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  1. I’m confused what floor are these multi room suites on?
  2. Do we get 10k back again this year? Or was that a one year thing? Asking for my wallet………
  3. That’s on top of what other support they receive
  4. Not really he has connections now to the China pipeline of elite players……..
  5. Minot State will take anyone….. gotta turn the program around somehow……
  6. Hopefully It is a short term hire as the NCHC will be absorbed soon…..
  7. That’s what we said about the bison too…….
  8. Still better than the fighting hawks….. fp
  9. The same plays every year, in the same predictable way, year after years after year. The top coaches in the state licked their chops when they saw Minot in the opponent column. Not hard when nothing changes in an offense.
  10. WBI just canceled their plans to build a pipeline from the Bakken to eastern ND and did not even submit a bid to the state to get the 150 million. Too risky for WBI to invest in a new pipeline. Viking gas was the only company to submit a bid so I guess they will get the 150 million……
  11. I guess people need to starve to save the planet from climate change!
  12. Hopefully he doesn’t use the same playbook his dad used for all of those 15 years…………
  13. I’m sure the weights were fine in there and better than what the football team is working out in. 5 million is better spent on the HPC phase 2. Embarrassing this project is getting done first. I’m sure the outdated weight room was not the reason for some poor performances these last few years…… the Ralph is still light years ahead of most top programs, plus we have fans. Most programs won’t ever come close.
  14. Womens Soccer team lifts the heavier weights and leave the light ones for the Mens hockey team….
  15. Yup they knew they got a steal!
  16. Thanks for coming! You guys really feel the need to come on this board to correct the record? You are the top of the FCS……? Act like it! for the record I think Lance will prove he is the best Player to come out of Moo U. All FCS fans should be jealous of that!
  17. I’ll take the bait…. Vollson was not projected to be taken that high so essentially he got lucky to be drafted higher. It’s fair to say that Matt is a better prospect but I wish them both success! As a Packer fan I just hope Watson doesn’t let us down, if he doesn’t fix the drops he will lose faith with Rodgers and the fan base. He could have been an ever higher prospect if he wasn’t lazy in college.
  18. Might have to buy a jersey for my lil gal/guy, I don’t think I’ll be able to wear a Cowboys jersey……… pretty cool team to play for, I have a feeling the Cowboys got a steal!
  19. Lots of tackles taken so far in the first round , can only help Matt move up.
  20. He was also thrown in there as a freshman and he made an impact right away. His work ethic is like none other to improve and get even better after college. Hard work is the only reason he is where he is and is a great role model for kids who want to make it to the NFL!
  21. Some of them think they should be playing in the NFL but are not even playing non their college team. Heads get too big and some pay the price because of it……
  22. Travis has been training like a beast! Hopefully he can break through this year!
  23. Midco broadcasts are second to none and blow anything NDSU has out of the water. NDSU should honestly be ashamed of their TV broadcasts especially if they think they deserve to go FBS…… it’s not like these bids are that high in the first place, I’ll take quality over bargain production. Anyone know what kind of $$$ difference it was last time?
  24. Home site or Super Regionals would be the best solution. It is embarrassing for the sport to have empty regionals in obscure places! Make hockey a top tier sport by not treating it like a division full of non D3 hockey playing schools……
  25. Funny where I live all I have to do avoid mowing is to quit fertilizing my lawn. Stays green and short all year without fertilizer!
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