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  1. northernraider

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Certainly dark times for UND athletics. Time for Chaves to earn his salary.
  2. northernraider

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Remember that one year UND athletics had an amazing year. Ya, seemed so long ago.
  3. northernraider

    MJHL to be in Grand Forks next year

    But grand forks is hockey town usa. I mean look at the attendance during International tournaments and women's hockey.
  4. northernraider

    Grand Forks Economy

    I feel like Hope Church or whoever it is that owns the Grand Cities mall has an idea for this space. They seem pretty proactive at that location. Unlike the other mall owner
  5. northernraider

    What's Needed At The Alerus?

    Agree 100%, amazing how much the new management has done in such a short amount of time. Seem to make the Alerus Center a true community facility. I contrast, here in Bemidji the Sanford Center is hemorrhaging money and keep hoping they move to Spectra instead of Venuworks.
  6. northernraider

    Christmas Wish List for 2019

    I kinda wanna put the 2018 MS Valley State Game in this category. We won, but it was ugly in front of a near capacity crowd. Should have blown that team out of the water by 45 points
  7. northernraider

    Christmas Wish List for 2019

    No more let down games in front of large home crowds (If the situation occurs). They are such momentum killers from a community standpoint.
  8. northernraider

    Driving in Grand Forks

    A southern route should have been built so many years ago when there was less "stuff" to destroy during construction. Now the city is left with no perfect option because the can was kicked too long down the road but it needs to be done or GF's growth will be limited. Demers/42nd Ave Intersection also needs something done before 42nd Ave really starts to boom. However, now it would be almost impossible with the entire area surrounded by developed properties. Sometimes I think people are too nearsighted or afraid to make tough decisions.
  9. northernraider

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    I rather platy a D-1 Auggie then NAIA Mayville State in basketball
  10. northernraider

    Coach Jones?

    Pat made over $2 million and Geno of Uconn made the same as well during the peak of rivalry. Pat was likely the second highest paid Coach and no doubt Geno was #1 at UConn.
  11. northernraider

    Coach Jones?

    UConnand for a couple of lean football years I would argue Tennessee during a couple pat summit years
  12. northernraider

    President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    The no sale of Ray Richards will no doubt put this project back a little bit. Sad, a very vocal minority (or those who have no idea what's happening) is preventing big picture stuff from happening. I'm sure the details of the Ray Richard's family agreement could have been worked out for both parties and the land sold
  13. northernraider

    UND (5-5) vs Mayville (7-2) 12/14 7 pm

    Get your tickets now! Only a couple thousand seats still available. Seriously though, why are we still playing teams like Mayville? Can we at least get some very low level D1 school or heck even D-2 within the region? Hard to take MBB seriously when they schedule this type of competition!
  14. northernraider

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    No one would even hire him to pass the popcorn.
  15. northernraider

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    I hear its a tough ag year, not sure farm boys have the extra income laying around