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  1. Shout out to Alerus staff able to flip the arena after a 22,000 person concert to a football game. I'm sure it was not an easy task.
  2. I wonder what bean counter came up with this terrible idea.
  3. How was the tailgating to start the year?
  4. I was excited for the Chaves hire, he seemed like an energetic A.D. I'm not saying he is terrible as great progress being made in facilities, but the rest of the department seems blah.
  5. What's this about? Have they stopped allowing people loitering?
  6. Tickets aren't refundable are they?
  7. Best response I have seen on this topic yet. I am sure the bean counters, risk agents, and lawyers that work for Bridgestone Arena all decided this was the best option to protect themselves from either bad press or civil suits.
  8. Tennessee is #1 in COVID cases by population. Just passing it along, no agenda attached.
  9. I am hoping like most people: a solid lead midway through the third, quality playing time for those down the depth chart, and zero injuries heading into the bye week.
  10. Bumping..really need to unload these. I've never resold digital tickets, what other sites are a good way to sell them without losing too much money in the process?
  11. Only scoring three points in three quarters isn't a sign of a stellar offense. We also didn't really blow ISU out of the water last week
  12. Don't you have a bridge to go to for the night?
  13. What was our payout for this game?
  14. Performances like this is what keeps UND out of the top tier of FCS. The top schools find a way to win while every time we find every way to lose.
  15. Only 3 points since the first quarter. Where are the adjustments?
  16. Dagger..UND just ran out if gas after the first quarter
  17. Defense is just getting whipped and whipped again
  18. How about throwing it down field on 3rd and long instead of just the safety valve.
  19. Just can't break that last tackle for the big run
  20. Whoa, easy on the ledge there champ.
  21. Run up the middle..like the olden days
  22. Just too many mental mistake penalties
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