled events during COVID. They will give the money back
  5. Ya, the amount of clueless was stunning.
  6. Athletics at all but a few major colleges have been running deficits for years. They have been relying on student fees, boosters & state funding for years to be some what sustainable. Now that all three are suffering it will be tough for a lot of colleges as we have already seen. I think the bigger athletic programs and universities will be able to sustain the down turn without much interruption. Smaller schools, not so much
  7. Ya, that article definitely screams scout team QB this year and maybe 3rd string heading into years 2 & 3. Seems a good addition as no loss of scholarship and he seems happy with the role.
  8. Semi-related: Black athletes are transferring from Liberty University after their President's contraversal tweet
  9. Congrats, GF just cut $150,000 in dead weight
  10. If anyone was wondering (likely not) the Columbia Mall owners paid $284,000 in property taxes last year It appears Scheels, JCP, and the former Macy's are separate ownership
  11. I have a theory the only reason current ownership still has the mall is to pad their numbers on number of square feet owned nationwide. Used this data as leverage to secure loans for other pursuits. Scheels and JC Penny likely pay just enough rent to keep it a float
  12. Remember when something was supposed to into the old Macy's space, but without more details? Ya, that never happened
  13. I'm from Nashville and have family there, so keeping track of the COVID situation very closely. Nashville opened "phase 2" a couple weeks earlier than Minnesota. They have since seen a rise in COVID hospitalizations and holding off on moving to phase 3. No idea what the long term outlook with be at this time.
  14. I'm a transportation planner in another state and could not have said it better myself
  15. Bochenski meets with McFeland and other city executive staff today. Would love to be a fly on the wall at City Hall
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